9 Best And Effective Yoga Poses To Increase Height

Last Updated on December 18th, 2020

Are you dejected to see your short height and eager to increase it? Practice Yoga for increasing height and promoting your health wellness. Short heights make people feel conscious about their appearance and create a negative impact on the confidence level. There are many ways to increase height and you can chose which way you want to go. Promoting height or boosting height at an early age is easy compared to mid age.

Do you feel it is challenging to increase height? People always complain about their heights and are anxious to improve it. If you think it is tough to increase your height, then you won’t feel motivated to practice some simple Yoga postures. 

However, Asanas give ways to increase height and help them to achieve the right physique in healthy and organic methods. Different Yoga Asana also promote holistic well-being and boost overall body development. Human height depends on a lot of factors, including generic and non-generic elements. In this article, we want to elaborate on the best and effective postures of Yoga for increasing height and releasing the growth hormone.  


How Can Yoga Increase Height?

yoga asana and poses to increase height
yoga asana and poses to increase height

Every woman and man wants a tall figure to look attractive, and Yoga offers ways to increase height with available weight loss methods. Though it is not that easy to lose weight after a certain age, simultaneously, human weight and height are controlled by genetics, exercise and age.

Commercial products claim to boost your height but don’t believe in those things. Start focusing on Yoga for increasing height and make yourself look taller to possess a good personality. 

Yoga eliminates stress and stimulates the body to generate growth hormones with practical ways to increase height. It encourages the growth of cells by detoxifying the body for becoming taller. According to the Journal Plos Genetics research papers, proper height is not only restricted to physical advantages but also related to a positive outlook towards life and enhances the IQ. Considering so many perspectives on good height and how it is important, let’s discuss some of the ways to increase height in the form of simple Yoga poses. 


Here are Different Types of Yoga to Increase Height:

Surya Namaskar:

Since ancient times, this Yoga is practiced, and it is all about saluting the divinity of the sun. It comprises 12 different forms of effective Yoga to increase the height and whole body workout. Traditionally, it is practiced at dawn in front of the rising sun in a cyclical manner. The different postures in this Yoga helps to loosen up the joints and muscles. You can quickly increase your height in a short period and improve spinal flexibility.

surya namaskara yoga pose
surya namaskara yoga pose

Methods to practice this Yoga for effective results:

i) Pranamasana: You have to stand straight; bring your hands together and keep it in a prayer position in front of your chest.

ii) Hasta Uttanasana: While relaxing the neck, you have to keep your legs straight, and stretch your arm and breathe in. 

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iii) Padahastasana: Press your palms against the floor with the fingertips, along with that, you have to keep breathing in and out while bending forward. 

iv) Ashwa Sanchalanasana: You have to rest the knee on the floor while lowering your chest and forehead to exhale the breathing process. 

v) Parvatasana: You have to bring the right leg back to place your whole weight on your hands and toes. 

sun salutation or surya namaskara yoga
sun salutation or surya namaskara yoga

Surya Namaskar increases the blood circulation and strengthens your joints and muscles.



It is popularly known as Hand-to-Foot Pose or uttanasana and most effective Yoga postures for increasing height, and looking better. 

  • In this asana, you have to stand with your feet together to improvise the flexibility of your body. 
  • Lean down your upper part of the body to touch the lower part.
  • Keep your hands at the side.
  • Inhale and raise your both hands above the head.
  • While exhaling, you have to bend forward with your waist and bring both hands down to touch the toes. 
  • You have to hold this posture for almost 30 seconds.
ardha uttanasana pose
ardha uttanasana pose

This asana would help to reduce your belly fat, improve the blood flow and offer relief from constipation



It is the center asana and consists of basic Yoga posture for gaining height. If you practice this asana regularly, you can control your breathing

yoga poses for increasing immunity
yoga poses for increasing immunity
  • Kick start this Yoga by sitting erect on the floor with your legs stretched out.
  • You have to cross both legs, then bend the left leg inside the right thigh. 
  • Similarly, bend the right leg inside the left thigh and relax the feet to make the outer edges rest comfortably on the floor. 
  • Balance your back so that the tailbone and public bone are at the equal distance from the floor. 
  • You can lay your hands on your lab, firm your shoulders, and elongate your tailbone. 
  • Start practicing Chin mudra in this posture, if you can do this for two hours and thirty minutes. Then, you have mastered this asana to calm down your mind and body.
  • Keep your spine straight and concentrate on inhaling and exhaling power.
  • Lower your knees to the ground and hold it for a while, at the same time, you have to exhale your breath to make your body relax.

This asana would relax your mind by stretching the knees and ankles, and at the end, it makes the spine stronger to elongate human height.



