10 Best Yoga Gastric Issue and Constipation

Last Updated on April 28th, 2022

There is a famous saying that Happiness is a good bank account, a good cook and a good digestion. While most of us leave no stone un-turned in pursuit of the first two, the third and most important one often gets neglected and becomes the Achilles heel as life moves on.

In today’s sedentary lifestyle, the ever increasing popularity and accessibility of junk foods, crash diets and bad food habits are taking heavy toll on our digestive system. As a result, a major section of our society is struggling with various digestive disorders; particularly gas, acidity and constipation.

yoga poses for gastric issues
yoga poses for gastric issues

Gastric issues can not only lead you to socially embarrassing situations but may turn into serious health conditions, as well.

Their symptoms may vary individually; as some people complain of excessive burping, some are victim of acidity and flatulence and others suffer loss in their appetite.

But unfortunately we all are guilty of ignoring these early symptoms until they become acute or chronic.

On the contrary, we should never aggravate such symptoms, rather try to seek a permanent cure to this perpetual health problem. As we try to do this, we can aid symptoms of the problem by taking supplements to assist with digestion. Before taking such steps, however, we should read the review pages of various products, like the Nucific Bio X4 reviews, to know which is best for us!

A simple and effective way to do this is by incorporating few simple and Best yoga Exercises into our daily lifestyle and routine.


  1. Pawanmukta Asana / Wind Relieving Pose

One of the easiest and true to its name, the wind relieving pose (pawanamuktasana ) is an excellent remedy to release trapped gases. By compressing the internal organs in the abdominal area it improves the blood circulation, stimulates the nerves, ensures proper digestion, tones down large intestine and relieves constipation.

Pawanmukta asana or wind relieving pose
Pawanmukta asana or wind relieving pose

Additionally it strengthens your lower back muscles and aids in reducing the stubborn fat accumulation from abdominal, thigh and buttock areas. Lie down in supine position, bend your knees together and slowly bring them towards the chest so that your thighs press your abdomen. Grasp your leg with your hands, stay like this for a few seconds and then release.  Practicing a few repetitions of this posture daily can be the best yoga for gastric issues.


  1. Vajrasana / Diamond Pose

If I tell that you can solve your tummy troubles just by sitting and breathing, I am sure you would be all ears. Well! That’s what you need to in Vajrasana. Bend your knees and sit by resting your hip on your heels while keeping your spine straight.

yoga Vajrasana or Diamond pose
yoga Vajrasana or Diamond pose

Keep this posture as long as you can (can stretch upto 20 minutes) and concentrate on your breathing. It increases the blood flow to the abdominal area, thereby facilitating smooth bowel movements and ensuring better digestion. Moreover, it improves the functioning of liver and uterus. It is the only yoga pose which can be practiced right after the meals which I consider as another plus.


  1. Balasana / Child Pose

This resting pose is another addition to the collection of yoga exercises for gastric problems. Start with sitting in the posture of Vajrasana. Take a deep breath and as you exhale, bend forward to the extent that your forehead touches the ground. Stretch your arms alongside your head and rest them on the floor too.

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child pose or Balasana yoga
child pose or Balasana yoga

Focus on your breathing, maintain this position for a quarter to 1 minute and then return to the initial sitting posture. This exercise improves your digestion and helps in relieving constipation and trapped gases.


  1. Anulom Vilom /Alternate Nostril Breathing –

This relaxing and meditative yogic exercise is gaining popularity across the people of all age groups for being an effective prevention and cure for many lifestyle disorders.

anulom vilom yoga asana tips
anulom vilom yoga asana tips

It is a form of pranayam in which we focus on correct breathing pattern by inhaling from one nostril at a time and exhaling from the other. Along with its numerous health benefits Anulom-Vilom Pranayam also positively affects our metabolism and thus relieves flatulence, constipation, acidity and gastrointestinal problems. You may gradually try holding your breath in between inhaling and exhaling but only if you are comfortable in doing that.


  1. Trikonasana / Triangle Pose

This single yoga pose can cure your back pain, stress and slow digestion as well. Stand with your feet stretched one behind the other and 3 feet apart. Stretch your arms parallel to the floor and take a deep breath. As you breathe out, bend forward and without changing the posture of your hands, move your body in a way that you can touch your front foot with one hand while keeping the other hand at right angle to the floor, pointing towards the roof.

yoga asanas for weight loss, triangular pose, trikona asana
yoga asanas for weight loss, triangular pose, trikona asana

Hold this pose for a while and then repeat it by bending to the other side. Practicing this pose will enhance the blood circulation, calm the mind and cure indigestion. It even helps in getting rid of the extra flab from waist and thigh area.


  1. Tadasana / Mountain pose –

It is the basic standing pose which forms the foundation of many other yoga exercises. Regular practice of this simple yoga aasana can cure the acid reflux and improves digestion as well.  

tadasana or mountain yoga pose for back pain relief
tadasana or mountain yoga pose for back pain relief

Start with standing straight, keeping your feet together and arms alongside your body. Take a deep breath and stretch your arms upwards with your palms facing each other. Raise your body to stand on your toes while stretching your arms, chest and shoulder upwards. Hold your body in this pose for 10-15 seconds, feel the stretch, exhale and release.  Try to do a few repetitions of this exercise every day. It also improves the posture and strengthens the core.


