5 Most Curable Cancer in the World and Why You Still Need to Avoid Them

Last Updated on July 29th, 2022

When individuals are diagnosed with cancer, they often immediately began to think about their mortality. However, early diagnosis and modern medicine mean that cancer is no longer a death sentence. Depending on the stage, location and size of cancer, it can now be treated, especially the early-stage cancers. 5 most curable cancer are mentioned below.

Here are 5 such cancers where there is stronger hope for recovery:

  1. Cervical Cancer

Survival Rate: About 100 percent

Cervical cancer has a survival rate of almost 100 percent, thanks to the effective detection methods available for this cancer type. This is possible because the presence of abnormal cells in the cervix is determined with a quick β€˜Pap Test’ even before they are cancerous.

And even if the presence of cancer cells appears in the cervix, they grow at a very slow rate. As a result, the treatment proves to be extremely effective.

  1. Breast Cancer (Early stages of 0 and 1)

Curable Cancers in world
Curable Cancers in world

Survival Rate: 99 to 100 percent

Advancement in medical science has made great strides against breast cancer. Today, doctors are more aware of how to detect and treat it. Women these days are constantly encouraged to undergo mammograms and breast examinations, hence this cancer is normally detected at an early stage.

People who are diagnosed with breast cancer (early stages- o and 1) have 99 to 100 percent survival rate. Even at stage 3, where the cancerous cells are deeply embedded within surrounding tissue, there is still a 72 percent chance of survival.

  1. Prostate Cancer

Survival Rate: About 99 percent

In prostate cancer, the tumorous cells grow slowly or do not grow at all. Moreover, these tumors are not deemed harmful enough to require treatment. Many men with this type of cancer lead a normal life, without any complications.

  1. Thyroid Cancer

Survival Rate: About 98 percent

The thyroid gland in the neck is responsible for secreting hormones that our body needs for controlling the heartbeat, burning calories, and more. Most thyroid cancers are slow growing. Even if a tumor is large or starts to grow into nearby tissues, it can be treated and cured by undergoing a surgery that removes the gland. After surgery, the hormones created by the thyroid gland are replaced by medicines.

  1. Melanoma

Survival Rate: About 92 percent

Melanoma, commonly known as skin cancer, has high survival rates as it is easy to detect it with the naked eye while it is still in its early stage. It usually occurs as dark, large, oddly shaped, or raised blotches. However, if this cancer is not treated early, it can spread to other parts of the body, becoming far more challenging to treat.

Curable Cancers you still need to avoid
Curable Cancers you still need to avoid

Why You Still Need to Avoid These Cancers?

Although the cancers mentioned above show high survival rates at early stages, if they go unnoticed and advance to major stages, they can prove fatal. Here’s how:

  • Prostate Cancer- Even a small percentage of prostate cancer can move quickly to distant parts of the body. And when it happens, the survival rate can come down to as low as 29 percent
  • Breast Cancer- β€˜Triple negative’ breast cancers are more aggressive and don’t benefit from targeted treatments
  • Melanoma- Once this cancer goes beyond the skin’s surface, it’s hard to treat. Only 15-20 percent of people usually make it five years after their diagnosis
  • Thyroid Cancer- A rare type of cancer called anaplastic thyroid cancer has a survival rate of only 7 percent

Apart from these scary statistics, the surging cancer treatment cost can also become a nightmare if a person is not financially stable. The cost of treatment has gone up many-fold in recent years. In fact, the treatment costs now have the potential to wipe out a common man’s entire life-savings.

Expensive Cancer Surgeries and Procedures:

  • Chemotherapy- Approx. Rs. 70,000 – 90,000 per cycle
  • Intensity-modulated radiotherapy: Rs. 1.5 lakhs
  • Head and neck cancer surgery- Approx. Rs. 2 – 5 lakhs
  • The average cost of cancer treatment- Rs. 10 lakhs


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Cancer Insurance to Your Rescue

You might be taking all the precautions to reduce your cancer risk, but this deadly disease can strike even the healthiest of individuals. So, instead of believing in a myth that cancer cannot happen to you, it is better to be prepared in case it does happen.

This is the reason why cancer insurance has become the need of the hour. A strong financial tool like a β€˜Cancer Plan’ takes care of your financial well being by offering a lump sum payout on diagnosis, while you undergo the cancer treatment and even after that. The amount is credited to your account immediately, and your future policy premiums are waived off till specific period.

Thus, under unfortunate circumstances where cancer is detected at an early stage, 25 percent of the sum assured is given for the treatment by private insurers like Future Generali. In the advanced stages, you can claim up to 100 percent of the sum assured and even get 2 percent of the sum assured for a period of 5 years as income.


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Why Standalone Cancer Insurance?

Although many health insurance policies today are known to cover critical illnesses including cancer, these policies only pay for inpatient hospitalization costs. They do not cover the entire cost of cancer treatment.

Also, unlike other diseases, early-stage cancer patients might not require hospitalization at all as they are treated more on an outpatient basis. Meaning, they must regularly visit the oncologist while the treatment is on and follow the post-treatment cycle including heavy medications. This can disturb the routine professional life of a person. Thus, cancer patients also face financial stress, along with going through the severe emotional, physical, and psychological stress. A standalone cancer plan can take care of this financial stress and allow you to avail the best possible treatment without constantly worrying about the bills.

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