5 Things Not To Do When Coronavirus Lockdown Ends

Last Updated on May 13th, 2021

Coronavirus Lockdown is starting to end with guidelines to follow everywhere, but still some things are not yet completely quarantined and have the possible threat of spreading the virus again in the main society. It is better to be aware and informed then making rash decisions and regretting later.

Things need to be managed and work is another priority for many people around the world. The coronavirus lockdown can’t be extended due to many reasons, dropping economy being the major one. Food for all and survival of the poor is in critical situations here. Time is to come back and fight this with all possible tools we have. We need to be more careful now and have to take precautionary measures at home and at workplace as well.

Rising number of cases everyday are going to make things worse and we do not want that. Along side government cannot protect everyone from all the situations for long as many things are piling up and need to support economy is also very urgent in order to keep essentials running for all.

stay home stay safe coronavirus lockdown
stay home stay safe coronavirus lockdown

To Make this happen we have tried to cover up the 5 major things that you should avoid once the coronavirus lockdown ends.


Don’t rush to places with huge gatherings.

Avoid any such places where you may expect gathering of people like malls, airports, bus stands, marriages etc. After 3 months of long coronavirus lockdown, everyone is frustrated with the current lifestyle and this creates an urge to go back to normal lifestyle which includes meeting family and friends for good. But we need to understand that it is not the correct thing to do right now. Postpone such plans and keep them for hold for some time. Look into the regular updates coming up and wait for the correct time.

A precautionary step right now can save many other life. While a single mistake can make it worse for others also. Choose the right step and stay home and stay safe if possible. Keep doing work from home if your work permits and you have the required flexibility. Suggest the same to others as well.

If you can’t work from home and therefore have to go to a place of work like an office, you might want to suggest to your employers that they make use of the many good sanitisation and decontamination services being offered by commercial cleaning companies. For example, Green Facilities announced recently that they can help businesses and places like schools and colleges to get ready for their re-opening after the end of lockdown.

Also, avoid going to places like busy vegetable markets and shops, family visits, celebration events, and religious places until it is safe to do so. Whilst this may be difficult, it is something we all need to do for our health.


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Don’t eat outside food when coronavirus lockdown ends

Avoid eating outside for maximum safety and minimum risks. We are all very excited to have the fast food which we have not tasted for a long time now but that is not the correct option right now. The food hygiene is very important, and you cannot make sure of that in any restaurant or public eating place where food is cooked for many people. A single mistake made by someone else can put your health at risk. So stick to the home made food and follow clean and safe hygiene.

Wash the vegetables and fruits you bring at home and if possible, quarantine the packaged food for 2 days after you bring them.

5 Types of Food to Avoid During Lockdown Period



Don’t make travel plans so soon.

Wait for the situation to come under control before you plan to move. If you do not wish to put yourself in any risky situation, suggestion is to stay home. Don’t make travel plans and if you have any, try to postpone the same or cancel it. You may lose some money, but that is still better than losing health. If you have some safe medium to travel and if the travel is not too long, then make sure you have all the necessary things to carry with you.

Have a healthy travel whenever you do. You can look here for the safe and healthy travel tips if you must travel and there is no other option.

Travelling Smartly Post Lockdown – How to Travel Healthy and Safely


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Don’t give relaxation in safety measures to be followed.

Strict application of safety measures will keep you and everyone around you safe and healthy. Social distancing, properly washing hands, using face masks, having portable sanitizers, wearing clean cloths and avoiding any possible contamination should be followed even after the lockdown to avoid the sudden surge of the corona cases in the society. Precautions is better than cure and we all know there is no perfect cure for this covid-19 virus right now. The complete earth is struggling to keep corona virus at bay.

Don’t allow elderly people, children and pregnant women to move out until the situations are in full control. Try to take in more fruits to improve immunity of body. Try some yoga asanas to help boost immunity.

Don’t touch hard cash because that is exchanged by multiple people and can be the carrier of virus. Try and use digital payment everywhere. Carry a good hygienic handkerchief with you.

There are some said and heard things listed below, which might not be true but there is no harm in following them as well if they can help you in any way.

  • Have warm water whenever possible
  • Take ginger tea and avoid cold drinks
  • Do Pran Mudra to help you increase immunity and for many other benefits.
hand sanitizer and mask while travelling
hand sanitizer and mask while travelling

Don’t forget to carry masks and sanitizers with you at all times.

Face masks and sanitizers are most important things right now. Avoid touching your face all time. Keep your hands clean and avoid face to face communications with anyone if possible. Don’t touch and move around, as anything could be contaminated with virus. Quarantine yourself if you have any symptoms relating to corona virus fever. Drinking alcohol is not a solution to fight corona virus, so stay sober and make informative decisions. Always take calculated risks. Avoid handshakes and other form of greetings which involve touching.


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Things are not so good once the lockdown starts ending but we need to be strong and help each other in fighting against this virus. What to expect once the lockdown ends? You will be seeing many new guidelines followed at various places to help avoid the spread of virus. We should be following those guidelines while commencing our work. More strict work routine will be there and may be less people to work around.

If you have any other suggestions, please don’t wait to share them with us. You can always share your thoughts in the comment section below.


Stay Healthy Stay Safe

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