6 Yoga Asanas For Treating Thyroid Problem


A disease that has taken a complete control over your body. And allowed you to stay on medicines for most of the life ahead. Do you think being on medicines for a longer time will be helpful? Or in any way healthy for your body in any manner. Any allopathy medicines can give justice to your disease only for a shorter period but in the long run, it is only creating a grave danger for your body. You must be thinking, what else can people do in thyroid? And even if you leave medicines then what’s next? The daily tiredness will soon take a toll on you.


Answer to all these questions is just one “Yoga”

Yoga has been proven medication that cures the overall disease of a human body. It is indeed as powerful as any allopathy. Taking up yoga and believing in it will not just help you overcome thyroid, but will also help you overcome stress, over-thinking and irritation, which usually is a common trait in all thyroid patients. Yoga can help you treat thyroid at home with minimum efforts and time.


We tend to do a lot of thing when we get new to a disease. Listening to old granny’s kitchen and herbs secrets to crazy YouTube videos on ‘how to control thyroid’, ‘what to eat and what not eat in thyroid’. We all somewhere got stuck with these knowledge and it never helped.

meditation and yoga by rachel brathen
meditation and yoga by rachel brathen

Why not try Yoga?

Yes! When you had tried 10 different things so far, then why not give a 11th shot for something that has an assured positive result.

In this article I will take you to 6-7 useful yoga poses that will help you control thyroid.

Treat Thyroid with yoga asanas that we have explained in detail below.


Poses will be useful for both Hyperthyroidism and Hyperthyroidism.

All the poses will have a neck as a core straining part, be sure of the exercise completely before taking this up. It is not necessary to take everything mentioned in one single session, if you are into yoga, or just a beginner, you can always take 2-3 poses from here and add them in your routine. Be easy with yourself, don’t make it too challenging for yourself initially.


Recommended to take Kapalbhati as a core ingredient before taking up anything in yoga.


Pose 1: Support-Shoulder stand

Shoulder stand is considered as the primary pose that is recommended to treat thyroid. Since it’s a reversal, it helps in blood stream to the organs in the chest area. This is accepted to positively affect the proficiency of the thyroid.

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To do this yoga pose:

  • Lie on the yoga mat, face towards the roof
  • Bring your both the hands near the hip region
  • Lie down in this position for 5-9 seconds
  • Bring your hands below your hip like a support
  • slowly try to bring your leg in a 90-degree posture
  • Use your hand to give your lower body a thrust to push the leg upwards
  • After giving the thrust stay in that position for 10 seconds
  • Come back to base but don’t bring your leg to rest
  • Continue doing the same exercise for 10 times to 15 times more before taking a break
  • Always remember to inhale while giving a thrust and exhaling while bringing the body back to rest


Note: We generally get engross with the exercise so much that we forget about the breathing and we care about is the number of times we have do and get rid of it. Please avoid doing this. Make sure you repeat in your mind in counts that you have breathe at certain point and exhale after a certain step. Not breathing might lead to a minor chest pain.


Pose 2: Camel Pose

A very easy pose that it will hardly take you 2 mins to complete your entire set, but technically a bit tougher. The neck extension here plays a vital role in simulating the thyroid gland. Hence the better the neck extension, better it gets to control thyroid.


To do this yoga pose:

  • Sit on your knees on a yoga mat
  • Keep a little distance between both the legs
  • Place both the hands on your waist
  • Now, try to bend your upper body towards your back.
  • There will be a slight strain on your waist and neck region,
  • After the body is bended backwards, stay there for 2-3 seconds and
  • Then come to normal posture
  • Take easy if your beginner but slowly try to push yourself in 3-4 sessions
  • Do this for at least 20 times


Pose 3: Boat Pose


boat pose navasana
boat pose navasana

Boat pose yoga is considered to have a strong positive effect to control thyroid, and that is only because of its neck posture.


To do this yoga pose:

  • Sit on the yoga mat, where your legs are extended in front
  • Bring your hands nears the hip region
  • Now slowly bend your leg to form a mountain like pose
  • To do this exercise you have to lift your both the leg upwards by creating a diagonal line with your leg,
  • Make sure the bend is minimum
  • Your hand will be straight in front of you
  • Don’t try to take support from your hand while lifting your legs up
  • This might take a couple of sessions to get it right if you are new, but don’t leave this exercise in halfway,
  • Try completing a set of this exercise I.e. minimum 5 times and maximum 20 times in one go.
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Pose 4: Cat-cow Pose


yoga cow pose by tara stiles fitness trainer
yoga cow pose by tara stiles fitness trainer

This yoga asana is very helpful to treat thyroid.

To do this yoga asana:

  • Sit on the mat where you’re both the hands and knees are on the ground –
  • There should be a considerable amount of space between your knee and hand
  • After coming to the posture, bring your middle part of the body upwards (without moving rest of the body part)
  • You face should be down when your body is upward
  • Make sure when the body is upward you inhale
  • And stay in that position for max 5 seconds and again bring it down,
  • While bringing it down you have kept your face upward, and exhale
  • You don’t have to take a break to do this yoga,
  • A rigorous set of 20-25 times will be best.


Note: All these exercises come with a solution where its treating thyroid from its root. Never hurry up things and take your time. My mentor always used to tell me “All is in our mind”, if we think we are sick, no matter how healthy our body is, soon it will behave like it’s sick. But when we keep on motivating our self to cure any disease or thought, we 90% succeed because of our will. The only suggestion I will give you is, while you take up any routine, make sure you do it with the will and you keep saying to yourself “I will get well with this exercise, this will surely work like magic”.


Pose 5: Fish Pose

This asana goes well with shoulder stand asana for control thyroid, this is yet again a very easy asana and can be taken in your routine as well.

fish pose matsyasana
fish pose matsyasana

To do this asana-

  • Lie on the yoga mat, in a normal sleeping pose
  • Bring your feet together
  • Also bring your hand near to your chest region, keeping intact to the ground,
  • Now with the help of your hand raise your neck and upper body region till you can and rise upwards,
  • Now bend your head and neck region downwards,
  • Then come back to top by lowering your abdomen region towards the ground.
  • Do this exercise for at least 15 times before taking any break.
  • This exercise doesn’t require any extra effort and time well with your routine for fighting thyroid.


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Pose 6: Cobra Pose

This asana is not very intense or rigorous and hence can be taken at the end where it helps the thyroid glands simulation and also help you getting a proper break after this session. You can always keep this asana as last thing in your routine.

yoga pose for back pain relief, cobra pose or bhujangasana
yoga pose for back pain relief, cobra pose or bhujangasana

To do this yoga asana:

  • Lie on the yoga mat with your belly touching the ground
  • Your feet should be close to each other
  • Place your hands on the mat just near to your face
  • Now, try to raise your upper back position with the help of your hands
  • While doing so you will get a slight strain on back (which is very useful)
  • Inhale while going upwards
  • Now try stretching your back as much as you can and
  • Then slowly bring down your body at rest.
  • Do this yoga asana for at least 20 times.

Note: this asana is very useful, but you can still take it slow if required. Remember, you don’t have to be harsh to yourself at any time but keep on challenging yourself as much as you can. Try raising each day with your set goals.


Lastly, I would just say, nothing is impossible if you have the will to defeat it. As long as you have your mental and body support you can do anything you want to.


Don’t forget the fitness mantra- Be healthy, Eat Healthy and Be happy!



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