7 Ways To Keep Your Skin Hair Glowing Through Spring

As the sun finally stays out long enough for you to enjoy an after-work stroll, you’re going to want to update your wardrobe and your skincare routine for spring. Winter is always harsh on skin, and as the seasons change, you’ll want to make a few adjustments to suit the warmer weather and longer days. Spring is the perfect time to start using azelaic acid 14 percent cream in your routine if you want clear, flawless skin. Keep reading to discover seven ways to keep your skin and hair glowing through spring.


Dermatologist Formulated Azelaic Acid 14% Cream

To combat dull and lifeless skin, you can add a dermatologist-formulated azelaic acid cream into your day and nighttime skincare routine for the spring. Azelaic acid occurs naturally in grains, but using a lab-engineered version means this active ingredient will be gentle on your skin.  A 14% azelaic acid formulation will help reveal your skin’s natural glow, but remember to use this product consistently and follow the directions to see the best results.

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glowing Skin Hair
glowing Skin Hair

Hair Growth Supplements

To boost your hair’s growth cycle and experience shiny and strong hair, try a hair growth supplement. It’s not always easy to get all the essential micronutrients for healthy hair into your daily diet. That’s why taking a supplement is so effective. Hair growth supplements often feature key ingredients such as collagen, saw palmetto, Vitamin B5, and biotin. 


Gentle Exfoliation Treatment

An exfoliation treatment is a great way to maintain glowing skin in the spring. Avoid using products on your face that include physical exfoliation agents such as sugar, salt, coffee, seeds, and more. These ingredients could tear your skin and cause breakouts. Opt for gentle products with fruit acids, lactic acid, and other chemical exfoliants.


10% Niacinamide Lotion

Niacinamide is a great product to use all year round, but you will definitely notice how helpful a 10% formulation is when you are getting ready for spring picnics and outdoor events. You might wonder which is better azelaic acid or niacinamide, but you can actually layer these products for an effective skincare routine. Niacinamide is a version of vitamin B3, and its main function is to help repair the skin’s natural moisture barrier so that your skin is stronger and able to bounce back from damage and dryness. 

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Skin Hair Glowing Through Spring
Skin Hair Glowing Through Spring

Skin-Renewing Actives

Skin-renewing actives such as retinoids and Vitamin C will help you achieve glowing skin in the spring. Both of these ingredients fight aging and help smooth wrinkles to give you flawless, glass-like skin.


Clean Makeup Brushes

Make sure to use clean makeup brushes in the springtime to avoid breakouts. You can even change out some of your old tools if you feel like they aren’t working as effectively as before.


Balanced Moisture Routine

Your spring moisturizing routine should be balanced to help you avoid becoming too oily or too dry. It’s best to really lay on the moisture at night to replenish your skin. But during the day, stick with a light gel moisturizer underneath your sunscreen.



Having great skin and hair depends on how you nurture and care for yourself. Start using hair supplements and activated skincare to reveal your natural glow today.

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