Secrets of Muscular and Flexible Body; Ranveer Singh Workout Routine and Diet Plan

ranveer singh sexy handsome pics
ranveer singh sexy handsome pics

The journey from being a lean body boy to a handsome looking muscular physique body was not at all easy for the new B-town sensation, Ranveer Singh (born on July 6, 1985,), who is now well known for his crazy acts of comedy and awesome acting skills. He is also known as the Bad boy of Bollywood and the girls are pretty crazy about him. This is all due to his new avatar that he has achieved by building that ripped muscular body, biceps and six-pack abs.

ranveer singh smiling photo
ranveer singh smiling photo

He started his carrier with the movie “Band Bajaa Baaraat” in 2010 with Yash Raj Film venture which showcased him as the college boy after which he came into the lime-light of many directors. He did his next movie (Ladies vs Ricky Bahl) with 4 actresses but still manages to be the real eye candy in that movie.

ranveer singh showing his awsome physique
ranveer singh showing his awsome physique

Walking on the beach shirtless in that movie might have looked effortless, but the actor had to undergo months of rigorous training and along with strict dietary restrictions to achieve his ripped torso. After that he acted in many movies like Lootera alongside Sonakshi Sinha, Ramleela, Bajirao Mastani and many more.



Ranveer was a theatre student from Indiana University, Bloomington. The “Men’s Health” Magazine introduced Ranveer as the steel man with Hot Ranveer posing for the cover page picture in the December edition.

The Vital Body Stats of Ranveer

ranveer singh muscular body and secrets
ranveer singh muscular body and secrets

Build:- Athletic

Height:- 5 ft 10 in or 178 cm

Weight:- 81 kg 178.5 pounds


Chest – 46 in or 117 cm

Arms / Biceps – 16 in or 41 cm

Waist – 32 in or 81 cm



Ranveer Singh dated –

Ahana Deol– Ranveer dated Ahana before he became well known as an actor.

Anushka Sharma –Ranveer was RUMORed to be dating his Band Baaja Baaraat co-star, Anushka Sharma. 

Sonakshi Sinha – The duo came close during the filming of the 2013 movie Lootera. She went on a date with Ranveer on Valentine’s Day on February 14, 2012

Deepika Padukone –Deepika Padukone was RUMORed to be dating Ranveer. They had been seen getting cosy during the parties multiple times.


Ranveer has a role model in the film industry and guess who that is? He is no other than Mr Khiladi. Yes we are talking about Akshay Kumar, the Fitness Guru. Ranveer is very much influenced by his early morning workout and fitness fundas. He also thanks Salman and Hrithik Roshan for setting the trend of attaining a good physique in the Indian film industry. Ranveer is equally influenced with Hollywood stars like Christian Bale from the movie American Psycho.

Ranveer also talks about the female celebrities in the Indian Film Industry. According to him Anushka Sharma and Deepika Padukone has the best body in the Bollywood. They have done multiple film together and they often used to work-out together. She trains really hard for each role and has a very good metabolism. She has a clear fitness funda of eat right, sleep right and train hard.

ranveer singh in relation with deepika padukone`
ranveer singh in relation with deepika padukone

Let’s see what helps a Super star get a muscular body.

It was not at all easy to get into the perfect body shape that he achieved for the movie Ram Leela. He has make numerous changes into his lifestyle and diet routine to get those body cuts that he admires now.

There is absolutely no doubt that anyone can achieve the same level of fitness and body shape as Ranveer has achieved. But all you need is determination, hard-work and consistent efforts to push the limits.

ranveer singh stunts with muscular body
ranveer singh stunts with muscular body

Let’s read further to know the whole story of Ranveer’s body transformation?

Ranveer has an “I” type of body structure in which one usually have a very good upper body structure but relatively week legs. But that is not the blocker for anyone. One can always work on his legs and make them as strong as possible. One has to put in lots of efforts to develop such body. It requires tremendous amount of efforts for getting into a high Intensity workout routine daily with high volume of body building exercise which involves all kind of major muscles pushing and pumping like chest, shoulders, back, arms, abs, legs and thighs.

