6 Best Yoga Asanas to Reduce Belly Fat

Whenever we think of getting few pounds reduced, we usually hop into youtube. YouTube, undoubtedly is the plethora of options and videos where video title’s like “Lose 10 Kg in just 4 weeks” or “Eat and reduce weight” kind of title usually attracts us the most. But do they really help?


Well needless to say, we all have been in that point where we look up on easy and cheap options to reduce belly fat. Be it a healthy meal recipe or a quick exercise that can show tremendous results, we give our 100 % in watching the video and buying the stuffs. But when it actually comes into action we all fail after certain days. People call it “naya nana josh” and I call it “Failed expectation”!

gain weight with natural home remedies
gain weight with natural home remedies

We have been in a place where we try to work out few things in our life with other things and as a human, we expect very early and positive response. Psychologically reducing weight is one of them. Women tend to expect weight loss way early then even putting them into daily practice. Right! That answers half the problem. Women tends to give up on diets and exercise after some time because they don’t show results almost in few days and that majorly affects their body weight even more.


Remember when we planned for taking a gym membership and our parents had a vision for gym like “chor doge toh fir phele se jyada moti hojaoge” (When you will leave gym, you will fatter than before). This didn’t come out of blue, and yes, it’s true. When we try to build a healthy routine for us and almost get accustomed to it, we drop it. That affects the body. But when you try to maintain your health, weight and physic all with cheat days it gets easy.


Reduce Belly Fat with Yoga

In this article, I will guide you through few yoga and free hand exercise mixed routine that will help you reduce belly fat in 8-10 weeks (if practiced regularly). Also I personally insist that ones you start a set of routine getting influenced by any article or video, do give it some time, don’t wait for instant results, if after a month it is not showing any result then change the plan (not the idea of losing weight).


Also, I always suggest my readers to take care of few things that adds like a sugar coat to their journey of losing weight and makes it really beautiful at the end of the day. So, this workout will also have some healthy diet instructions along with the pros and cons of the same.

tadasana or mountain yoga pose for back pain relief
tadasana or mountain yoga pose for back pain relief

Must Do: Always recommended to do Tadasana as a warm up pose. This is a very simple asana where you have to stand straight on your yoga mat and bring your both the feet together, and slowly raise your both the arm upwards, along with this raise your feet as much as you can and bring your palm closer. Hold on this position for 20-30 seconds and slowly while exhaling bring back your back at rest. Repeat this for 10 times before getting on with the exercises.

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You can also do pranayama before you start with these yoga exercises.




Exercise 1: Yoga’s are great when it comes to losing weight, though some says it’s a slow process but I personally feel the process or postures of asana is very affective and not just helps in curing one disease but a lot more issues likes depression, anxiety, stress etc. 

So, firstly we will add Pavanamuktasana, my personal favorite and the easiest to begin with.

Pavanamuktasana is very crucial asana when lower belly fat is considered.

The asana is simple to do:

  • Lie down on the mat, keeping your head facing the roof.
  • Bring your both the legs upward, near the chest and make a tight grip there by holding the legs with your arms.
  • Try bringing your head near your knee so that a pressure is developed in your belly region.
  • Hold on in that position for at least 20 seconds before coming to rest.
  • Do this asana for at least 6-8 times before switching on to the next one.


This Asana should definitely help you reduce belly fat, when practiced regularly.

Keeping asana and few free hand exercises is probably something I have tried and have gained a considerable amount of interest when I saw positive results only after 4th week. Mostly my routine had 3 asana and 3 free hand exercises that really helped me in reducing around 3 kg in 4th week. With absolute no restricted diet plan. I had everything I wanted but with less sugar or at times no sugar.

Carbs is must NO when you are into belly fat challenge, but I suggest make 3 cheat days in a month where you consume cards, fat, calorie, sugar and anything you want. Don’t accustom your body into strict food pattern where it gets difficult when you don’t practice exercises for a shorter time span.


Mountain Climbers

Exercise 2: Mountain Climbers, this is one of those exercise that made me run out of breath. Very easy, very effective to reduce belly fat quickly.

