5 Signs You May Need New Glasses

It’s normal to be hesitant when it comes to purchasing new eye frames. Alongside the fact that it can be expensive, you may have grown sentimentally attached to your old pair. But there are high chances that now you need new glasses for your eyesight problem.

However, as tough as it can be to let go, it’s still important to upgrade as required. Your health and well-being come first, and one simple switch can make a big difference.

In this article, we are going to discuss five signs you may need new glasses so that you know when it’s time to get checked out.

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Your vision is blurry.

If you find that your vision seems blurry or you have to squint even when you’re wearing your glasses, it’s a very good indicator that you need a new prescription. This is because your eyes change as time passes, and your current lenses may no longer be suitable.

Book into your optometrist as soon as possible. Then, they can rule out any significant complications and make the necessary adjustments.

There can be many reasons for blurry vision but without proper consultation, it is difficult to find out the real reason. A good eye checkup is required in such situation. Working on computer screens even after having blurry vision can further reduce your eye power and you will be forced to wear heavy lenses.

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If you are finding hard to read some distant things which is easily readable by others then this is definitely the time to get your eyes check up.

Signs Need New Glasses
Signs Need New Glasses

Your glasses are damaged.

If your glasses are damaged, whether it be the frames or the lens, you must get a replacement. Wearing them with dings, marks, and scuffs can lead to eye strain and make it difficult to focus. Regular eye stress can lead to even bigger problems. You will also start having headaches if eye strain continues to happen. Having a cheaper replacement or backup is always a good solution. So always keep a pair of lenses or eye frames ready for backup.

Don’t want another pair? You could be eligible for other alternatives, such as soft contact lenses or even LASIK surgery.

You’re getting frequent headaches.

Getting headaches from time to time is entirely normal, but they shouldn’t be consistent or long-lasting. Frequent headaches can be due to medical problems, including wearing incorrect glasses. Always make sure you are wearing the right glasses. If you are not able to adjust with the new glasses, it is better to get it checked again. Sometimes it happens that your glasses power do not match with your eyesight required power and that can cause issues like headaches. Purchase the eye glasses from an authentic shop only.

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Of course, it can be worth reaching out to your GP too. This way, you can rule out other potential causes, which can include stress, fatigue, lack of sleep, and hunger.

You’re due for an eye test.

Has it been more than a year since your last eye test? Well, chances are you are overdue for new glasses too. While your prescription won’t always change, it’s typical for them to make some adjustments, even if you don’t think your vision has deteriorated.

If you don’t remember, your check-up with consist of a few different tests. These can include the following:

– Color vision test
– Depth perception test
– Ocular motility test
– Visual acuity test
– Internal examination

Need New Glasses
Need New Glasses

You’re unhappy with your current glasses.

Over time, our frames can become outdated. So if you feel self-conscious or are unhappy with what you are wearing, don’t be scared to branch out and try something new.

There are so many different styles to choose from, and having a couple of pairs will ensure that you never get bored. There may have even been new improvements that will make wearing them more comfortable.

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Final Words

And that’s it! These were five signs that you may need new glasses. So if you’re noticing any of the above or have other concerns, book in with your optometrist. You’ll feel much better with a brand new pair of specs.

Dr. Amanda
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