Why 1 Hour of playing outdoor sports/games is Important?

Do you spend the whole day sitting in front of TV screens or laptops or desktops? Are you working 10 hours daily and get no time for playing sports? Are you adult/aged and feel playing sports is now not your cup of tea. These are some of the common reasons which hinder you from playing sports that can help you keep healthy throughout life.

Do you know that after playing sports or outdoor games, your body responds to everything much more quickly and faster? Yes and you will be happy to know that your brain starts working much more efficiently than ever before. Your learning power increases and your stamina to withhold any possible hard situation also increases many folds. This is not a myth and is a much known fact which has been proven true many times before and always. Many researches and observations made have concluded these results.

fitness and benefits of sports and games
fitness and benefits of sports and games

Why do you think a small child whose only task is to study and play is more active and happy than the adults? The answer is very simple. He Plays sports and outdoor games.

Playing any game like squash, cricket, football, badminton or any one will help you in many ways. It will relax your brain, sweat out all the harmful chemicals from your body, and release a very useful enzyme in your body that helps you stay happy.

Playing is meant for everyone, even if he is 40 or plus years of aged human. Playing games makes your reflexes very sharp and you tend to react very rapidly. It helps you control anger.

You wish to beat someone, maybe your boss or your colleague or anyone else who has ditched you in some way, then you can bring out that anger in your game. Post playing, you will feel really happy. This way you have released your anger which is really important for better functioning of your brain and body and also you have gained many other benefits of playing other than enjoying the time.

playing sports and games for health and fitness
playing sports and games for health and fitness

Playing a sport or game at least 1 hour daily helps in balancing your emotions and thus helps you make correct decisions.

An emotionally balanced person stays very polite and take actions based on appropriate though process rather than reacting haphazardly to critical situations.

People nowadays are only worried about earning more and more money. Believe me, I too was the same. I used to think of only possible best ways of earning more but that is of no use. The money you earn finally gets into the medical claims that you make after the age of 40 and in some cases may be earlier. Do you really wish to live a life where you keep working hard for 20 years and then get hospitalized and rest on the bed for the next 20 years?

how games and sports keeps you fit and healthy
how games and sports keeps you fit and healthy

I have started playing games daily and I really want to share my experience with everyone. I have been working in the IT industry for the past 3 years and now I have started getting some pain in my neck and shoulders due to continuous sitting job and eyeballing on my laptop late at night in order to complete my job work. This non-stop work and no play has actually given me these body pains and literally awful life now.

I realized that I have stopped doing any physical exercise and enjoyment. Going to gym will only make you strong physically but won’t help you relax your nerves and mind. Once I started playing outdoor games, I started feeling more refreshed and active towards my work. For some I had to manage my work and play time but then afterwards, I was able to complete my work task in lesser time as I was more focused and had great improvement in my concentration power. Not only this, I also realized that I was happier and was actually living life on my terms.

You learn many things playing games that helps you deal with many problems and unexpected circumstances in life. When you play sports, you are prepared for the unexpected and that is what you want in your life as well. We struggle because we are not ready for something which is not anticipated. Sports helps you being prepared for all sorts of tough situations and gives you the stamina and will power to fight till it is not the end.

Sports helps your stay healthy and fit in all aspects of the body. You are physically fit when you play sports, look handsome or beautiful if you play sports regularly because that physical activity you do while playing sports helps in keeping your body in good shape and also helps in proper purification of your blood which thus gives you the charm and shine on your face. Your response rate increases to external elements and you start to think positive in all scenario of life. Sports and Games helps in the overall development of your body from toe to head. It teaches you some important lessons of life like how to attain patience, play as team player, having the spirit of sportsmanship, willing to win, working hard to stay consistent and focus and most importantly how and why to stay calm and cool.

I don’t want to do that. In fact I want to spend my life with my family and friends. Stay active and enjoy the sweetness of life with my dear ones. I want to earn as well but just sufficient enough to help me and family stay healthy and fit. There is a good though “Health once gone can never be retained but money can be”. So keep your body healthy and fit. If you will take care of your body now, your body will take care of you after 40.

I Hope I was able to make my point clear through this post that sports and games are an essential part of your life. You should always take out some time from your daily busy schedule in order to accommodate playing time in your daily timetable.


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