8 Activities or Creative Skills You can Develop While In Lockdown

Last Updated on August 18th, 2020

Being locked down in your own house has been the most frustrating thing ever in our lives. Well, that’s not entirely true if you are doing something new every day. Think of each day as an opportunity to learn new things and to grow in life.

Either you can sit idle for hours doing nothing productive, just watching TV and lying down on bed/sofa or you can work on your skills to make your life better. Choice is yours to make but let us do our bit by suggesting you few activities which we find engaging and some creative skills that might help you to make your day enjoyable as well as fruitful.


Lets list out some Easy Creative Skills or Ideas to use

  1. Learn a New Language:

We all have thought of learning a language different from our mother tongue at some point of time in our lives. But we couldn’t, may be because of lack of time or lack of motivation. And if time was the issue in your case and you were busy with some other important stuff then, you will never get a better chance to do it and add that your skill sets.

There are so many apps available these days which can help you in learning any language of your choice within few weeks. You just have to be regular and use it in your daily life. These apps are interactive as well, you can experience the conversation in any foreign language. So lets add this in our list of creative skills.


  1. Coding or Building Online Business:

Apart from doing your Office or business work from home thing effectively, you can also do some learning stuff as well. If you are into technology, then you can make this lockdown really useful for you. The speed which we are growing in terms of technology, we have so many things to learn. Develop your coding skills in new language (tutorial for almost all the coding languages are available on google) or improve the existing ones to make your code more efficient. Artificial intelligence is the hot topic which you can pick.

Now that you are saving commute time to your offices or institutions, you can use it in learning ABC of artificial intelligence, machine learning and everything else that makes your blood flow even faster. Learning these things will keep you in market for a long time.

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workout and fitness along with business
workout and fitness along with business

Or you can start a Blog of your own. This is not exactly creative skills if you hire a developer, so you better do it on your own. Do you always wanted to be a blogger or writer? Then you can start with this now. Or you can start your online business. You can start with website development for your business online. Everything is going online and now it is time you start thinking of taking your business online as well.


  1. Put your Feet to Dance :

What can be the better way to enjoy this time when you have nowhere to go? Dance will distract you from all the problems and take you to a fun world. It’s time to visit all the dance videos you have saved on your Instagram/Facebook accounts over the months or years and get your body moving.

Want to learn a new dance from? Thanks to technology, that’s so much simple now, you just have to google what form you want to learn, and you will see multiple tutorials which you can watch. If you are not a fan of dancing, then you can start with a simple freestyle dance tutorial available on YouTube. Give it a week and see if you like it.

zumba workout fitness dance routine
zumba workout fitness dance routine

You can enjoy it with your family or alone during your breaks from work. Well, we know working from home can be really frustrating. So, take little breaks to practice a new hobby of yours.


  1. Reading Something New:

I know few people who don’t like to read. If you are one of them then this is the best time for you to try your hands at this. Ask your friends or family for a few good books and start with may be the thinnest one. if you pick a heavy book in the starting, it will definitely be boring (if you are not a regular reader). So, go for smaller ones. Don’t try to read it in one go, that never works. Take it slowly! Try to understand as much as you can, to see things (if you are reading some fiction) and to be there.

reading new things
reading new things

Don’t read it like a textbook from your childhood. Reading books will make you calm and open you up to a completely new zone of thoughts that you never even knew existed. You will be much more perspective than ever before. Try reading books on different genres and from different authors.

You can choose to read any mythological Book, Any inspirational book, personality development books or Novels. Books are true friends and they share the knowledge which is worth more than money. Reading books will surely help you find out many other new creative skills as well.


  1. Cooking Contest:

Can we count cooking in creative skills ? I think we can. I guess all of us are working on this. With so much of time at home, we are bound to try new things, and nothing can be better than experimenting in our favorite area – food! I have seen so many Instagram cooking stories and posts from people who I think never cooked in their lives (not counting tea and Maggi of course, that we all have done. Right?) People are trying different desserts and drinks.

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You should also keep in mind, not to cook too much of these junk foods that can spoil your health during the lockdown period.

5 Types of Food to Avoid During Lockdown Period


If you are not into cooking, then also give this a try for fun. You can search many online cooking videos that are funny and enjoyable and will surely lure you to have fun with cooking. That will definitely motivate you to start it. It’s not just to pass your time in this lockdown but will help you in future as well.

Play Cooking games with your friends. Challenge them to cook something and take up their challenge. This sounds fun, isn’t it. Go and start the Cooking Contest now and have something healthy to eat.


  1. Arts and Crafts:

This is more of a creative idea. There are so many things around us which we don’t use but are not throwing them away. You can use this time to turn them into something useful and beautiful. You can find interesting ideas on YouTube for doing this and there are so many social media accounts also which focus on such things only.

creative ideas or skills to develop in lockdown
creative ideas or skills to develop in lockdown

Avoid going out of house to buy anything new and make use of products which are available. You can try painting if you have colors available. Paint different objects rather painting on a canvas or sheets. Objects which you painted yourself will motivate you to do it more often and it will make your life and home both colorful.


  1. Makeup or Grooming:

Just like clothes we see new trends in makeup every day, from highlighted cheeks to winged eyeliner, there is so much new to learn about. You can always find areas where you are not perfect yet and now is the time to work on those little imperfections. Who doesn’t want to look flawless like an on-camera star? We realize our shortcomings when we are getting ready for some important event, but nothing can be done then.

amazing home made face packs for pimples

Now is the time to do and make best use of your time at home to improve your makeup skills so that you don’t have to regret later or ask for somebody’s help. And again, you can find tutorials on YouTube or any social media platform for this. There are so many celebrities who share their personal favorite go to looks and the brands they use, you can try and see if that suits you. Try out new ways to groom yourself at home with the most natural ways. Try out different face masks for glowing skin, detox drinks for your body and many other things that can be part of your routine now, another creative skills to add to your list.

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  1. Working Out and Yoga Meditation:

This is not just a creative skills but a must do thing nowadays. If you are not used to working out on daily basis then you should start it now. With almost zero physical activity, exercising for 45-60 minutes should be there in your daily routine to keep you healthy and going. Start with shorter time -period and with lighter exercises and then move further.

small dog to plank power yoga
small dog to plank power yoga

Yoga and workout will help you maintain immunity to fight against these viruses and common health issues around. Keep your family safe and healthy by asking them to do some simple yoga daily. Anulom-Vilom or Pranayama are the Yoga techniques that help you improve immunity and keep you physically as well as mentally healthy.

If you don’t know much about Yoga or any other exercise, then you can always refer our articles. Our articles have details about what to do, how to do and how will it help you.

Start some meditation exercise for internal peace that is very much required during these periods of time.


Let us know if you have any more suggestions  on creative skills or activities which can we can add here.

Stay home! Stay positive!

Dr. Amanda
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