10 Best Home Remedies to Cure Headache

Last Updated on December 21st, 2020

I was introduced to the word “headache” by my father who had frequent attacks from this monster. Then the extreme level of a headache was one which my best friend used to have. She was so dumbstruck that she couldn’t move or do anything and used to cry a lot during this time frame, it took a lot of my efforts to calm her and get her to sleep, after having the pill ultimately. She believes that the pills shouldn’t be consumed to cure headache and that a headache would go with time but it really didn’t and ended up popping the pill.

how to fight anxiety attack and panic attack
how to cure headache at home

Watching her suffer in pain was a really horrific experience. So, I started inquiring a lot of people about home remedies or natural remedies to cure headache. And after a lot of research and experiments, I ended up with this list of home remedies which I’ll be sharing with you now for the benefit of the public at large.

10 best home remedies to cure headache:

  1. Tea and coffee (in short caffeine)

    The one remedy that works miracle as soon as it is consumed is none other than tea or coffee. Believe it or not tea, coffee is the best and easiest remedy for treating headache. Could you imagine this product from your kitchen could be that miraculous? Try it ones and you will surely love the effects it has on your health.

    tea or coffee to cure headache
    tea or coffee to cure headache

    However, I would suggest the black tea or green tea over the normal tea which we Indians have on a regular basis. Both black tea and green tea has ample of good properties like it kills fats, improves metabolism, give you glowing skin and hair, improves oral health, fights viruses, has cancer prevention properties, lowers the risk of kidney stone, cholesterol, diabetes and Parkinson’s. Isn’t that too much for our dear tea? Yes, it is. And that’s why a regular consumption of both this tea is highly recommended.

    But sometimes this simple remedy does not work. Why? Because it is too simple and you wouldn’t have been here if it had worked for you. Worry not; we still have a list of the homemade ideas to cure headache for you.


  1. Drink lots of water

    Second and this works both long term as well as for instant reliefs, again a very simple one, water. I know it has been recommended everywhere drink lots of water at least 4-5 liters of purified water every day but we do not give it much thought. It again has ample health benefits and beauty benefits. I mean a million benefits to be precise.  A glass of purified cool water can do be an instant medication to cure headache.

drink more water , stay healthy
drink more water , stay healthy
  1. Ginger the miraculous root

    Third, we have ginger. You can add it to your tea or take the powdered form and add water then apply the paste on the forehead. You can also consume ginger juice after adding some lemon juice into it. Then you can also take the vapor by adding ginger juice or powdered one into boiling water. This is really a miraculous drink to cure headache.

    ginger health benefits and uses
    ginger health benefits and uses

    Or you can simply put the chopped ginger root into fresh water and bring it boil for 30 minutes later consume this tea. Or add some ginger to your food, it will give a punch to the vegetables and help you cure headache. Regular consumption reduces inflammation in the blood vessels of the head and helps you fight nausea which might accompany a migraine. It gives an instant relief from a headache and I personally swear by this one.


  1. Peppermint

    Fourth is the peppermint, crush the fresh leaves and apply the same on the forehead and the temple area directly for benefits. Peppermint oil has that refreshing scent accompanied by curative properties; it helps to open up the clogged blood vessels. You can also add a few drops of peppermint oil with almond oil and water to massage the forehead and especially the temple area.


  1. Cinnamon

    The fifth one is cinnamon. Now, the question arises as to how to use this miraculous powerhouse. Simple, grind some cinnamon sticks to make powder then add some water to it and apply the paste on your forehead and let it stay for at least 30 minutes in the time gap you should relax. Wash off with lukewarm water and you will see a headache calling bye-bye.


  1. Apple yes! You heard it right APPLE

    The sixth remedy is apple, yes you hear me right apple can help you with headaches. If you suffer from constant headaches that just return no matter what you do to ward off then try this one. Have a few slices of apple sprinkle in some salt to it and thereafter drink warm water on it or you can add apple cider vinegar to water and have it twice or thrice a day, this will help you cure a headache in long run.

    Health benefits of apple

    If you need an instant relief from the excruciating pain, take a pan then you can add half apple cider vinegar and half water to it and bring it to boil covered the whole time, now put a towel over yourself in a way as to cover the saucepan, now inhale the steam. Inhale and exhale deeply for about 10 minutes, now remove the towel and pat your face dry, it is an instant and safest remedy to cure headache related to sinus.


  1. Relaxation techniques

    Seventh is the ice pack put the ice pack on your head or back of your neck area. Ice has a numbing effect and cools down the inflammation and therefore helps to fight the pain. Soaking your feet in the hot water is a natural remedy which is proven to cure any kind of pain, it relaxes the whole body or you may also soak a cloth in hot water or cold water and place it on your forehead to relax from pain. The age old remedy to cure fever isn’t it? It helps to cure any kind of a headache.

  1. Exercises and Meditation

     Yoga includes body, mind, and spirit. Regular practice of yoga is helpful in curing not just headaches but also a number of other diseases and problems involving mind and the body. Whatever may be the reason behind your headache yoga can cure every disease. I, personally practice pranayama like anulom-vilom and Kapal-Bhati and can assure you that the days and the months seem to improve after giving 30 minutes a day to these exercises.

    acupuncture a natural pain reliever, natural remedies
    acupuncture a natural pain reliever, natural remedies

    If you are suffering from a nasty headache you might try some stretching exercise. Simpler ones like rotating the neck clock wise and anti clockwise then upside down, and then bend it towards both the sides. Pull your chin up then down. Repeat. It is an instant cure and you can do it really easily anytime anywhere and it helps relax the neck and the shoulder muscles.

    breathing exercise for heathy body
    breathing exercise for heathy body

    Breathe properly. Ones I consulted a yoga teacher who explained me a very basic thing which we do regularly and continuously i.e. breathing. He said that the technique of breathing is faulty in today’s generation.

    deep breathing exercise for healthy body
    deep breathing exercise for healthy body

    We do not breathe properly and that’s why are suffering from so many issues. A correct breathing is the one where neck, chest, and stomach all the three involve. Fill the air in all these three parts and release one by one. Since then, I tried this technique and guess what I could increase my stamina and feel better every way. Try proper breathing and that will be relieved from a headache in the long run.


  1. The main culprit- STRESS

    At the end I would like to say, stop stressing this is the main cause of headaches. Many other diseases which we do not know are heading towards us. If you feel depressed the we would suggest you to talk to someone and try to be happy. We know its easier said than done. Read our article to know about how to deal with depression. Live happily, live healthily.

  2. Limiting Alcohol

    Another reason behind this headache can be consumption of alcohol in large quantity. studies have proved that alcohol triggers migraine is most of the cases. excess consumption of alcohol can lead to dehydration, and this can cause headache. So make sure you drink only that much amount that you can handle without affecting your health. Also, read our article to know how to get rid of hangover.


Hope you find our article helpful. Do let us know if you want us to write about a specific problem and its remedies.


Stay Healthy! Stay Fit!

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