7 Types of Squats Workout For Powerful and Toned Body

Last Updated on August 18th, 2020

No matter when and where you start your gym work-out plans, squats workout has always been the most common exercise that is recommended. Being the most common yet the best part about squats workout is, no matter whether you are a gym or yoga enthusiast, one can always include some basic squats exercise for toned body and mostly, for reducing lower belly fats.

Squats workout is considered as the most efficient “calories-burner” that helps cut body flabs from the lower body, so it can be practiced by both men and women.

The squat workout has various varieties, so you won’t need to get exhausted by doing likewise old activities.

squats exercises for fitness
squats exercises for fitness

You will be astonished at the various advantages of the types of squat workout and the particular muscles and muscle bunches that are affected when you perform it.

So, have you chosen to incorporate different types of squats for butts into your activity administration? Not yet? At that point here are a couple of more motivations to persuade you to squat, and squat low at that. Squat effects these four primary muscles. Squats exercises target these muscles:-quads, hamstrings, claves and glutes.


Squats workout can be really useful, and we don’t really need to hit gym or attend some extra classes to learn the techniques. Squats exercises have always been considered the simplest yet the most crucial workout technique.

body weight squats workout
body weight squats workout


  • Stronger Lower Body- The most basic advantage of practicing squats, but it is worth a special mention because squat techniques and variation works more efficiently than machine can ever do for leg extension and leg curls in specific for leg muscles training. Squats workout targets the lower body muscles including quads, hamstrings, claves and glutes that requires major strength. It also creates balance strength between left and right side of the body. Squats are one of the best exercises for butts.

·        Improves Core Muscles Strength-  When we do squats, it engaged the muscles right from top to bottom, which means the core is worked double-time- to prevent internal injury and also to maintain an upright posture made from workout. It also helps in building strong and toned muscles.

·        Burns Fat Faster- We know that muscles burn fat at a faster pace, so more muscles mean less fat. As, I said earlier squats has been considered as the fastest calorie burner exercise. Squats help you to get a lean and toned frame.

·        Lower Risk of Injury- Squats mostly works for the lower region of our body like hamstrings, gluteus and it thus helps to strengthen muscles from these areas. Squats here, works as a primary stabilizer and reduces the chances of injury while going through any physical activities.

·        Boosts Hormone Release- Different squats have different effect on body, but the overall motive remains the same, as squats acts as the exercise that stimulate the release of muscle-building hormones and growth hormones such as testosterone. The main scenario and the challenging weight behind the squat is to help to make the most out of anabolic hormonal benefits that ignites and help bulking up the body.

·        Enhances Flexibility- If one can perform all types of squats then it is assured that the flexibility of the body and muscles is in another level. Doing squats means allowing your body movement in full range motion, that means the more strengthening of the muscles. Plus, high flexibility also helps in reducing back pains, helps getting along with the daily chores of work, 9-5 office work a little less tedious and above all it improves sports performances.

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best way to do squats workout
best way to do squats workout


·         IMPROVES DIGESTION PROBLEM- Squats are a great way to enhance elimination. The squat exercise eases the flow of fluids in your body and enables the passing of waste through your bowels, so this is one way to stay regular.

·         BACK PAIN PROBLEM? TRY SQUATS– Other exercises can put a strain on your knees, ankles, and back, but performing squats do not have this effect. But you have to do it the right way, to prevent injuries.

  • DOESN’T REQUIRE EXPENSIVE GYM EQUIPMENTS– Well, thank god! The only thing that gives a person to push back from getting a fit and toned body is the fear of getting bank corrupt. But hey, we don’t need any of them to get a flat belly or tonned muscles.
  • WANT TO LOSE WEIGHT? SQUATS! Well, now this is something we all know, no matter how spontaneous or slow your workout routine is, but if it is helping you to burn your calories it is bound to make you feel fit. Weight loss is the major outcome of the squats exercise. So, if you are looking for fast and instant weight losing plans than, try some of the squats exercise.
  • IMPROVES BODY POSTURE- No matter how well trained you are, some things come with techniques and practise. Squats not only helps to maintain the body balance but also helps to maintain the body posture throughout.
  • GET A PERT ROUND BUTT- Well, we all have been waiting for this right! So yes, here it is. You also get a pert round butt, to die for.


pistol or gun squat
pistol or gun squat


  • Standard Squat:

Let us begin with the most standard exercise of squat, the standard squat is the fundamental exercise that works on leg muscles and aides in expanding the leg muscles mass through catalysing and anabolic effect. It also helps in keeping the body posture in the right place and enhances sports and athletic activities.  


normal squats exercise for beginners
normal squats exercise for beginners

To begin with, follow the basic steps mentioned:

Start in the standing position with your feet put hip-width separated, toes pointing forward, neck straight and abs locked in. Hold the arms straight before you, with palms looking down. Then gradually, twist your knees and let yourself down till the highest point of the thighs are parallel to the ground. Push the butt in reverse and stay in the situation for a couple of seconds and after that come back to the initial standing position.

Do this in a set of 3, each set of 30 times.


  • Gun Squat or Pistol Squat

The gun squat is viewed as a standout amongst the most troublesome types of squats varieties that are likewise an amazing lower body work out. It can be somewhat painful to take these types of squats routine, yet the outcomes are impressive regardless of the exertion one bears. They are the best exercise for solid, conditioned and athletic legs that are important for keeping up the symmetry of a strong abdominal area.

pistol squat position
pistol squat position


Begin with your feet set hip-width separated, raise one leg straight out before you and gradually hunch down till your butt is relatively touching your rear area. Presently, stand up without utilizing your lifted leg.

