10 Simple Ways Ayurveda Makes You Healthier In Everyday Life

Last Updated on December 18th, 2020

Ayurveda The First Thing to Follow

What is the first thing that crosses our mind when we hear the word “Ayurveda”? All green organic plants and herbs that are probably mixed together with essential oils and sold at high notch in the market?! Well, yes, mostly we assume “Ayurveda” with greenery. But the truth is that, it has a lot more than organic product. Ayurveda, as a matter of fact deals with not just producing organic product for one self, but mainly focuses on the ‘type of food we consume’, ‘when we consume’, ‘how we consume’, ‘in which environment we consume’ and above all, ‘are we consuming the right thing for our body in a right way’. Yes, that’s a pretty lot of it.

ayurveda medicine and guide
ayurveda medicine and guide

It is said, half knowledge is always dangerous, in the same way, consuming right thing in the wrong way and vice-versa can also be dangerous for your health in long run, while some might work like a slow poison as well. Having clarity over your healthier schedule is always advisable. After all, its our body, we do not nurture it well, it won’t help us long enough.

Before we move on to the tips to follow everyday for a healthier mind and body, let us know what Ayurveda is. As correctly said by Dr. Deepak Chopra M.D “Ayurveda is a science of life (Ayur = life, Veda = science or knowledge). It offers a body of wisdom which is designed to help people stay fit and healthy while helping them realize their full potential to do many things.

The two main guiding principles of Ayurveda are:

1) the mind and the body are totally connected, and

 2) nothing has more power to heal and transform the body than the mind. 

yoga and ayurveda remedies and best practices
yoga and ayurveda remedies and best practices


Meditation, on the other hand is considered as the most powerful medicine helpful in balancing the body and mind. Ayurveda hence promotes many such self- awareness activities that includes meditation, yoga, free body exercise and also it gives you social messages on how and what to consume and at what time.

Here are a few of the most important aspects of the Ayurvedic approach and suggestions. One can always take a note for applying them to create perfect health in your own life:

ayurveda ways for healthy body
ayurveda ways for healthy body
  • Understand your unique body type and understand what it needs from you- Usually in our busy schedule we tend to forget what our body needs in what proportion and at what time it needs. We have become so busy with our daily routine that we ignore what our body is asking us to do, we tend to ignore our minor pains, or maybe injury but we tend to neglect the fact that, only with a healthy mind and body we get wealth. So, for example, if your schedule demands an 8-hour sleep with proper fruit diet and cholesterol free food, but on the other hand we are giving only 5-6 hours sleep a day with junk food as our normal appetite with zero or minimal consumption of fruits. Do you think your body will react the same way with both the diets? No! Our diet counts in for everything we take. Every person has a personalized diet plan, don’t follow blindly the plan followed by others, every body has their own requirement. Realize that and chose them wisely.
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ayurvedic herbs and spices
ayurvedic herbs and spices
  • Eat colorful, have a favorable diet- After realizing what kind of diet and routine is best for your body, follow it religiously. A balanced diet is really vital for one’s body and mind.A quick and simple way to ensure that you are getting a balanced diet is to include the six Ayurvedic tastes (sweet, salty, sour, pungent, bitter, and astringent) in each meal. Doing so will ensure that all major food groups and nutrients are represented and goes in your body.  When you include all six tastes, you will also notice that you feel satisfied and that the urge to have snacks and overeating will be gone soon.
Aastha in meditation and yoga, health and fitness mantra, beauty secrets
Aastha in meditation and yoga, health and fitness mantra, beauty secrets
  • Meditate and Exercise Meditation is key to healthy mind and body. By now you have heard about the advantages but how much have we followed it in our daily life? A decent thirty minutes of activity will help you to keep your body in a perfect shape and will help you maintain your body weight in a right way, which is now the major reason for all health issues. In the meantime, it is necessary to take out a few minutes from your busy day to feel relaxed and calm.

There is a strange way that each body reacts at a particular situation. Never underestimate what your body wants to tell you.  The body keeps on conveying what your body needs through some sign or uneasiness. Like when you feel dizzy, the body gives you a sign saying “You need to be hydrated” in the same way ask your body, “What is your opinion about this?” If your body sends a flag of physical or enthusiastic problem, focus and think about an alternate decision. Mostly, when your body sends a flag of relaxation and enthusiasm, you may continue.


