5 Astounding Ways To Lose Weight With Ayurveda

Last Updated on September 10th, 2020


In today’s world it can be extremely challenging to lose fat. Crash diet plans, heavy exercises, etc. are among the most frequently tried activities. But hardly will you find people with happy results after this. Well there could be various reasons for your increasing weight, however, what matters the most is that you need to find out a solution which is safe and efficient. None other than Ayurveda would work for you. Find out some easy solutions to lose weight in the most natural way.

So, you’ve cut down on calories, reduced your carbohydrate intake, tried to exercise, and gone gluten-free. In short, it wouldn’t be wrong stating that you’ve already beaten yourself emotionally and now tired of suffering through one diet after another. Do you feel like a failure? Just wondering why nothing has worked for you?  Well you aren’t alone. There are many who feel stuck and are ready to give up. But you don’t lose hope and with all your willpower, get ready for a more holistic approach to weight loss.

Yes, the science of life- ayurveda has many secrets to be unfold, which can make you shed those extra pounds. So, if you’re looking forward to give a try to an entirely different strategy, then prepare your mind to usher in an inspiring journey toward improved health. Change your lifestyle a bit with these essential tips from ayurveda:


  1. Light evening Meal:

This is one of the major things you need to start with. Ayurveda describes that the digestion gets less strong in the evening. Also, when you are sleeping, digestion, metabolism, and circulation slows down significantly. Thus, your body simply can’t assimilate those large evening meals properly. The further consequences are that much of the food is digested poorly, forming toxins, fat, and excess weight. So, if you are eating less during the day, doing regular exercises, and putting other efforts too, you might not be able to overcome the growing weight due to such mistakes.

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what to have in evening for weight loss
why to have a light evening meal for healthy body

Helpful Note:

From today itself, in the evening avoid the cheese, rich desserts, red meat, yogurt, fish, fowl, cold foods, and processed foods. So, you evening meals need to be vegetarian, fresh, hot, light, and soupy. For the heavily overweight people, it must include

  • Non-cream soups.
  • Complex grains for example, buckwheat, brown rice, quinoa, or barley, cooked in water.
  • Vegetables; you can try them steamed, roasted, or sauteed with extra-virgin olive oil.


  1. Begin Your Day with Fifteen Minutes of Yoga

Want a perfect start for your day, meanwhile losing weight? Then establishing a daily yoga practice can be a surprising first step. Yes, it is a major thing in the weight-loss recommendations. Here it is important to understand that yoga is an incredibly powerful practice which benefits the body, mind, and spirit. Not only it awakens you, but also lubricates and cleanses the body. Stimulating the organs of digestion, it helps increases circulation, facilitates detoxification, activates the digestive fire, and kindles healthy internal heat.

health tips for daily yoga tips
health tips for daily yoga tips

Helpful Note:

Set a stage for a balanced and successful day starting your morning with a few minutes of yoga. It will help fight unnecessary stress and unhealthy cravings. You can start a simple series of Sun Salutations (Surya Namaskar). It is one of the dynamic, rhythmic, and flowing present for your body and mind. You will feel guided by clarity and insight.

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  1. Pay Complete Attention to Each Meal:

Another step to healthy life is to treating eating as a sacred act- an act of love. Yes, offer your full presence to each meal. Doing so will help your body to fully enjoy and feel the tastes and textures of the food. And yes, you will be able to reduce overeating, experience greater satisfaction, and help prevent the occurrence of unhealthy cravings.

Helpful Note:

Whenever you are about to have a supper, making sure you choose a calm and peaceful environment, keeping yourself away from emotional/ intense conversation, television, or multi-tasking of any kind. You need to be fully engrossed with the gift of nourishment that your body is receiving.


  1. Get friendly with warm Water:

You already know that drinking water is beneficial for your health. But what else can boost the process to lose weight is drink warm water. The reason being, it cleanses and awakens the digestive tract, promotes peristalsis, hydrates the tissues, and encourages the bowel movement, reducing problems like sluggishness and constipation.


Helpful Note:  

The best way to drink warm water is after the mouth and the tongue have been cleansed properly. Doing so, you don’t swallow the bacteria and toxins which have been accumulated.


  1. Start Moving in your shoes:

    Experts have been claiming exercise to be an antidote for almost everything that ails. And there is a solid reason- it improves metabolism, digestion, complexion, muscle tone, and bone density. Not to forget it helps to normalize weight too. Even on an emotional level, physical activities turn out to be a positive thing.
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how to stay fit, jogging and running in morning
how to stay fit, jogging and running in morning

Helpful Note:

For the beginners, take out some time daily to get out and walk. Slowly, you can start evaluating your schedule and adjust short walks whenever you can squeeze them in. You really need to be vigilant finding opportunities to have a brisk stroll, especially after meals.

With this Ayurveda approach to weight-loss, it becomes easy and simple to lose weight, which was once a daunting challenge. A little twist to your lifestyle and you are almost there. Live an enriching life with ayurveda!

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