To do this exercise:

  • Lie down on the mat keeping your belly touching the ground
  • Place both the hands near your face, give a thrust and rise above the ground
  • Now, try bringing one leg near the chest and immediately pull it back to bring the left leg in the same posture.
  • Repeat this with other leg. It’s almost like walking in the same position.
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mountain climbers workout exercise , Fitness-Program
mountain climbers workout exercise , Fitness-Program

Note: Each time you try to bring the leg upwards make sure it is giving a thrust to your lower belly region.

Do this for almost 15 times with one leg.

  • After 30 times of rigorous walking, come down to original position and lie there for 15 seconds.


As you know this exercise will exhaust you as it is working on your core body. Take a 30 seconds break and hydrate yourself. The more water intake you do the better the skin looks even after losing pounds. My mother is very skeptical about the quantity of water I consume. So, she manages to steal tricky was to keeps me hydrated all day long. Recently, the I moved out it got a little tough to cope up with work and the eating pattern, so I started consuming a lot of coconut water and sometimes sugarcane juice. This used to eliminate my sugar requirement and gave a refreshing element in my diet too.


If you are a tea lover, you can also try, rose tea or apple tea. This can really help in weight loss and is also healthy for body.


Exercise 3: Russian Twist

Russian Twist helps in moving your torso side to side.


To do this exercise:

  • Sit on the yoga mat, keep your legs straight in front a little bend
  • Take a double or gym plate in your hand,
  • Raise your leg a little love the ground, and with the plate in hand keep changing the position from left to right and vice versa.
  • While doing this exercise you will feel a tight strain on your lower belly as well as thighs,
  • Do this exercise for 15 times on each side before taking a break.

Russian twist can be started off with a 1kg weight initially and with regular practice you can move on the difficult ones. Mostly after 6th session you should start challenging yourself when weights or number of sets are concerned. With continuous efforts and workout, you should be able to reduce belly fat in no time.


Exercise 4: Paschimottanasana

 One of the most difficult asanas I personally felt. But on the other hand, it is most effective too when it comes to reduce belly fat.


To do this asana-

  • Sit on the yoga mat with your legs in front of you
  • Try to touch your knees with forehead by bending
  • Hold your feet with your palms tightly
  • Hold on in this position for 10 sec and then bring back to rest

Note: Initially this will take a long time to get into a perfect posture and that’s totally okay.

If it hurts a lot, try hold your ankle in the initial days or bend your leg a little.


Exercise 5: Planks

We all have done this in gym and here this exercise will work as a muscle toning. We should always keep a couple of exercise that helps us keep our muscles toned or else it will loosen our skin.

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small dog to plank power yoga
small dog to plank power yoga

To do this exercise:

  • Lie on the yoga mat, where you face is towards the ground,
  • Bring your hands near to your eyes on the mat,
  • Lift your body upwards giving your body entire weight to your palms and feet.
  • Stay a little above the ground
  • Hold in this position for 30-40 seconds and slowly come back to rest.

Planks are the most efficient muscle toning exercise for lower belly, shoulders, biceps.


Exercise 6: Balasana

Finally, we have Exercise 6: Balasana, this asana is very helpful when we are in core focus for our lower belly.


To do these asanas,

-Sit on your legs, with your palm kept above the thighs,

-Bring your hand in front of the mat without moving your hips from the legs

  • Try to stretch your legs as much as possible,
  • While stretching your hand you will get an uneasy feeling in your lower belly, well that uneasy feeling will help you lose your fats so stay intact in that position for 30 seconds.
  • Come back to normal position after that.
  • Do this for at least ten times.

This child like pose asana is very useful to calm down the breathing and body activity after such a rigorous session.

child pose or Balasana yoga
child pose or Balasana yoga

End this session by sitting in a normal position and meditate for 2 mins. Calm yourself down and leave for the day.



No matter how hard it gets, always give yourself a quality 60 mins in day where you can workout well. Because if you don’t care for your body and your health, trust me no one will.


Remember our Fitness Mantra:

Stay Happy. Eat Happy. Be Happy.



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