  • Never skip breakfast- Have a decent breakfast. Skipping breakfast especially chafes Sadhaka Pitta, a subdosha of Pitta. An imbalanced Sadhaka Pitta can bring about crabbiness and uneasy feelings. A few recommendations for breakfast: cooked apples, eaten before anything else, help to make ojas — the last and most refined result of absorption. Ojas adds to upgraded quality, resistance, and general prosperity. Sweet delicious natural products are great chemicals — they help to wipe out pollutions from the body. As indicated by Ayurveda, it is prescribed that natural products be eaten before anything else, 30 minutes before other breakfast things, for example, hot grain.
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ayurveda drinks and detox drinks
ayurveda drinks and detox drinks
  • Drink When You Are Thirsty-Try not to drink 3 liters for each day or whatever these bits of gossip let you know. Our body knows precisely when it needs fluid and will caution you to the thirst sensation. When drinking more than required, Kapha issues will probably happen [i.e. kidney issues, edema, etc.


  • Adequate amount of sleep Our body needs time to restore and to detoxify, and the best time for this procedure is sleeping. When we get great rest, our internal cells work in accordance to our safe frame structure of our body. To get great rest, take a normal massage using basic oils, for example, lavender or sandalwood to calm you down. These supplements are found to be relaxing.
health benefits of good sleep
health benefits of good sleep
  • Live in the tune of nature- The expression “living tuned in to nature” has an exact importance in Ayurveda: having solid wants that match what you really require. As nature made you, what you require and what you need shouldn’t go in opposite direction. When you’re in comfortable lifestyle, you normally want just that which suits your wellbeing and life. You live in accordance with your body’s characteristic rhythms, getting relaxing, tastes, touch, smells, sounds, and sights that helps you feel relaxed. When you slip off key with nature, your wants progress toward becoming non-supporting and you may want garbage nourishment, disregard to rest and work out, and enjoy habitual practices. Extra time, a little irregularity can turn into a confusion and afterward an ailment, expediting more pressure and disregard.
ayurveda natural way to heal
ayurveda natural way to heal
  • Strengthen your digestive power- It is always advisable that, eating high fiber diet not only accounts for a perfect weight management but also gives healthy body internally. Healthy food along with proper eating schedules goes hand in hand, one must always maintain a proper eating timing. Intake water as required but keep staying hydrated, it is also very necessary. Skip bad habits like, smoking, excessive caffeine and alcohol. It disturbs the internal working of immune system. 


  • Take a look at the Bright Side of Life – Life isn’t too awful. All things considered, when you truly take a look at it – life has loads of surprises. Some of those surprises may not generally make us happy, nonetheless, gaining from every incident is the best activity. Along these lines, try to take a look at all the wonderful things you do have as opposed to concentrating on the negative parts of life.
How does Ayurvedic Massage works
AyurVedic Treatment for stress and skin
  • Administer to your hair and skin- At the point when your hair locks are frizzy and dry, your entire way to deal with life can turn negative. Deal the issue by focusing on what you put inside your body. Incorporate little changes with your everyday menu. Rather than popcorn, eat crisp organic product. Try not to get slay on treat — eat rinsed whitened almonds. See Maharishi Ayurveda’s formulas segment for many thoughts on better approaches to cook with natural products, vegetables, and flavors.
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green tea for beautiful skin, health benefits
green tea for beautiful skin, health benefits

Try applying everything that you eat, this has always been the best way to make your skin look healthier and younger. Like for example, curd with a pinch of turmeric power and besan, acts as an organic face pack. Cucumbers (Kheera) is considered the best for dark circles, likewise lemons act as an anti-oxidant and when mixed with a spoon full of honey can make your pimples disappear in days. Learn more about these in the natural ingredients that can help you re-ventilate your skin.


Here are a couple of Ayurvedic practices to reinforce your stomach related fire:

  • Continuously take a seat to eat (don’t eat before your PC or TV or while you’re driving).
  • Eat in a settled environment and not when you’re disturbed.
  • Try not to eat until you’re certainly eager.
  • Feast at a direct pace. Try not to swallow down your bite or eat too gradually.
  • Limit crude bites, which are considerably harder to process than cooked ones.
  • Incorporate every one of the six tastes at every dinner.

There will be many more points that will help you know more about the advantages of Ayurveda. Never stick to the same method, keep reading about it and try every process that can make a difference in your mind and body. After all, anything that gives you peace is worth a while.

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