Sexy Figured Bipasha Basu Workout Routine, Diet Plan, and Fitness Tips

Bipasha Basu is a former model and Bollywood top rated actress who is known for her sexy curvy figure and most desirable body. The Bengali figure is a beauty icon that gives motivation to many other upcoming models.

The 36-year old Bengali beauty is a fitness enthusiast who follows a strict workout routine and diet plan. She never misses her workout even when shooting outside and does all that is necessary to keep herself in good figure. She keeps herself away from bad habits like drinking and smoking that helps her maintain a good stamina and physical health.

sexy and hot bipasha basu fitness mantra and health tips
sexy and hot bipasha basu fitness mantra and health tips

If you are talking of fitness and Bollywood, then Bipasha basu is the name that comes on top of the list. This popular personality is adored all over the world for her fit and toned body. She has the perfect body shape with vital stats as shown below:-

The vital Statistics of Bipasha Basu:-

Height: 1.70 m (5’ 6”)

Weight: 137 lbs (62 kg)

Bust: 36”

Waist: 28”

Hip: 36”


The passion for fitness in Bipasha Basu can be seen from the fact that she has released 3 DVD on fitness and at the age of 38 she is still more fit than a 28 year old.

Her fitness DVD “Love Yourself” focuses on how to be healthy and fit physically. How to tone your body and get into perfect shape. It also included a 60-day workout regimen for weight loss.

The second DVD is a workout DVD on dance. It shows how dance can help you stay fit and healthy. It is 30-min dance workout video.

The third DVD is based on advanced training involving plyometrics that help improve muscle coordination and strengthen bones.


fab hot body of bipasha basu, fitness tips
fab sexy body of bipasha basu, fitness tips

Let’s check out the Workout routine that Bipasha Basu follows every single day without fail.

Bipasha Basu is one of the fittest actress in the b-town and the credit goes to her strict discipline and determination towards her body fitness.

She not only does cardio or gym exercise but also focuses on disciplined yoga for her fitness.

The Magical mantra for Bipasha Basu is “Love Yourself”. She says that one should love his own body and make efforts to keep it fit and healthy at all times without compromise on anything. One should be fit and strong.  This good thought of Bipasha has enabled her to achieve that perfect figure that every lady desires for. The beautiful sexy bikini body and wonderful figure with good curves are part of her style now.


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To admire her beautiful glamorous body, you need to admire her workout regime as well which last for 2 hours everyday and includes combination of yoga and cardio both.

Her 7 day workout routine is something like explained below:-

Monday: Upper body workout

Tuesday: Abs workout

Wednesday: Lower body and legs

Thursday: Gluteus Maximus workout for shaping the butts

Friday: Upper body workout

Saturday: Combination of abs and Gluteus Maximus exercises

Sunday: Rest

fitness secret from bipasha basu the sexy diva
fitness secret from bipasha basu the sexy diva

The cardio workouts are spaced out as follows

Treadmill: 20 minutes

Elliptical Trainer: 10 minutes

Rowing Machine: 20 minutes


Bipasha Basu Healthy Diet plan

She follows a strict diet plan as well to stay fit and in perfect bikini figure. Her toned body and glowing face are result of her nutritious diet plan that she follows.

Like every other fitness enthusiast she had avoided junk food which can add fat or cholesterol to her body. She eats simple home-cooked food especially Bengali food.

Her diet includes steamed fish, egg white, green vegetables, green tea, and nuts.

She makes sure that she has enough water throughout the day to keep her body well hydrated and freshened. Fresh juices and coconut water are the secret behind her radiant skin and glowing face.


Some of the best practices that she follows in the morning:-

She suggests that a proper amount of sleep is really important and we should take adequate rest which means that 7 to 8 hours of solid sleep is really essential.

Sleeping more than what is required is also not good. Oversleep may result in accumulation of undesired weight gain. So we need to make decision based on our body. Both proper sleep and proper exercise are essential to stay fit, healthy and beautiful. Do not exert yourself with lots of pressure and load.

But, over sleep may result in the accumulation of undesired weight gain in various parts of the body. So, think and act judiciously.


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Drinking a glass of water with lime in the morning followed by green tea.

Having some almonds soaked in water in the morning.


health and fitness mantra from bipasha basu
health and fitness mantra from bipasha basu

Fitness tips & Secrets by Bipasha Basu

  • Discipline

It is really important to have discipline in whatever you do. If you are disciplined then only you are ready to achieve that thing in life. It is really important if you desire to lead a healthy lifestyle.


  • Weight loss pills and protein pills will not give long-term effects and will harm the body in the long run. A regular exercise routine will help you give long term effect and good results.


  • Drink plenty of water and juices. It acts as a cleansing agent for the body. Helps in detoxify your internal organs and thus helping in improving the body overall functionality.



  • Avoid junk food or outdoor food. Always try and have home-made food.


  • Love your body, Love yourself. Then only you will struggle and work to improve it. You need to love yourself to better take care of your body. Your body is your temple of worship. When you are happy, you stay healthier so keep smiling and spread love.


So if Bipasha Basu has managed to motivate you and help you know the importance of fitness and health then start the fitness regime today. Stay focused on your health and follow your health routine in a disciplined manner. And last but not the least, love yourself.

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