Not to mention that, one does not have to do all these exercise daily, but follow a strict routine like doing certain type of exercise every day of that week. For example, doing chest related exercise on Monday, biseps and triceps on Tuesday, back and shoulders on Wednesday and so on.

ranveer singh modelling figure and best pics
ranveer singh modelling figure and best pics


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Not only this, he has to follow a 40-60 rule as well. In this rule, 30% efforts are to be put in workout and 70% efforts in following the correct diet plan daily.

Ranveer in an interview also mentioned that he was put on an athlete physiotherapy programme, following the same workout and diet plan as that of the athlete, in which he was treated as one of the professional sportsman. Due to that he was able to recover 5 times faster than normal.

Ranveer also gives credit for his fitness level to his personal trainer “Jaret Grossman”, who is a steroid-free bodybuilder, certified personal trainer, motivational speaker and fat loss expert.

ranveer singh physical stats
ranveer singh physical stats

Many People think that is it even possible to get a ripped body like Ranveer’s? Simple answer is “Why not”? Ranveer was also having a very normal physique like any other person, but he worked hard and trained himself well to achieve that muscular body that is now the eye candy to many girls.


Ranveer Diet rules and Diet Plan

Ranveer usually starts his day with boiled eggs or omelet in the morning along with some milk shake or juice to follow. Sometimes, he also include a bowl of oats in his breakfast table along with fruits and dried fruits.

He understand that the diet plays a very important role in your physical development and has to be very nutritious. One should always take proper diet at the correct time. Having late dinners and lunch is not good for health and can lead to obesity and heart problems. He also says that proper diet helps you in maintaining good stamina and gives you fresh look at all times. No need to take energy capsules if you are following the correct diet plan.

He follows a high protein and low carbohydrate diet. He also includes lots of vegetables in his lunch and dinner.

He avoids food such as noodles, pasta. So next time you see him in the Chings noodle ads, do know that he himself does not have it for good fitness.

ching ranveer singh and tamanna bhattia
ching ranveer singh and tamanna bhattia

He also says NO to Biryani, no matter what type of biryani it is. His dinner table includes some meat also (which we would not recommend to our readers as it is (non-veg) not a healthy food) like chicken along with vegetables and sabzi or sprouts.

He no doubt takes protein shakes as well, which again we won’t recommend to our readers as it has a long term side effects which is not good for health. Better to go with natural health and body building diet shakes like banana shakes.

Being an actor they have to build their body in a short span of time and thus they have to go for protein shakes and other body building capsules which should be avoided always.

ranveer singh sexy body and kisses
ranveer singh sexy body and kisses

Workout regime of Ranveer Singh

Ranveer says that he puts up weight easily and thus he has to keep a track of what he eats and when he eats so that he does not add up any extra fats and destroy his abs shape.

He used to do lots of free-hand exercises that includes lifting your own weight as well. He does the workout daily for 45 minutes including a 10 min of warm-up as well. For building those great curves in the body, the only secret is to do rapid weight lifting with less breaks in between and more reps.

This type of training is also called HIT (High Intensity Training). It includes dips, push-ups, pull-ups, thrusters and crunches. You have to give all the stamina in those 25 minutes of non-stop workout. To achieve that state of 25 minutes of rigorous workout stamina, one has to start slowly and then keep pushing the limits. You cannot just go and workout HIT on the first day of your regime. Be careful and always do HIT under the supervision of a professional trainer only.

ranveer singh workout routine and diet plan
ranveer singh workout routine and diet plan

Next Ranveer tells us about the six-pack abs secret. He says, “it is not only tough to work-out for those 6 pack abs but also very tough to maintain that”. One has to prepare months in advance and has to drastically control the intake of food and water. One should always follow correct diet plan as suggested by trainer and do regular abs workout for better results. Consistency is the main key point for abs.  

Ranveer says, when he does not have access to the gym, he used to do free squats, pull-ups and also used to lift suitcases.

ranveer singh photos and pics
ranveer singh photos and pics

Ranveer Singh Shares his thoughts

He says that one should do regular activities like swimming, cycling, playing outdoor sports to stay healthy both physically and mentally. These activities helps in relaxing muscles and maintain a good blood flow in your body. It also improves your immunity system. Most students stop playing outdoor games or stop following the activities after 16 years of age due to pressure of study. They should rather work hard and play harder for better performance in all fields.


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Do you have that much of dedication and discipline in you? If yes then you can too achieve better results.

Stay Healthy Like Celeb and Stay Fit Always!


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