4 Natural Remedies to Relieve Stress and Anxiety

Have stress and anxiety made you feel your world is out of control, frustrated, and somewhat moody? Have you tried some over-the-counter medicines or even ones prescribed by your doctor without much success? Are you looking for natural ways to reduce your stress? 

Look no further; you’ll find some alternative methods to help relieve these symptoms right here. You can employ a selection of methods to help alleviate stress, such as gardening. 

Several people have combined their love for herbs and green thumb to grow their own cannabis stash and help ease stress. Try growing some female strains for a stress-free cultivation experience if this appeals to you.

Before we look at other natural ways to relieve stress, let’s first examine what stress and anxiety are.


Let’s Talk About Stress

Stress is a force that strains your physical body. It’s something that everyone experiences. 

There’s good stress, called eustress, which you experience when going on a first date or before competing in a sporting event. You’re overcome by extreme excitement, causing you to be motivated and inspired. When it fades, you’re at peace and in good spirits. 

Bad stress leaves you feeling anxious and unmotivated. You become overwhelmed and unable to concentrate. It could also result in other ailments such as hypertension and insomnia. A range of external situations can trigger this negative anxiety, such as death, divorce, or issues at work. 

Relieve Stress at work
Relieve Stress at work


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Finding a solution that works

Dealing with stress isn’t always easy. Health practitioners could easily misdiagnose you when it comes to this condition unless they ask the right questions. You may not even be aware that what you’re experiencing is stress. 

When subconsciously stressing about a situation, your physician could mistakenly treat your symptoms without knowing the cause. 

Tranquilizers are popular drugs prescribed to those with stress and anxiety. People have become quite familiar with the common ones like; Xanax and Valium. They can calm and completely relax you. 

As effective as these medicines are, many individuals prefer to avoid any negative impacts they may have. Therefore, they’ve started exploring natural ways to combat stress instead of consuming pharmaceutical drugs.

Here are a few side effects of prescription meds:

  • Confusion
  • Drowsiness
  • Incoherence
  • Dizziness
  • Headaches
  • Blurred vision

These drugs may become addictive in certain cases, especially when used over a long period. 


4 Natural Ways to a Better Life

You may be wondering what alternatives are available? There are several natural ways to release your stress. Here are four that you may consider:


1. Exercise

Physical activity is undoubtedly one of the leading ways to reduce anxiety. When working out at the gym or at home, your body produces endorphins. 

This hormone relieves pain and promotes a feeling of tranquility which is great for relieving stress. Exercise also has additional benefits like weight loss, improved strength, and a stronger immune system.


2. Supplements

There are a variety of supplements that are safe to use and recommended to improve your overall well-being. Before consuming any of them, you should first consult your physician to ensure you choose the one that best suits you. 

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Individuals have found that magnesium, Vitamin D, and omega 3 are among those that could assist with relieving the symptoms of anxiety. If you’re unsure of which supplement to choose, search the internet, and just as you would order medicine online, you could obtain it this way.


3. Cannabis

There isn’t any conclusive evidence to support the effectiveness of cannabis, but numerous people have successfully used it to alleviate their stress. 

Again, first consult a health professional before consuming, especially if you’re already using other medication. If you choose cannabis as one of the natural ways to help with stress, start with a low dosage first.

It could assist with your anxiety, but it has many other therapeutic benefits that you can enjoy.


4. Meditation and Aromatherapy

Relieve Stress with these solutions
Relieve Stress with these solutions

Being quiet and reflective has been known to be as beneficial as exercising. It helps train your brain to filter out stressful thoughts and improve concentration. 

5 min of daily meditation can help bring lot of change in your stressed life. Benefits of meditation are many. Try an build a stress free environment around you by using some techniques like aromatherapy. It helps you relax and keep you calm.

Practicing this every day for a few minutes could bring you to complete relaxation. Meditating in conjunction with aromatherapy could also bring about a calming effect. Specific aromas such as lavender essential oil could positively enhance your mood. 


Be Kind to Yourself, Change What You Can

Just as there are various reasons why people succumb to anxiety, there are a range of natural ways to reduce stress. These methods, however, will not be able to eradicate this condition.

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Using different methods could help you cope with the demands of your daily life while managing the tension you’re experiencing. There are instances where you would need to change your circumstances to eliminate the stress. 

As you navigate through the discomfort relating to stress and anxiety, be kind to yourself and don’t allow your mind to bully your body. Choose to change what you can.

Dr. Amanda
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