6 Ways To Deal With Fear Of Failure During Recovery

Last Updated on July 12th, 2020

Fear will always be our greatest enemy. It becomes a blindfold that stops us from achieving our full potential in life by shutting our eyes in front of all sorts of opportunities, or in other cases, by pushing us towards dangerous situations that could have regrettable effects on our lives. Learning how to deal with our fears is essential to move on in life throughout all the challenges we might face during our time here. In some situations, these challenges will prove much harder to overcome than others. Dealing with addiction myself, for example, I learned that fear, specifically fear of failure can become stronger and stronger by the minute if we don’t put it under control. The sooner the better. Letting the fear of failure gain control over our lives during such a crucial moment will not only ensure we won’t succeed, but it will also destroy whatever we have achieved, big or small, everything can be destroyed by fear.


Here are some tips on how to deal with the fear of failure during rehab:

Stop telling yourself you “can’t”

The power of fear lies basically in that we start finding reasons not to do what we have to do or should do. During rehabilitation, it will try to convince us that we just can’t achieve what we want. That everything is lost and that we will never make it. This is all a lie. We all can make it. It is only fear that’s telling us we can’t. Going through recovery doesn’t necessarily mean we will succeed and complete the program in one sit the first time we try. It’s a long and hard process we need to dedicate our whole life to. If we fail it only means that we’re humans, nothing else. Failure doesn’t mean it’s all over, it only means we have to try again. Fear of failing will only strengthen our limitations which lead to not giving our 100%, which then will be a self-fulfilling prophecy.

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failure is nothing but a new learning
failure is nothing but a new learning

Failure doesn’t mean it’s over

The worst that could happen to us is not failing at something, it’s never even trying. Some of the greatest people on earth have failed at least once at something. It’s what will give a complete sense of achievement once we finally succeed. It’s what will show us and won’t let us forget the path we’ve been through. Viewing failure in a more positive light will not only make things much easier for us, but it will also prepare us to get up right after we fall without thinking of staying down for a single second.


Cut yourself some slack

No one is perfect. Though we could succeed at something the first time we try, we could also fail at the same thing for any amount of reasons. This doesn’t mean we weren’t meant to do it, or even attempt to do it, it just means that something went wrong and that’s just usually in life. There will be many times where failure will knock our door down and make itself at home, but the important thing is to know that is a guest that can come into our lives every now and then, it will never be the owner of our home or our life. The only known formula to achieve success at whatever we want is to try repeatedly as most successful people would say.


calm mind with meditation
calm mind with meditation

Practice meditation

Training our mind through meditation during rehab can make us stronger to face any sort of circumstances. From being able to fully appreciate and enjoy all the beautiful things in life no matter how small they are, to learn how to deal with the hardest of times without breaking down or falling into relapse. Meditation teaches our minds to be in control of everything within. Mood, thoughts, emotions, choices, we become aware of our own existence by knowing how to manage what and how we feel about everything. When success comes in the picture, we will be fully acknowledging all the contributing factors that brought us there, including those times we failed. If we learn how to have a better outlook on life, the fear of failure will fade away allowing us to make better choices and always give our best. And, in the effect that we indeed fail at some point, we will welcome it like a new experience we can learn from to make our own success and the next attempt stronger, more stable and elaborated.

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let yourself free and successful
let yourself free and successful

Face your fears and live a day at a time

Stepping into the unknown can burst a million reasons in our minds why not to do something. But for an objective mind, that alone will have only been built by fear, and every decision made out of fear lacks a worthy value and could be even riskier than just jumping into the unknown. Rehabilitation can be scary because we’re afraid to fail, but by letting fear take over and not trying to do something about our life, we’re already failing. Try not to worry about the future, make amends with the past, and live only in the present. Step by step it will all become more doable and by the time you realize how far you’ve come, your pride will stomp over the fear you once had because you will see that nothing could ever come out of fear. Take action and move forward, there’s no rush in getting to the finish line as long as you just keep calm and carry on.

Learn to overcome Failure

Fear of failure is something that everybody can experience at some stage in life. It’s a natural sense of preservation that will try to keep us bounded within the limits of our comfort zone. But in the end, staying inside the comfort zone will only ensure that things remain the exact same as we know them. Do we really want that? While I dealt with my addiction, I spent many years fearing to fail recovery, thinking how pointless it’d be to even try if I was going to fail anyway. I thought there was no way out of it until one day I realized I wasn’t happy at all with my life and wanted it to either end or change. I thought ending it would be failing completely. It would’ve been like turning the movie off before it finishes, or stop the game before I even learn how to play. So I decided to change it, step by step, day by day, with the support and love of my family. As they say, if there’s a will, there’s a way.

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If you’d like to ask a question or would simply like to suggest any other ways we can deal with the fear of failure during recovery, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below.

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