5 Types of Food to Avoid During Lockdown Period

Last Updated on December 18th, 2020

Cooking is now on trend as everyone wants to use the spare time to learn something and cooking comes top in the list. Yes, lets learn to cook new dishes at home and share them with family and friends. But lets also take care of the type of dishes we are making and eating daily as it may influence your fitness after a while. It can be a positive effect or a negative one depending on whether you are cooking or eating too much of these 5 types of food to avoid.

We all are home locked and we cannot go out and put some taste on our tongue for a while, so we decided to lets cook something new at home and satisfy our taste buds with that. Or worse we are not even cooking but calling for packaged food and just heating it, filling our stomach.

So what do you think, every type of food you cook at home is good for health and since you can not go out, you can have that food daily? No lockdown situation like these calls for thinking healthy and eating healthy food.

No, my friend you cannot have these 5 types of food daily. Now by that we mean, have them but in limit. Eating these types of food can actually make you obese or can put you at risk of having certain type of health problem as discussed below.


Different Types of Food to avoid right now (during Lockdown)

  • Avoid Too Much Oily or Deep Fried

They are tasty but don’t go by the taste that lure you to eat oily food or deep-fried food. Enjoy the taste occasionally for that will remain for a long time.

deep fried food not good for health
deep fried food not good for health

Simple thing to understand, let’s say you have 2 options and you have to choose 1. Option 1 Eat these oily foods and then get a health issue later in life that will put these oily foods out of your diet plan forever. Option 2, eat these oily foods sometimes occasionally and enjoy these in your diet till you grow old and have teeth without any constraint.

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Yes we will go for the option 2 always. So lets not eat too much of deep fried foods while we have nothing else to do during lockdown.


  • Avoid Packaged Food like Maggie

Maggie just came out as a very common example in the list of food to avoid. But there are many such ready to eat or easy to cook food items available that are not good for health if taken in high quantity. It is easy to cook Maggie and it takes very less time to be prepared. This is the only reason everyone finds it easy to have food.

Just because of these reasons, we tend to have it and yes tastes good also because of the Maggie spices. But do you know that Maggie masala/spices is not good for health. There was a recent case, where it was found that Maggie masala/spcies has high lead content. Also, these packaged foods have preservatives that are high in sodium, not good for health.

maggie not good health, avoid it
maggie not good health, avoid it

There are many such packaged foods which you should avoid. Like cold drinks have high carbonation, sweetener and artificial flavoring and thus should be avoided. Similarly, we have pasta masala, fizzy drinks, artificial juices, snacks, chips etc. You are smart enough to figure out now which is good for health and which is not. So make your call and choose the right food.

We also know that in times like this where a complete lockdown is in effect, packaged food is very common due to multiple reasons. So Try to order the food that is good for health or at least limit the consumption of these food items.


  • Limit your Sugar Intake

Too much of sugar is bad for health and we all know that. Avoid having sugar every then and now. Yes, sugar is a very common thing used in many dishes, drinks, food daily. Consume it with caution. Too much of sugar can cause diabetes problem, may increase risk of heart problem, results in increase of weight, may increase risk of depression and skin aging effects, considered to be one of the reasons for skin acne also.

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avoid too much of sugar in food
avoid too much of sugar in food

There are many more problems that happens due to high sugar intake. Avoid it as much as you can. We don’t say to completely remove it from your diet but putting a limit to it can help you avoid many health issues. Thus sugar counts in the food to avoid list. We tend to be craving more for sugar while doing no physical activity like in times of lockdown. So we must be strong enough to say no to such cravings.


  • Avoid Too Much of Maida and Carbonated Drinks

Maida is known to be a very famous flour type used in baking cakes, breads, and many more food items but is also one of the food to avoid too much intake. But Maida is also known to be unhealthy for stomach if taken too much or too frequently. Along with maida comes another food or drink perhaps that is known to all. Soft drinks high carbonation. High amount of carbonation and sweetener used in these soft drinks is not good of your digestive system.

carbonated drinks bad for health, avoid it
carbonated drinks bad for health, avoid it
  • Avoid Eggs and Non-Veg for a While

Since we are facing huge problems already due to known viruses spread across the world due to consumption of meat. I think it is good time to say bye to non-veg diet while in lockdown phase. But again, not everyone will be in favor of that. So, lets just say NO to meat till the time things are under control. Lets say NO, also till the time we have the good quality food coming out in market.

say no to non vegan food
say no to non vegan food

Are you feeling bad or angry of knowing that you cannot enjoy your food also in lockdown time like this. Situation or time when you are trapped in your own house, thinking about food to avoid? Don’t be angry or feel bad about this. Instead start cooking healthy food and try to make that tasty with your ideas and creativity. That is what a good cook would do, don’t you think. Make some smoothies, detox drinks and try them. Cook some home made pasta with atta flour, or may be some banana bread which are healthy as well as tasty.

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Try some fruits custard, vegetable salad, fresh fruit juices or healthy aloe vera juice maybe. You can also have some really healthy mix beans salad, tasty homemade papads, tasty Curd rice and there are many more vegan food on youtube and internet that you can cook.

These are some of the ideas on top of my head. Also ideas which we have tried in the past 10 days or so. You can also come up with new ideas, share them with us and our readers and enjoy the healthy meal with your family.

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