8 Things Most People Don’t Know About CBD in Canada

Despite the immense popularity of CBD in Canada, there are still many things that Canadians don’t know about it. And the unfortunate thing is that this also creates many misconceptions about CBD that prevent some people from trying it. 

From CBD’s medical benefits to its soothing effects, there are so many things we should know about this all-natural compound. If you are planning to try CBD for the first time or perhaps simply want to know more about it, there are eight things that you should know about. 


1. CBD is not psychoactive

Some people still think that CBD and THC are the same things, but obviously, they are completely different compounds. CBD or cannabidiol is commonly found in hemp plants. It doesn’t contain any psychoactive properties that could make you high. THC, on the other hand, contains psychoactive properties, and enough of it could give you a buzz.

In Canada, most CBD products come from hemp plants, which contain less than 0.3% of THC. So simply put, you don’t have to worry about getting high. But if you really don’t want any THC in your product, you can try getting broad-spectrum or CBD isolate products.


2. Yes, CBD has side effects

Despite being relatively safe, you need to be aware of all the side effects that CBD has. Some side effects that you should know are dry mouth, low blood pressure, lightheadedness, increased or decreased appetite, and drowsiness. And there is also a severe side effect that could cause liver injury. 


3. CBD isn’t used only for medical purposes

It is without a doubt that many people are using CBD for medical purposes. Many cancer patients are using CBD to ease their pain and also to gain their appetite back. But, there are also many people who use CBD for recreational purposes. So these recreational purposes aren’t exclusive in THC. For instance, CBD can be used to increase the mood of the user. Plus, there are all kinds of fun and tasty CBD products such as vapes, gummies, and chocolates that you can try.

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hemp seed oil
hemp seed oil


4. CBD doesn’t make you sleepy

You may have heard about how CBD helps with pain and relieves pain, so your first assumption may be that it will also make you sleepy. However, that isn’t entirely correct. CBD, especially in smaller and moderate doses, could give you a boost of energy and focus. So you will feel calmer and more alert than before, the complete opposite of drowsiness.


5. High doses of CBD are better

The thing with CBD is that the effects could vary from person to person. A dosage that works for someone may not work for you. And if you just go blindly and take CBD in high doses expecting the best result, you may not get it. Even if you feel tempted to take high doses of CBD at once, you need to know it might be a waste of your purchase.

It’s always recommended starting with lower doses for at least a week and see how your body will react. Then, if you think you don’t get enough results, you can try higher doses. Usually, people with severe ailments need high doses to get the relief they need. But, for other people, lower doses of CBD are often enough.

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6. CBD is not addictive

This one is also one of the biggest concerns for many Canadians about CBD. Some people think CBD is addictive, and they are afraid they won’t be able to stop taking it in the future. But there is no reason for concern, as CBD is not addictive in the slightest. In fact, CBD may even help people with addiction problems under certain conditions.


CBD oil for anxiety
CBD oil for anxiety

7. Hemp seed oil and CBD oil are not the same

If you see hemp seed oil products, just know that they are not the same as CBD oil products. Although both come from hemp, they are by no means the same. CBD oil can be extracted from flowers, stalks, and leaves of hemp. On the other hand, hemp seed oil is made exclusively from the seeds of hemp plants. The seeds may be nutritious for the user, but they contain almost no CBD.


8. There are three types of CBD products

When purchasing CBD products, you may see some common terminologies such as Full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and CBD isolate. It’s important for all CBD users to remember what these terminologies mean. 

Full-spectrum means the product contains all the chemical compounds from the hemp plant, including CBD and THC. Broad-spectrum is similar to full-spectrum, but without the THC. While CBD isolate means the product contains only CBD.

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To make a wise purchase, it is important to remember all eight points in this article. By learning these eight points, I think you’ve covered some of the basics before you can try CBD for the first time. Always practice safe consumption and don’t forget to get the most benefit and fun out of your CBD product.

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