Do this in a set of 2, each set of 30 times.


  • Plié Squat

The plié squat is a barre-enlivened exercise for the lower body that tones the butt as well as the major back muscles so you can shake and risqué number with certainty. You can utilize a dumbbell in this squat to make it more serious.

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plie squat position
plie squat position


Begin in the standing position holding one dumbbell at either end with the two hands and your feet put somewhat more extensive than hip-width separated.

Keep your toes turned out around 45 degrees. Presently, lift your rear areas off the floor and twist your knees while adjusting on the chunks of your feet.

Drop your body down holding the back straight, gradually return up and bring down the foot rear areas.

Do this in a set of 5, each of 15 times.


  • Sumo Squat

Next in line is the sumo squat that is one of the executioner glute practices that likewise draws in the quadriceps, hamstrings, hip flexors and calves. The sumo squat puts more weight on the internal thigh adductors and enhances your adjust.

sumo squats position
sumo squats position


Remain with your feet set wide separated, toes pointed somewhat outside, and arms brought straight up before you. Drive your hips back and go to a hunching down position by twisting your knees. Hunch down till your thighs are in accordance with your knees. Return to the underlying position by pushing through the foot sole areas.

This exercise works wonders, I have specially included this in my daily workout plan and it actually helps you to get tonned skin plus makes your body flexible.

Take this workout in a set of 3, with each set of 15 times.


  • Dumbbell Squat

Dumbbell squats workout are one of the practical lower body practices that are viewed as the ideal squats exercise from multiple points of view. It focuses on the quads, glute muscles and hamstrings and consumes a generous number of additional calories. It additionally enhances adaptability and maintain a strategic distance from sports related wounds.

dumbell squats position
dumbell squats position


Remain with your feet put hip-width separated holding a couple of dumbbells so your palm confronted each other, resting the dumbbell heads on each shoulder. Presently, drive your hips back and twist down keeping your body as upright as could be expected under the circumstances. Hunch down till the thighs are parallel to the floor, sit tight for a couple of moments and then gradually bring yourself back to the beginning position.

Take this workout in a set of 3, with each set of 15 times


  • Barbell Squat

The barbell squat, otherwise called Olympic squat is one of the power-stuffed hamstring practices that likewise work the glutes, calves and lower back muscles. It not just aides in conditioning the muscles and consuming calories yet in addition helps in quality preparing and muscle building. It is best to play out this activity inside a squat rack for security purposes.

squats gym workout lower body
squats gym workout lower body


Set the barbell on a rack simply above shoulder level and venture under the bar, setting the bar on the back of the shoulders. Presently, hold the bar with the two arms, lift it off the rack and play out a squat by twisting the knees till the hamstrings are on the calves. As you have hunched down, breathe out; as you get up, increase your present stamina by pushing through the foot rear areas.

barbell squat position
barbell squat position


-Force your hips back and keep your weight on your foot sole areas.

-Force the bar in a way that you keep the weight specifically finished your foot rear areas.

-Try not to give the bar a chance to push forward or backward at any point of the time.

-Keep a check that your hips reach a point underneath, to the highest point of your knee (beneath parallel).

-Keep your weight on your foot rear areas and remain to full extension.

-Squat down gradually and afterward push up and marginally back on the bar.

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-Keep your middle erect and after that let your hips move in reverse a bit.

-When you stand up, keep pushing up and back until the point when you can stand erect.


Take this routine squat in a set of 2, each of 15-20 times.


  • Hack Squat

Hack squat is one of the practical activities for thighs that enhances the quality of the thighs and quadriceps alongside an absence of spinal pressure. This activity joins the advantages of deadlifts and squats.

hack squats position
hack squats position


Remain before a barbell with your feet set level on the floor and rear areas marginally raised on a section. Presently, hunch down and get the barbell from behind with and overhand hold and stand up which keeping your chest straight and back angled.


Take this as your routine with a set of 3, each consisting of repeating the same exercise 15 times.


  • Protection Band Squat

This is truly outstanding and most effortless protection band practices that helps in giving a shapely butt. The power connected by the band increment the trouble level of the squat exercise and makes it all the more difficult.

protection band squats position
protection band squats position


Circle a protection band around your legs, putting it simply under the knees.

Drive the knees out against the band to keep it stable and now let down to a squat till the thighs are parallel to the ground.

Presently, make one move to the side at this position and after that one stage to the back and afterward, interchange the development.

Do this in a set of 5, of 15 times repetition in each set.


  • Squat Jump

The squat bounce is a flexible plyometric practice that fabricates speed, quality, power and power improvement. It works the leg muscles harder as well as adds cardio advantages to your quality preparing.


squats jumps position
squats jumps position


Begin in a squat position with your thighs parallel to the floor and the hands set on the hips. Presently, hop up violently noticeable all around and arrive on your feet and crouch promptly and hop up once more. You can swing your arms for the force.

Take this for 3 sets, consisting of 15 times in each set.



There are many more types of squats exercise that can be a part of your lower body routine workout. Understand what suits your body the most and is delivering the most favourable results. Then follow them religiously and within few months, you will notice the change in your body.

If there is anything you want to share from your experience with squats workout, please write us down. 

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