6 Easy Ways To Care For Your Feet

Foot health is often taken for granted by many people since these body parts are usually used for physical movements and use. Some people hardly inspect their feet or perform any maintenance on them. Eventually, foot issues will likely occur in time. Before this happens, it’s crucial to be informed about the proper care methods for your feet.

Maintaining healthy feet will contribute a lot to your overall health. After all, these vital body parts take you anywhere you need to go, allow you to get on with your daily physical activities, and make you move however you want to. It’s only best to apply a little TLC to retain their condition every day.

Here are some easy and helpful ways to care for your feet:

Many adults eventually experience foot problems since their feet experience a lot of physical stress and pressure throughout their daily life. Some mild to serious foot ailments occur for various reasons and causes. Even kids are also susceptible to these health issues. 

It could be caused by different factors, like improper foot care, wearing wet socks or tight shoes, and the list goes on. Take a look at the following standard foot problems most people experience:

– Athlete’s Foot 

These foot issues happen to almost anyone, regardless of age. This is when a bacterial infection on your feet’ skin occurs. The condition begins as tiny blisters that burst and dry up, causing blisters, flaking, cracking, itching, and burning. 

They’re easy to treat with some over-the-counter ointments, creams, or powder from your favorite drugstore, such as the wizard pharmacy Australia. Also, some care tips include wearing cotton socks, which help discourage fungal growth.

– Corn and calluses 

Adults are more likely to suffer from this problem than children. It can cause a burning sensation and hardened skin. In the toes, corn forms above the middle joint or on the sole, while calluses are typically formed on the heel or ball of your feet. 

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Thankfully, there are many ways to prevent this. The primary tip is to wear fitted shoes that don’t cause much pressure and friction when walking or moving. 

– Bunions 

This is where an area in your foot is swollen and tender because of misaligned joints. Overgrowth of bone usually occurs in the big toe. This can be prevented by wearing cushioned shoes that can alleviate the pressure. You can also visit your podiatrist so they can recommend some cortisone injections, which can minimize swelling and pain. 


foot care solutions
foot care solutions
  • Trim Toe Nails Regularly 

Another essential but vital tip is to regularly trim your toenails. While they need to be cut short, they shouldn’t be so short that you’ll experience pain when walking. Too short nails may grow inward and cause infections or soreness. 

The nails should be trimmed straight across and then filed with care. You can perform this foot care yourself or visit a nail spa or salon to have your pedicure. Just make sure to instruct them to trim it to the correct length. You can perform a natural pedicure at home with simple products too.


  • Wear The Right Shoe Size 

Wearing the correct shoe size is another important piece of advice. If your ball of foot fits comfortably in the shoe at the widest part, then it is a good shoe for you. Your toes should not rub against the tops because of insufficient depth. When you have the shoes on, stand up and make sure that your longest toe is at least half an inch from the front of the shoe. 

When shopping for shoes, try to walk around and practice with the shoes on for at least five minutes, so you can assess whether there is no rubbing between the toes. Wearing the perfect size for your shoes allows your feet to be relaxed and comfortable, despite long walking distances or long hours of standing. 


wash foot daily
wash foot daily
  • Wash Your Feet Daily 

Although this tip is a no-brainer, it should be suggested more often than not. Clean your feet each day with lukewarm water. Don’t use cold or hot water. Extreme temperatures of water may cause your foot skin to be irritated. 

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You can use a sponge to scrub away dead skin cells from your soles and make use of gentle soap while washing. There are also foot soaks, foot scrubs, and foot spa products that allow your feet to be well-conditioned. 

Just make sure to rinse the soap thoroughly and pat your feet dry before wearing socks or shoes. Feet that aren’t adequately dried could promote bacterial growth between your toes, which eventually causes athlete’s foot. Also, be mindful of the kind of socks you wear. Make sure it’s sweat-wicking so your feet can stay dry all day. 


  • Walk Regularly 

As you walk, your feet are put under stress, so you may feel that this tip isn’t necessary. But it’s actually the opposite. Like anybody’s muscles and bones, your feet also need to move and exercise to retain their strength and condition. 

Walking is the best way to exercise your foot muscles since you can’t tone your foot muscles with weights. Taking a walk every day will keep your muscles flexible and your tendons and ligaments strong. Having strong ankles will help you avoid falling. 

If you have pain when walking for some distances, you can consult your physician, and they can suggest some devices or support for your feet. The impact on your feet may be too much if you walk on the pavement a lot. Hence, it’s best to walk in the park, on the beach, or on other soft-padded roads or surfaces, as cushioned surfaces are healthier for your feet.


taking care of foot
taking care of foot
  • Moisturize Your Feet 

You may have been told repeatedly to keep your feet dry, but moisturizing your feet seems contradictory. However, this is also an essential care tip for your feet. Every day, your feet suffer from wear and tear, resulting in dry, cracked, and scaly skin. In hot, sunny climates, wearing sandals can often worsen the problem. 

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To prevent such foot skin issues, all you need to do is apply moisturizers to them. They can come in different lotions, creams, and foot oils. Ideally, you should skip the area between your toes. And always remember to massage your feet while rubbing the products to help circulate blood. 

Another option is to keep the foot moisturizers overnight to better absorb the ingredients. You can leave them on and wear socks the rest of the night, so you can have softer, moisturized feet in the morning. 



You should treat your feet the way you treat your face. It doesn’t have to be expensive to have pretty feet. Performing the tips and following the suggestions above can go a long way for you.

Remember to treat your foot issues early, wear the correct shoe size, wash your feet every day, and take a walk regularly. Don’t forget to moisturize your feet too. All these tips will lead to healthy feet in the long run. 


Dr. Amanda
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