10 Tips to Look Beautiful & Attractive Everyday without Makeup

Last Updated on August 5th, 2017

Want to look beautiful on any special day? Simple solution is there. Use some good makeup and that is done. But what if you want to look special and beautiful every damn day and do not want to use makeup every day. Now this is one good question that needs to be answered. You cannot use makeup every damn day because makeup cannot give you that natural glow and will surely harm your skin after some time. Now to avoid any skin issues with makeup and still look beautiful is something we will reveal here.

how to look beautiful everyday without makeup
how to look beautiful everyday without makeup

Your complexion is not the one that defines your beauty; it is the way you present yourself. Your attractiveness also depends on how effortlessly you keep your elegance and grace. Not everyone has the fair complexion and not everyone has great features but you can always decide on how you will carry yourself and maintain yourself which ultimately highlights your beauty and attractiveness.

There are 10 tips that you should follow daily and you can find the difference in very short span of time.

  • Always wash you face with cold water and use a very light face wash of good quality before going to bed.


  • Never have oily food in the morning and night. You can have some in the lunch or snacks.


  • Wear some colourful cloths, rather than same color cloths daily. Colors brighten up your personality and bring charm to your face. There are always some colors that match your personality and add to your looks. Find them and try them often in different shades.
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  • Keep your body well hydrated. Drink lots of liquid and water to avoid any toxic accumulation in your body. If these toxic are not taken care of, they start reacting and comes out in the form of bad smell from sweat, or breath or pimples.


  • Avoid the bad smell from your sweat. Often people suffer with bad smell from underarms, foot or mouth. There is always a way to treat these. Find natural was to treat them. To cover them up, you can use deodorants, body powder, moisturizer etc. Follow some ground rules to avoid bad smell like, clean your tongue in the morning, wash your mouth after every meal, use natural spray mint like elaichi etc. Always let your foot get dry up and them wear socks on them. Carry a deodorant with you if you cannot avoid travelling in day time.


tips to stay beautiful everyday
tips to stay beautiful everyday

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  • Use some good quality sun cream to save your skin from UV rays of sun. Use moisturizer to avoid dry skin.


  • Keep a smile on your face. Yes a smile adds lots of good things to your personality.
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  • Your teeth are going to be seen every time someone talks to you. Make sure they are clean and not dull. Brush your teeth twice as suggested by dentist. One in the morning after waking up and one at night before reaching out to bed. The morning brush removes all the germs that get accumulated during night time when there is no activity in your mouth. The night brush removes any particle that has stuck in between your teeth or on your teeth.


  • Most people forget about their lips. Have a simple lipstick if you are female. Also use some lip gel to keep your lips moisturized. Dry lips look bad.


  • Look after your hair and dark circles. While hair is not that of a breaker in your personality since every hair style suits you but dark circles surely need to be cleared.


Last Bonus Tip:-Practice 15 minutes of yoga in the morning. I am not joking because yoga has the power to change your looks in the best ways. Yoga will help you retain your glow. It will bring peace in your mind and also help you make your body fit in shape and health.


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