10 Best Ways to Improve Immunity of Body

Last Updated on December 18th, 2020

A Healthy Immune System can help your body fight various viruses, bacteria and infections that otherwise would leave you weak and unfit to do your daily tasks.

Have you ever seen the situation where some people around you fall sick very easily while some stand strong and do not fall for common cold, viral infection or flu easily. The reason behind this is the body’s immune system that fights back and acts as the first line of defense for your body against external agents.

A Shield for Body to Protect:

People who easily fall sick often avoid many things to eat just to make sure they do not get the alien microorganism entering into their body. But that is not the solution as many viruses may not enter your body via food you eat or contact you make, but via air you breathe.

So you better start working to improve immunity of your body and enjoy the food without any tension. Stronger the immune system of your body, Stronger your will-power and strength will be and lesser the chances of falling sick. And then you can always use your sick leave in office for taking some personal time off.


Some Best Ways known to Improve Immunity

  • Eat Healthy and Nutritious:

    Chyawanprash, Dry fruits, green vegetables, Yogurt, curd, Citrus fruits like oranges and grapefruit can help take care of your immunity just more than better. Unhealthy outdoor food can make your body very fragile to viruses and bacteria’s.

vitamin c for immunity booster
vitamin c for immunity booster
  • Go for some Yoga Exercises:

    Regular yoga and meditation helps keep your body in check for several health issues like common cold and flu. We humans have forgot the correct way of breathing also. And this is no joke because your breathing habits are very much responsible for your health and fitness. That is the reason we have yoga gurus teaching anulom-vilom and Sudarshan kriya which are so famous among us. You can check out the possible Yoga that can help you boost the immunity of the body here: “Yoga helps in Boosting Immunity

circuit training and workout techniques
circuit training and workout techniques
  • Try to Maintain Healthy Weight:

    Obesity or being under weight is not at all good for your immunity. Human body is always fighting various germs and bacteria’s and if your body is not capable of creating enough white blood cells and platelets, then you are definitely prone to catch health issues. So try to bring your body in good shape and keep a check on your BMI. You can check your BMI here also. Check BMI


  • Get Proper Sleep and Power Naps:

    Sleeping is sometimes the best medicine. Working 7 hours straight and then taking just 3 or 4 hours of sleep before starting to work again is not good for body. It reduces the power of body to produce platelets and white blood cells which are the fighters for your body. Take a proper 8 hour sleep and power naps when required to allow body to heal and recover from the hard work you just did. Thus helps improve immunity of body.

sleep well stay well
sleep well stay well
  • Take Juices and Shakes:

    Fresh Juices and shakes at times not only gives your body a little refreshment but also improves immunity. So go and try different types of shakes and add some of the best and tasty ones in your morning breakfast to boost up your day.


  • Fruits that can always help:

    Let us first list out the best fruits that you can have to improve immunity of the body. Banana, Apple (an apple a day keeps the doctor away), Carrot, Oranges, Berries, Spinach are some of them to make it in your list. Take them without cutting them with knife. Yes you heard that right. When you cut any fruit with knife, you tend to loose many essential nutrients like iron in apple and vitamin C in orange. Take them while they are still Fresh and juicy.

    immunity for body fruits
    immunity for body fruits

    To improve immunity of the body, you need more than vitamin C. You need ABCDE of Vitamin. What I mean to say here is you need Vitamin A, B6, C, D and E. You can always take vitamin supplements from doctor but why to go for artificial way when you can have them in the most natural form.


  • Take Milk and Haldi:

    Take a slightly hot glass of milk with half spoon of haldi in it, just half hour before going to sleep at night will help you boost immunity levels. Follow this for 1 week and you will see the positive effects happening. There is a reason why Indian ancient vedas were so important and were followed by Indian culture. Even today many Indian Households follow these simple effective home remedies. These are now even suggested by doctors overseas and the sole reason is the scientific researches that proves the truth behind these remedies. So just go ahead and take them to help you improve immunity of the body.

Why children should drink milk everyday
Why children should drink milk everyday
  • Do some Early Morning Brisk Walk:

    Morning walk are as much important as a walk after nigh meal. But the catch is morning walk should be done very early in the morning just during sun rise time. Because that is the time you get the best results. The Vitamin D production in body is more when your skin sees the sunlight. Also, the Air that you breathe during early morning hours is the best for your lungs since that is mostly oxygen at that time and less pollution.

running and morning walk
running and morning walk
  • Healthy Sex with your Partner:

    Don’t you feel happier and more relieved after having sex? That is because when you are having sex, the body releases some hormones (oxytocin) that creates that effect. Thus, it helps in improving the immunity of the body as well. So this is now known, that Sex helps to improve immunity.

health benefits of sex and foreplay
health benefits of sex and foreplay
  • Have you tried Colostrum:

    Let us first understand the meaning of this word. It refers to the first milk from nursing mammals. When a child is born, doctors advise mothers to breastfeed their child for the next 6 months. The sole reason behind this is to help the child get all the protective antibodies required to help him fight the early years of life. The breast milk is so healthy for the child, it helps him develop multiple protection shields against many ailments. So we suggest, we can harness the antibodies in the form of powder or milk from cow, goat and other mammals.


But again, you need to remember that building a good immunity does not make you invincible. You need to keep in mind the precautionary measures that need to be taken because precaution is always better than cure.

Some simple things you can always follow in life to help keep a check on ailments not coming to you are:

  1. Wash you hands properly with good hand wash.
  2. Take a bath daily to keep yourself clean (but use only adequate amount of water, don’t waste water)
  3. Sneeze with hand or elbow in front of your mouth.
  4. Don’t have anything chilled or too cold at nighttime. Also avoid having ICE in your drinks.
  5. Try to have milk daily in your diet plan.
  6. Do some workout daily at home or at gym.

And the last one : Have a good laugh whenever you get the opportunity to have it. Smile the day out, because a good laugh and smile will not only keep you healthy but will keep people around you also healthy and happy.

Stay Healthy Stay Happy

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