3 Helpful Tips to Ease Coronavirus Worries

After this stressful, uncertain year regarding Covid-19, a lot of people are now struggling to return to some kind of normal. Simple things like going to the shops, for instance, may not have even phased you beforehand, but after the pandemic, more and more people have a fear of going outside and being in public. This is completely understandable given the devastation this virus caused so many people, but it is important that you don’t let this virus completely take over how you want to live your life. If you feel it’s time to get back out there and start being in public again, here are a few helpful steps you can take to make it slightly easier.


Take Precautions Against Coronavirus

It is important that you always wear a mask so that you are protecting not just you, but others around you. If you are worried about forgetting a mask, then keep a couple spare either in your car or in your bag, and perhaps leave a couple by the front door so you remember to take one when you leave. Also, most shops offer hand sanitizer at the entrance, but carry your own too so you can top up throughout the day.

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Make sure that when you cough or sneeze you do it into your elbow and are facing away from people. Also, staying 2 meters away from people is really good practice too. If you are a healthcare worker but still aren’t too sure about the exact precautions you should be taking, there are a few more like this. This may sound like a lot of rules, but once you go outside a few times while practicing these rules, they start to become second nature.

maintain social distancing in coronavirus
maintain social distancing in coronavirus

Talk to Others

Talking to other people that go outside regularly is a great way to get a huge amount of reassurance. Having people tell you exactly how it is out there will be such a relief, as it can set you up and prepare you for what’s to come. It is also a good idea to maybe find someone who is experiencing the same or similar worries you are having, to show you that you are not alone and to have a support system so you can help each other overcome your fears together. Find whatever works best for you.

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Give Yourself a News Break

Although keeping up with information is so important day to day, too much news can lead to making your worries worse. If you are constantly watching the news or are watching the news too often, your mind can start racing and will make you feel stressed out. Make sure you are keeping up to date every day, but in moderation.

It is perfectly normal to feel worried about going outside after the horrendous year of coronavirus, but it is important to slowly and safely work yourself up to being able to go to a shop or being outside. Keep safe, keep talking to people, and look after your mental well being.


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