This asana is popularly known as wheel pose and extremely helpful to augment the human height. 

chakrasana or wheel pose
chakrasana or wheel pose
  • In this asana, you have to lie on your back with two hands at the side. 
  • Keep your feet close to the buttocks after, bending your knees.
  • Fold your arms from the elbows and bring them back next to the ears. 
  • Place the palms on the floor with fingers pointing towards the feet. 
  • While pressing the palm and feet against the floor, you have to breathe in and lift your shoulders and hip. 
  • Keep your elbows parallel to each other. Stretch your shoulders and thigh to make your body look similar to the arch.  
  • Lift your body by straightening your arms and take the support of your feet and palm. 
  • Slowly, you have to straighten your legs and try to hold this posture for approx 30 seconds. 
  • Bring your hands back to the normal position and release your body gently. 
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This asana would increase the elasticity of the spinal cord and enhanced reproductive functions for a healthy lifestyle. 



This asana also known as the mountain pose, is an easy one, for most people for increasing their height and they can start practicing this Yoga Posture from an early age.

tadasana or mountain yoga pose for back pain relief
tadasana or mountain yoga pose for back pain relief
  • In this Yoga, you have to lift your toes and stand erect. 
  • Keep your feet slightly apart and arms at the side. If your ankles are knocking, then you can separate your arms little. 
  • Place your palm facing the thigh. 
  • Stretch your arms in the upward direction while inhaling and place it parallel. 
  • Slowly raise your legs upward and stand on your toes and stretch your body upward.
  • Keep your arms upward while stretching your body and you can feel the stretch from your toes to the finger. 
  • Maintain this posture for a while and slowly breathe out.


It is one of the best yoga postures for increasing your height and extension generates pressure in the body and improves the posture. It makes the spinal cord stronger and enhances balancing. This asana would also benefit your digestive, nervous, respiratory systems better.


Parivrtta Trikonasana:

With this asana, you can increase your height after 30 years of age, and it is popularly known as reverse triangle pose. 

yoga asanas for weight loss, triangular pose, trikona asana
yoga asanas for weight loss, triangular pose, trikona asana
  • You have to stand with your legs apart and raise your hands- parallel with your body. 
  • Slowly bend towards the right direction and touch your toes with the left hand.
  • Simultaneously, you have to repeat the same method for the other side. 

It is one of the most comfortable Yoga for increasing height, and you can augment it within a short period. This Yoga posture expects good leg stretch and makes your hips and spine stronger. It would help to improve blood circulation, breathing, and cures back pain. 



This Yoga is also known as cobra pose, and it is the most popular Yoga for increasing height. 

Bhujangasana or cobra pose
Bhujangasana or cobra pose
  • In this asana, lie your body on the stomach and keep the toes flat while lying on the floor. 
  • Bring your legs close to each other, where your feet and heels would lightly together. 
  • You have to keep your hands under your shoulders and put your elbows parallel close to your torso.   
  • While breathing in, stretch the upper part of the body upwards while keeping the lower part intact. 
  • With the support of your hands, pull your torso above the floor.  
  • Keeping the head front and breathing properly would relieve your body from back problems. 

This asana works on strengthening the lower back and upper back muscles and is extremely effective for increasing the height. Don’t forget to practice this Yoga regularly to increase flexibility in your body and make yourself look taller. 

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yoga to increase height
yoga to increase height


This yoga is popularly known as tree pose, and it is the best option to increase your height. 

  • In this asana, you have to stand straight on the floor and keep your feet two inches above the floor. 
  • While breathing in, you have to fold your hands in the form of a prayer. 
  • Fold the right leg from the waist while breathing out and put the leg on the inner side of the right thigh. 
  • Simultaneously, you have to keep inhaling and exhaling and pull the abdominal muscles inside. 
  • Try to hold the posture as long as you are comfortable in that position.
  • Finally, breathe out and bring the arms down by your sides and put the right leg down.  

This asana would help to expand the spine upwards and also benefits in reducing the back pain



This asana is also called a cat pose and brings flexibility to your spine. 

cat pose yoga asana for best fitness body exercise
cat pose yoga asana for best fitness body exercise
  • In this asana, you have to stand on your fours to form a table on your back. 
  • Then you have to keep your arms perpendicular to the floor and place your hands on the floor under your shoulders. 
  • Keep your knees hip-width apart.
  • While inhaling, you have to raise your chin and tilt your head in the backward direction. 
  • Don’t forget to push your navel down to raise your tailbone. 
  • You have to hold this cat posture for a few seconds and take a deep breath.  
  • Drop your chin to your chest while breathing out and make an arch form of your back. 
  • You have to hold this posture for a few seconds, then go back to the tabletop position. 
  • Repeat the movements for five to six times. 


Your spinal cord gets extended in both forward and backward direction while doing this yoga posture. This asana strengthens the shoulders, wrist and improves digestion.    



Yoga postures stimulate your hormones, increase your height and improve your blood circulation. Many asanas make your spine stress free and reduce back pain. It would help if you practiced Yoga regularly, along with consuming a rich food diet to encourage a healthy lifestyle.  

Stay Healthy, Stay Safe! 

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