8 Best and Effective Natural Ways to Grow EyeLashes longer

Last Updated on December 21st, 2020

Naturally grown eyelashes have traditionally been an enviable part of woman’s beauty. Not all are blessed with beautiful eyelashes but surely everyone dreams to have them. Eyelashes lend a natural frame to our eyes. They act as a natural protection against dust & debris and thus keep the infections away. Moreover, thicker and longer eyelashes can give a dramatic look to our eyes, irrespective of their color and shape. This is the main reason why fake eyelashes and mascaras are so popular among women of all ages. But really, are they worthy substitutes to natural eyelashes and can we use them every day? Why to go for fake ones when we can grow eyelashes naturally.

I am sure we all are aware of the fact that their regular use can cause a lot of harm to our delicate eyes and can even affect our vision.

While some of us naturally have scanty growth of eyelashes, many others can suffer from thinning of eyelashes, which can be nightmarish. There are many factors like heredity, age, nutritional deficiency, hormonal changes and even some medical conditions that can result in falling of eyelashes. Moreover frequent use of harmful cosmetics, application of toxic glues to add false extensions and rubbing the eyes callously can also weaken our lashes, which consequently make them fall.

best ways to grow eyelashes longer
best ways to grow eyelashes longer

Falling and growing back of eyelashes is a natural cycle. There are natural ways through which, one can enhance this process and grow eyelashes a bit faster. Unless there are serious medical issues these natural ways are very effective to get thicker, luscious and longer eyelashes.


Here are 8 natural ways to grow eyelashes



We all know the benefits of oiling for hair growth and they hold true to grow eyelashes too. All you need to do is apply these oils on your lashes with the help of an old mascara wand or just by using your fingertips. Allow it to work overnight, and rinse off in the morning. Different oils work for different people. Here I have listed a few of them for you:

  1. Olive Oil:

Hair thickening properties of olive oil are a well-known. The vitamin E content and oleic acid of olive oil, nourishes the lashes and help them to grow quicker and stronger. Olive oil also helps in darkening the lashes which make them appear voluminous. Thus using olive oil on your eyelashes will make them denser, darker and stronger.

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olives for healthy you
olives for healthy you
  1. Castor oil:

Your mom and grand mom must have told you numerous times to use castor oil for fluttering eyelashes and they are so right. Castor oil is rich in vitamin E, minerals, proteins, fatty acids and antibacterial & anti-inflammatory properties. It can penetrate deep into the roots of eyelashes and nourishes them from within. It’s moisturizing and healing properties are added advantages. Regular use of castor oil, therefore, will give you stronger, voluminous and longer eyelashes.


  1. Coconut oil:

Coconut oil is famous for its richness of essential nutrients and vitamins. Using it on your eyelashes makes them longer, softer and shinier. Coconut oil penetrates to the follicles of eyelashes and helps to grow eyelashes faster. It is also good for the skin area around the eyes for its soothing properties

coconut oil benefits and Mct oil
coconut oil benefits and Mct oil


  1. Almond oil:

The antioxidants and vitamin E of almond oil makes it the perfect choice for eyelash growth. It stimulates the quicker growth of lashes by nourishing them from their roots.



Massaging your eyelids with essential oil can also give a boost to eyelash growth. You can use any of the essential oils to massage your eyelids.

massage the eye lids for thicker eye lashes
massage the eye lids for thicker eye lashes

Just 5-10 minutes of massaging every day can ensure healthy growth of lashes. It increases the blood circulation and helps in deep penetration of various essential nutrients to the follicles of eyelashes. Massage gently in circular motions, going from the roots to the ends, and see the wonders it does to your lashes.

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A balanced and healthy diet can alleviate almost all your fitness & beauty concerns and thinning eyelashes are no exception.

beautiful eye lashes , grow naturally
beautiful eye lashes , grow naturally

Plenty of proteins and healthy fats can ensure the growth of fuller and stronger eyelashes. So include eggs, fish, lean meat, sprouts, wholegrain and a lot of dairy products into your diet. Munching on almonds, walnuts, sunflower seeds, and using healthy oils for cooking like olive oils will provide you essential fats which help to grow eyelashes. Green leafy vegetables (broccoli, lettuce, beans, etc) and Fruits like apples, guavas, avocados, berries and citrus fruits can provide nourishing vitamins and nutrients that help in eyelashes growth.



The health benefits of green tea are known to all. But do you know that a cup of green tea can help you grow eyelashes. Yes that’s true.

health benefits of green tea
health benefits of green tea

The caffeine content in green tea maintains as well as stimulates the growth of eyelashes. Soak some green tea leaves in a cup of boiling water. Allow it to cool down, better if you can leave it overnight. Dip two cotton wool balls in this green tea, and keep them on your eyelids for 15-20 minutes and then wash your face with cold water. You can store the leftover green tea in an airtight container and use it for another 2-3 days several times as per your convenience.



This one is an easy and cheap home remedy for increasing the length and thickness of eyelashes. Apply a pure petroleum jelly on your lashes using your fingers. Leave it overnight and wash off in the morning.



These are rich in essential vitamins and nutrients like vitamin B, vitamin C, folic acid, etc., which are not only beneficial for the overall health of the eyelashes, but can also promote their quicker growth.

lemon peels for thicker eyelashes
lemon peels for thicker eyelashes

Cut lemon peels in small pieces and soak them in olive oil or castor oil for a few days. Now simply apply this homemade infuse oil onto your lashes before going to bed every night to get the desired results.

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  The ever reliable Aloe vera gel is another magic ingredient which can come to your rescue if you are dealing with falling or scanty eyelashes.

aloe vera for growing beautiful eyelashes
aloe vera for growing beautiful eyelashes

Take an old mascara wand and use it to apply some fresh Aloe vera gel on your lashes before going to bed every night. The nourishing vitamins and nutrients of Aloe vera will make your eyelashes stronger and will help to make them thicker and longer over a period of time.

Take proper care of your eyelashes. Limit the usage of harmful mascaras, heating curlers and toxic glues. Invest in good quality cosmetics and be conscious of their expiry dates.

It must be noted that the time span in which these home remedies will bear your desired results can vary from few weeks to few months. Also, different remedies work differently for different individuals. So try as many of them to find out which one works best for you and let us know

Happy living!!


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