8 Good Reasons why 8 Hour Sleep Necessary for Healthy Body

Last Updated on December 18th, 2020

Since a child is born he is into sleep mode, like out of 24 hours he will sleep for 16-20 hours. And as slowly and steadily he grows the sleep time starts reducing, and finally a stage comes when teen age ends and we are like a grown up adult, after that point an ideal time for sleep should become 7-9 hours. But, you all ask yourself is it? Are you really sleeping enough? Are you sleeping for 7-9 hours per day? I know the answer..!!

This is not just you, more that 59% of world in not sleeping for what we say an ideal time. Everybody and everything needs our time; friends, family, fun, work, socializing. Even I use to consider the sleeping time as an extra buffer that I can utilize in other stuffs. But, once I understood the importance of a good and sound sleep, I never ever again sacrificed my sleep for anything in the world because for me my health is wealth.


sleep well stay well
sleep well stay well

Let us learn more about it

Have you ever wondered why do we even sleep? Like we should be awake 24 hours so that we can enjoy more, work more, earn more. But NO..!! It is not like that; nature has made man in such a way that we tend to sleep as the day ends because sleep is also as important to our body as breathing or eating food.

Just like if you use a machine non-stop without stopping for regular intervals in between, its parts will get rough, rubbed and will soon blast or stop functioning, similar is our body, it too needs rest in form of sleep, where you are doing nothing but just resting. While we are sleeping a number of hormonal changes, information exchange and repairmen of tissues and muscles take place. To understand better the benefits of sleeping just go through the below mentioned points:

  1. Prevents Heart Attacks:

It has been found that heart attacks are mostly noticed in early morning hours that is directly linked to the sleep and sleeping habits. Lack of sleep is known to show a negative impact on blood pressure and cholesterol levels, which are directly related to situations like heart attack and strokes. While a good night sleep has always taken care of both blood pressure and cholesterol levels even if you are on medication or not. This is because if you sleep for 7-9 hours, heart works at its optimum and the problems like tension, anxiety, blood pressure are all resolved by heart on its own. Hence, those who take a good, sound sleep daily are at a 51% lesser risk of getting heart attacks and strokes.

  1. Helps Lose Weight:

If you want to lose weight or you are currently on a weight loss program then let me add a very useful tip to your program. Just make sure that you are sleeping at least 8 hours each day because studies have shown that those who sleep 8 hours regularly are less prone to obesity and lose weight easily when compared to those who have inadequate sleep time. This is because the lack of sleep imbalances the hormones in body. Hormones including leptin and ghrelin that are responsible for appetite regulation are also affected by lack of sleep, thus the food cycle disrupts and you’ll tend to eat more than regular and hence your weight loss program can be affected adversely by inadequate sleep.

  1. Better Sex Life:

Sex and sleep?? Doesn’t sound like related to each other? But, the matter of fact is they are. The more rested you are, the better you’ll perform during sex. It has been found that couples and even singles who have had a proper sleep of around 8 hours regularly have better and more satisfied sex life than those who don’t. There are a number of reasons behind this.

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First is sleeping 8 hours gives you proper required rest, so you don’t feel lethargic in performing any physical activity including sex.

Secondly, it combats stress and tension, which are commonly found the cause of less interest in sex and third is that while we sleep our reproductive system finds the flaws in system, try and repair it and tries and fulfill any deficiency of any nutrient (if there), plus the blood flow is maximum during sleep to our genital organs which helps keep them healthy.

  1. Healthy Skin:

Sleep is as essential for your skin as water is for a plant. Regular and adequate sleeping habit can actually make you look more attractive and glowing. Studies have shown that those who sleep a proper 8-9 hours of sleep a day look more attractive and have healthier and disease free skin when compared to those who don’t follow any such proper sleep pattern.

Actually while you sleep our skin cells rejuvenate, nourish and reduces the melanin impact that is caused by exposure to sun. But, if you don’t sleep well, your skin won’t be able to replenish the nutrients it is lacking (even if available in body), it won’t be able to fight the bacteria that causes acne or several other diseases, the melanin produces won’t get back in cells and if it continues for longer duration then the complexion starts getting darker. And how can we forget dark circles, they’ll increase the area of coverage also.

  1. Maintains Immunity:

No, mere sleeping does not add any nutrient in body that helps strengthening immune system, but it helps body prevent the side effects of not sleeping well. Studies have shown that those who do not get adequate sleep are more prone to diseases like cold, cough, fever etc. because their immune system gets weaken in the absence of proper sleep.

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Actually what happens is protective antibodies that together make an immune system fights with bacteria, virus and disease causing foreign bodies throughout the day and during sleep our body produces more protective antibodies and heals the existing ones to fight against infections. Thus, mere eating healthy and practicing healthy is not enough if you are not sleeping well. Hence sleeping for at least 8 hours is mandatory if you want to stay healthy also.

health benefits of good sleep
health benefits of good sleep
  1. Minimizes Headaches:

Approximately 27% of the world population is suffering from the problem of headaches, may that be migraine or other chronic headache. And it has been found that for more than half of the cases, sleep deprivation is the reason. In initial stages, one doesn’t feel the side effect of inadequate sleep but slowly as it starts taking toll on our body, specially brain, it starts malfunctioning in some way, decreases eyesight, arteries starts getting weaker and then headaches.

Instead of taking medication, if all these patients start taking adequate sleep, more than half of them will no more get headaches. All I want to say is, proper sleep helps brain function well, which is directly linked to headaches and other brain related problems. So, in order to keep your brain function properly give it proper rest in form of sleep.

  1. Enhances Memorizing Power:

Most of you will be in the habit of cramming on the very last spot when exams are on the head, and this is quite normal, everybody does the same way, but not everybody gets same marks. This is because those who get good marks they take a good sleep before exam. And a good night’s sleep helps you memorize more and retain it for longer duration.

There are several stages of sleep, and one of them is called REM, which helps in absorption of information that we have learned during day time. It also enhances the power to retrieve the information from memory (you might have sometime observed that you know something but you are not able to retrieve that information from memory, it is because of this only). Thus, sleeping well also enhances memory and the information retrieval process.

  1. Fights Depression:

It all starts from the mind and can end in mind only. The more stressed you feel, the more tensions you have, the more are the chances that you will have to deal with a stage called depression. In fact studies have also found that those who sleep less than 8 hours are at 37% more risk of dealing with depression. This is because the less you’ll sleep, the more stressed out you will feel and less you will be able to deal with tensions and in presence of both these a stage comes when person gets depressed. But, adequate sleep can help you out in this situation.

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Better sleep means more rested you’ll be and more rested means you’ll automatically stay calm in situations where you usually won’t. Plus, a proper sleep also increases the blood supply to our organs and to almost whole body, that helps de-stress the body and the tensions that we had we will almost overcome them and hence chances are less that you will ever get into the stage of depression.


Wow..!! Isn’t it amazing, how a normal sleep can do wonders with our health and you never knew. So, in order to get all these benefits all you need to do is nothing new, just do what you do regularly but in a better and proper way – get an adequate sleep of 7-9 hours. That’s it and see yourself getting healthier from being just healthy.

If you feel you have had got benefitted with adequate sleep then do share your views, and share this information as much as you can.


Practice Healthy…!! Stay Healthy…!!

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