John Abraham Workout Routine, Diet Plan & Gym Training; Bodybuilding Tips

Having claimed the titles of “Most Stylish Man” & “Sexiest Man of Asia” John Abraham has ruled the world of modeling and is the Style Icon and role model of millions of people world over.


Handsome John Abraham Fitness Guide
Handsome John Abraham Fitness Guide


John Abraham, born 17 December, 1972 in Kochi (India) is a successful model, actor and film producer. He started his carrier as a model, and being a model he worked in a number of music albums. But, finally in 2003 he got his break in Bollywood and made his debut with movie Jism for which he won the most prestigious Filmfare Award. And there after he kept delivering hits one after another. But over his journey, his acting was not the only thing that was appreciated by his fans, his body has also made millions of fans. Being a model it was his job to maintain a lean body, but even after entering movie world, he kept working out and has build a physique that one can only dream of. Lets have a look at his vital stats.


John Abraham 6 pack abs
John Abraham 6 pack abs

John Abraham Latest Vital Stats:


Height: 6’0” or 183 cm

Weight: 94 kg

Chest: 48 inches

Biceps: 21 inches

Waist: 36 inches


If you have been following John, you must be wondering that how John switches from lean body to muscular one. Actually John is blessed with ecto-mesomorph body type. People with such body usually have broad shoulders and narrow waist making a “V” structure which is actually hard to build and could easily switch from a lean body to muscular body.

But John makes a very good use of it and is setting example in front of everybody by strictly following his workout routine. No matter what, John never avoids his workout and follows instructions given by his body trainer Vinod Channa.

Under his trainer’s guidance, John has achieved impossible and strives to continue the same. Lets checkout the workout routine of John as prepared by his body trainer.


John Abraham Diet Plan
John Abraham Diet Plan

John Abraham Workout Routine:


John has a pretty straight forward workout regime. He workout four days in a week.

His workout schedule covers two body parts a day.

Monday – Chest & Shoulder

For Chest he goes for – Cable Cross Over, Inclined Dumbbell Press, Flat Bench Press and Decline Pull Over

For Shoulders he does – Dumbbell Arnold Press, Front Raise, Dumbbell Lateral Raise and Barbell Shoulder Press

Tuesday – Biceps & Triceps

For Biceps John loves to do – Barbell Curl, Incline Dumbbell Curl, Standing Biceps Cable Curl and Reverse-Grip Bent-Over.

For Triceps – Foam Roller Press,  Dips, Close-Grip Bench Press and Rope Triceps Pressdown


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John Abraham Gym Workout Schedule
John Abraham Gym Workout Schedule

Wednesday – Rest


Thursday – Forearms & Back

For Forearms – Dumbbell Wrist Curl

For Back – Barbell Deadlift, Bent-Over Barbell Deadlift, Wide-Grip Pull-Up, Standing T-Bar Row and Wide-Grip Seated Cable Row


Friday – Legs & Abs

For Legs – Leg Extensions, Seated Calf Raise, Seated Leg Curl & Barbell Deadlift

For Abs – Single Leg Stretch, Reverse Crunch, Prone Plank and Ballet Twist


Along with this workout, John does Cardio for 25-30 minutes post workout. It is advised by his trainer, because according to his trainer, if you wish to build heavy muscles you must do cardio after weight exercises. As it helps improve blood circulation which in turn provides the protein to the muscles for growth after pumping.

The workout routine of John is actually insane. To reach up to this level one has to work continuously without giving up. John has a few things to say for his fans on workout.


Sexy John Abraham on Magazine Cover
Sexy John Abraham on Magazine Cover


 “It definitely requires moving out of the comfort zone to land in the success zone.”

Following it, is not only  difficult and challenging but maintaining a perfect stamina and keeping yourself motivated throughout the workout routine and schedule (body as well as the mind) is another whooping task in itself which requires another level of stamina and endurance which comes with will power only. Staying motivated and encouraged during the entire process requires great amount of will power and determination to achieve the desired goal.

John Abraham Gym Workout
John Abraham Gym Workout

Now lets checkout what John eats to withstand this workout and still stay so energetic throughout work.


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John Abraham Body 2017-18
John Abraham Body 2017-18

John Abraham Diet Plan:


John does not believe in fad diets or crash diets. He only asks to eat right and eat well. His simple routine diet plan is as below:

Breakfast: John indulges in Breakfast at around 10 am after a gap from morning workout session

Since he works out in the morning and breakfast being the strongest meal of the day, he relies more on protein intake in this. He takes oatmeal, broken wheat, yogurt and other natural sources of protein.

Just before the lunch he’ll have some salad.

Lunch – Have a moderate to high amount of meal in lunch which includes 3 chapati, sprouts, boiled vegetable, curd and pulses.

Evening –Fruits like apple and papaya along with orange juice plus if he feels hungry he takes one boiled potato.

Dinner – Have a low amount of meal in dinner 2 chapati with boiled veggies or pulses along with pearl millet (bajra)

It is always suggested to have dinner on time and not late night. Dinner before 9pm is followed by John Abraham.


John Abraham Detailed Diet Plan
John Abraham Detailed Diet Plan

Pre-workout – He likes to have Green Tea, Potato with brown bread and an apple

Post-workout – He takes protein shakes and one or two natural sources of protein.

It’s really important for him to take protein shakes, since he is completely vegetarian and relies only on vegetarian food. He has also stated that, since he has left non vegetarian, he has actually gained endurance and natural stamina as compared to what he had earlier while eating non veg.

This Diet plan of John Abraham consists of overall 50 per cent protein and 20 per cent carbohydrates. Remaining is composed of fibre, fats and anti-oxidants which are required for meeting necessary body functions.


In an interview John Abraham has said that he finds fitness like a tripod stand with three legs- good food, good sleep and good routine. He believes that, to stay in good shape, hard work is the key and short cuts won’t help for long run. He never uses steroids and doesn’t want others to use it either since that is not the healthy way of making good body build.


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So, what are you waiting for? Follow what John does and be a superstar like John.


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