6 Effective Yoga Asanas To Reduce Hair Fall

Last Updated on November 24th, 2020

Ever since we were child our parents, especially our grandparents took extra care for our hair and skin. I remember getting a hot coconut oil massage from my granny almost every alternate day. Surprisingly, our hair was the most well-maintained thing back then. even after playing in mud for hours and rolling in the school ground grasses never made our hair what pollution and lack of diet does today! Ever wondered why?

Why Bollywood movies like ‘Bala’ and ‘Ujada Chaman’, gave a strong message that we all ignored in due course of time?

Why hair loss was considered funny at first place and then a matter of low self-confidence at the latter?

We all will have a lot of these questions when we are on the other side of the table!

And if you think only good hair oil and avoiding pollution can make things better, then my friend you are not right!

Hair loss problem

No doubt, pollution and hair products play an important role in deciding your hair quality, but your daily exercises, diet and your mental health decides it too. In fact, a major portion of hair loss, root cause is taken by, mental health and poor diet.


People never consider mental illness as a part of their body issues, like hair loss, wrinkles, dark circles. But mental illness has a major contribution in making you look like 40 when you are just 23! Believe me, a happy mind and heart can make you look 10 times younger, happier, and healthy.

Common Reasons of Hair Fall Issues And Hair Fall Solutions

In this article further I will discuss 6-7 yoga that will not only help you prevent Hair Loss but will also help in overcoming lot many health issues that comes with it like insomnia, sinus, depression too.


Yoga so far has been considered the best medicines for all hair fall problems. No matter how old or young are you, trying things out naturally gives the best result in the long run.


Along with the asana’s for Hair fall problems, there will be few tips on diet and natural oils that can be applied in due course with these asana’s. To find out about those you can check this article here :- 

Reasons, Causes, Effective Methods to Treat Hair Fall Issues



If this 6-7 asana’s help you prevent hair loss even by 10% after the end of a month, please let us know on the comment section so that we can help our further reader with more effective ways. You can also comment down your natural ways you did to prevent hair fall.

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Along with the explanation below, we also have a video shared at the end, that will help you with the in-depth understanding of the same. Go through the article and then the video so that you do not miss the important notes that we have shared in the article. Video will help you understand the asana if in case you are confused with the method of doing the same.


prevent hair loss fast with simple solutions
prevent hair loss fast with simple solutions

Asana 1: Utthanasana- 

Though this asana look’s tough, initially, but with constant practice you will get it right.

The asana is pretty simple, all you have to do is

-place both the feet together in your yoga mat,

-raise your hand high up as much as you can,

-slowly bring down the hand towards your ankle

-try holding your ankle with both the hands,

-also make sure your head touched the legs when you are holding the legs.



Note: you can always loosen up your leg while bending down if it is causing a lot of strain in your calves.

Make sure to stay in that position of at-least 15 sec (keep breathing in this position for some time) and then come back to the original position.


This asana helps the blood flow throughout the body and reduces stress/fatigue and tiredness as well. With better blood flow and reduced stress, it prevent hair fall.


Asana 2: Sarvangasana- 

Though this asana looks pretty simple, but this isn’t. Make sure you watch a video or read the guidelines before taking this up.

To do this asana,

-lie down in your yoga mat,

-inhale and bring your both the legs slowly in the 90-degree position from the mat

– try to give your lower body support by placing both the hand near the upper hip region and let the hand push being the leg in the upright position.

-when you feel comfortable in this position, take 2-3 long breaths and then slowly come back to the original position.


Note: Don’t make the body bend beyond your stamina, this might give a bad jerk or spinal injury. Always take your time to get accustomed to the asana and then do it for a couple of times more.


Usually, people do this asana in a set of 5 for 3 times, but here it totally depends upon the body and the duration you are practicing yoga from. If you are in a beginner’s level, try doing only 1 set for initial few weeks. Gradually you can increase the number of sets from 1 to 3.

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Asana 3: Vajra Asana- 

This asana can be the most basic asana which doesn’t require any time frame. Which means you can take this asana at any point of the day even right after the meals.

To do this asana-

-Sit on the mat with legs towards the front

-Bring on leg close to the hip and sit on it

-Gradually bring the second leg close to the hip and now give the entire weight to the hip where it is supported by the leg

-Place your hand on your thighs

-Keep breathing in a steady rhythm for 2-3 mins


Do this asana after your meals which will help in reducing stomach gas, digestion issues, and also urinary problems caused.


Asana 4: Pavanmukthasana- 

This asana is very useful for our everyday life too, because if you are the one who has a lot of lower back pain, this asana helps in easing it down. Also helps in reducing belly fat.

To do this asana-

  • Lie down on the mat, keeping your face towards the roof,
  • Bring your right leg, in front of your chest and hold your leg in that position with both the arms,
  • Try bringing your body close to your knees.
  • Stay in that posture for a while and slowly release your hand and leg to bring it back to rest
  • Do the same process for left leg.

Note: You can also do this exercise with both the legs together, if, at any time it gets difficult you can always switch to one leg at a time asana.

Take this exercise in a set of 2 with 5 in each set.


Asana 5: Adho Mukha Svanasana- 

This asana is very helpful in improving the blood circulation through the body and also enables fresh blood flow into the head region.


To do this asana-

  • Lie down on the mat letting your abdomen touch the ground,
  • Slowly, try to come up, leaving your entire body weight to your hands,
  • Make sure you are inhaling and exhaling while coming up,
  • Then give your body a thrust and push your abdomen upwards and stand on your four’s in a V shape.
  • Your abdomen muscles have to be contracted between your thighs,
  • You head to be a little above the ground and almost near to the elbow region,
  • Stay in that position for 1 long minute and again bring down your abdomen towards the the ground and stay in that position for 30 sec more
  • Do this set for at least 3-5 times in your session.



Asana 6: Uttanpadasana – 

A very useful asana not just for preventing hair loss but also for strengthening and toning hip, lower back and leg calves’ regions.

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To do this asana-

  • Lie down on the mat, relax for 10-15 seconds and place your arms straight neat to your hips.
  • Raise your both the legs slowing, (this will give a thrust to the lower abdomen region), continue inhaling and exhaling
  • Bring the leg to an exact 90-degree position from the body.
  • Stay in this position for at least 20 seconds before bringing back the body at rest.

Note: Though this asana looks simple but initially this asana will take a lot of time to get into the 90-degree posture. Make sure you don’t give up on asanas. Do not take support from your hand.

Do this asana for about 8-10 times in a gap of 10 seconds each.

How to Grow Longer Hair Faster, Best Ways for Long Hair

No matter how many asanas or exercise we do, sometimes the core reason of hair loss lies in our unhealthy lifestyle and negligence. Try living a healthy life, that will not just prevent hair loss but many more problem we are unaware of. Lastly, happiness is the best medicine and exercise that any doctor or mentor will suggest. The happier you are, more it reflects in your hair and skin.


We are starting this fitness mantra- Keep fit. Eat Healthy. Be happy.

Do write us when these asanas help you to prevent hair loss and share what other problems you face that needs our expert suggestions and guide.





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