  1. Paschimottanasana / Seated Forward Bend Pose

This is the perfect yoga pose which can stimulate the digestive system. It targets your stubborn belly fat, reduces stress, increases appetite and cures digestive ailments. Start with sitting on the floor with your legs stretched in front.

yoga postures for back pain
yoga postures for back pain

Slowly bend forward and try touching your feet with your hand while resting the chin on your knees. Hold this position for a few seconds and then slowly move your torso upwards and return to your initial position.


  1. Halasana / Plough Pose

Lie down on the floor. Without bending your knees sweep your legs upwards together at 90 degree angle to the floor. Bend them a little more until they touch the floor above your head. Keep resting your arms on the floor throughout.

how to yoga for back pain relief, halasana plow pose
how to yoga for back pain relief, halasana plow pose

This asana improves metabolism, normalises blood sugar levels and strengthens the abdominal muscles. It also reduces stress and thus affects the digestive system in a positive way.


  1. Ushtrasana / Camel Pose

It is another easy yoga posture to alleviate digestive disorders. It expands the abdominal region particularly the hips, providing relief from gastric troubles and constipation.

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stretching and yoga exercises for back pain
stretching and yoga exercises for back pain

It also targets the fat accumulation in the thigh area. Begin with kneeling down on the floor. Thereafter bend backwards, while facing the roof and try to reach out to your right heel with right hand and left heel with left hand. Hold the posture and then return to your initial position.


  1. Baddha konasana / Butterfly Pose

Sit straight and bend your knees so that the soles of your feet touch each other. Bring your feet close to the groin area and hold them tightly with your hands. Now move your thighs up and down rapidly likewise a butterfly flaps its wings. Keep doing it as long as you are comfortable.

butterfly pose for gastric issue
butterfly pose for gastric issue

This is an excellent yoga for constipation, stomach cramps, bloating and improving the overall digestion. Moreover, it increases the flexibility in hips and thighs too.


Apart from these Yoga Poses, there are Yoga Mudras as well, which you can do at any place just while sitting. It just require your fingers to be folded in a particular fashion to create a mudra pose. This is also known as hand mudra. There are various types of hastra mudra and there is a complete course on that which you can find on medictips. Just search for mudra and get all different types of mudras to deal with your daily health issues.

These Mudras are so effective that you will find the relief within few days of regular practice. We have shared various details on how to do these mudras and when to do these mudras. You can find the various mudras that can deal with your heart problems, gastric issues, insomnia and weight loss as well. Check out these mudras here ” Yoga and Mudra Gyan“.

To deal with your Gastric issue, you need to follow the Vayu mudra which is explained very well here :-

The Vayu Mudra, Mudra Vigyan for Gastric Control

Incorporate all these simple and easy yoga poses into your busy schedule to strengthen your digestive system; but to enjoy fast and assured results from this yogic workout, one need to take following precautions as well:

  • It is important to switch to satvik diet in combination with these yoga exercises which means only light and vegetarian food.
  • Generally, it is best to practice yoga in the morning on empty stomach. If that’s not possible then maintain at least 3-4 hours gap between yoga and your meals.


  • Include lots of fresh and seasonal fruits & vegetables into your diet.
  • Have your meals in accordance with your body’s circadian rhythm.
  • Stay hydrated! Drink at least 6-8 glasses of water every day.
  • Avoid all fatty and spicy foods including butter, cheese, fried and junk foods.
  • Always practice these yoga exercises in the presence of a certified yoga instructor.
  • If you are under medication or have any medical condition then you must consult your healthcare provider before practicing these yoga postures. Also inform your yoga instructor regarding the same.
  • Do not over exert yourself and stretch your limits in small increments rather than in a single go.
  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle and be regular in performing yoga.
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yoga poses for better health and fitness
yoga poses for better health and fitness

In Modern day world, devoid of time and energy, it is hard to be regular in any workout regimen. Yoga offer perfect solution for day to day health problems, as it can be easily learnt and practised without requiring any fancy equipment. Simple lifestyle changes and easy to follow yoga postures, come up as some of the best remedies for gastric problems. Above few are best yoga exercises to calm down our nervous system, maintain proper blood circulation and breathing patterns and thus to ensure a healthy digestive system. As they say, if healthy body is an asset then a healthy digestive system is the key to optimal health.


Brief description

Yogic exercises offer some of the best, natural and inexpensive ways to fix various gastric imbalances present in the body and bolster our digestive system.

Yoga has a solution to most of your health problems. But many people find it difficult to practice yoga as they are not sure which yoga will help them and how. This is the reason we have started with these lists of yoga postures where we educate and teach everyone about Yoga and Meditation. Most common issues such as back pain, muscle pain, headache, regular gastric issues, skin problems, joint pains etc are easily curable with yoga. Daily stretching for 15 mins can give you a very energetic and tension free day. With regular practice and timely yoga, one can make himself fit and healthy without medicines. This is the Ultimate gift that yoga gives to everyone.

Yoga has the power that unleashes only when one believes in it. Till then, it remains just a regular exercise for those who don’t believe in yoga.

So start doing yoga and believing in it as it hold immense power to treat you and to make you healthy.

If you really like what we share, please share this forward so that we can together build a healthy society near us.

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STAY Healthy STAY Fit and PRACTICE Yoga

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