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We are a rapidly growing team of health and fitness bloggers and a Brand name in the Health and Fitness Industry. Team Medictips combine all forms of health and fitness solutions. We also take care of concerns pertaining to any form of health and fitness and provide remedies for the same. We help our readers deal with all sort of physical, mental and emotional health problems with the best possible solutions which are natural and homely.


Health and Fitness Introduction

Started the Idea with the motive to help people with simple home remedies and natural cure for common ailments. Keeping the same motive in mind, we have now advanced to more ways to help and share information in the form of videos, articles, infographics and self explanatory pictures.

Working behind this informative and advanced health and fitness sharing platform is a team of dedicated researchers and writers who excel in their field. We have been working in the domain of blogging and online sharing since 2010 and from then till now we have build multiple blogs and websites from scratch. We also share blogging experiences, technical and non-technical info, health and beauty tips and blogging tips on our first blog – ” quikrpost.com ” .


Our continuous efforts are to build a platform accessible to all, that provides free knowledge of how to achieve health and fitness in the most natural way. We have written multiple articles on various domains based on research and experience. 


Introduction to Team Medictips

Currently we are working with the 20 members team and looking into the technical and editorial aspects of the health and fitness website. We manage to find time to share health and fitness motivation words to encourage readers to attain a healthy and fit lifestyle on multiple social media channels like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Our readers are the backbone of this website and their motivational feedback drives our team to thrive for continuous improvements and perfection. It thus helps us achieving all the next level health and fitness milestones.

The Team – Editors, Authors, Technical experts and Researchers working hours every day behind MedicTips. They constantly study the work of top natural health activists, and keep writing special reports for MedicTips. The Team has written hundreds of articles and pages on how to obtain optimum wellness through natural health options. Currently Working in multiple domains, with the prior goal to promote health and fitness, we are giving our best to help society attain a healthy lifestyle and strive to gain fitness.

And we consider our readers also as team members whose regular reviews, feedbacks and regular attention helps us give our best to the Internet society.

Also we would like to thank our ex-teammates for their contribution to this website while they were part of it and we really admire thier passion and dedication towards the work. 


Our Team History

Medictips - health and fitness
Medictips – health and fitness

We are working on this blog since July 20th 2015 and have successfully made the life of many people really healthy and joyful. Many of our readers mail us about the benefits they had after following our health and fitness blogs and share with us their family ancient home remedies that help treat many illness.

Later we were accompanied by many more, who are now part of this health blog and either write for us or help us in the technical background.

Our team is more inclined towards writing and publishing solution based articles that can help fix health and fitness issues for people around the world. We not only talk about mental and physical fitness but also sexual fitness which many people feel hesitated to talk about. But these sexual health issues are a matter of concern as they may affect your life in multiple ways.

Now many others have also pitched into and we are leading the blog with a team of more than 20 people and all are health and fitness enthusiast.


Guest Blogging & Sponsored Posts

We Invite People who want to write down and share their health and fitness related knowledge on this health and fitness platform and help people lead a healthy and fitter lifestyle. Fulfilling this cause we have started the program of guest blogging where anyone who can contribute towards health is welcome to our website.

write for us , guest posting here - health and fitness
write for us , guest posting here – health and fitness


Click on the above image to reach out to the guest blogging or guest posting page. Alternatively you can Just email us your healthy thoughts @ medictips2015@gmail.com and we will do the rest of the things for you.

Best Guest blogging opportunity is here at medictips. We call out all the guest blogging enthusiasts and guest bloggers to contribute a piece of healthy note here on our guest posting platform and share with millions of readers all over the world. We are inviting all the health and fitness influencers to share a some insights of fitness and work with influencers here at medictips as a team to build a better guest posting platform.

Apart from guest posting, we also work on product reviews and sponsored posts where we work with people to reach millions of readers online and share their ideas and fitness product and help them create a healthy lifestyle. The Terms and conditions for product reviews and sponsored posts are shared over this link “Advertise, Product Reviews & Sponsored Posts“.

You can also reach us out for sponsored posts on the email at medictips2015@gmail.com

Benefits of doing it?

1) Sharing is Caring. We think that if you are going to share your thoughts, experiences, knowledge, it will definitely help you and others as well.

2) We would try our best to let the people know about your talent on health and fitness and expertise of blogging (if you would wish to do that)

3) We would be publishing the article with all credits on your name and of course we would share it on our social media handles as well.

4) What else you demand? We are ready to accept your conditions as long as we think it benefits our readers and yes it is not harsh or gives one-sided benefit to any party involved in this.

5) We would love to cater your linking benefits and provide you with great opportunities to lead in market.


5 Reasons why you should visit MedicTips.com (Health and Fitness)

  • Because Health and Fitness always comes First
  • You are missing on the Benefits of Nature – Best Cure lies here
  • Home Remedies are always better than Medicines
  • Prevention is better than cure, it is Time to follow
  • It does not cost you even a penny and gives you many benefits in return


Finally what do we get?


advantages of writing guest post
advantages of writing guest post

Why you should follow us and how can we guarantee that everything that we post here is genuine and not of any fake creation. Also the major concern that arose in the minds is “can these cause any harm or side effects also?”

Both are valid questions and we thing we cannot proceed any further until we make this sure that what we present on this blog is for the best of your health and ours too. Here is our answer to all your doubts and unwanted and unnecessary confusion.

safety certificate
safety certificate
  • We take each and every point after deep research and analysis from various online/offline medical journals, books, magazines and authentic websites that give us the better understanding of all the terms and trade we use on our blog.

    Medictips is “SAFE certified” and verified by sur.ly and you can find the safety logo here.

  • We do not give any medical advice or medical prescription; instead we tell what simple home-made remedies can do for you in the best possible way in the early stage of any pain or infection. Medicines can have long term bad effect on your body but natural ayurvedic medicines can never harm your body.


  • Medicines can have side effects but natural therapy or home remedies are best for your body and does not have side effects.


  • We also teach and generate knowledge about many common vaccines and infections that you should be aware of and should take necessary precautions and care in time of emergency. Medictips Team will give you the best health and fitness guide in terms of how you can stay fit with regular exercise and yogaWe give you the Health tips that helps you understand what you should do and what you should not in order to stay healthy and away from illness. These health tips also clears the facts and myth about many things.


  • We also share the latest health news, health ideas and advancements in the field of medicines and health that are changing the medical field.
    Articles on medictips will help you get insight of the lifestyle that is changing and how it is affecting our health and relationships. 
    We discuss about body health, fitness, beauty tips, yoga, smart health, sexual health, ayurvedic remedies, hygienic food and lifestyle.


If health is wealth than one must take good care of it.

We believe that from all that is discussed above it is clear that our ways or methods or presented posts cannot harm your health or anyone connected to you, since these are natural ways of combating illness of any kind; mental, physical, sexual or emotional.

If you still see any issue that you thing you want our attention towards it, please let us know at medictips2015@gmail.com


share - health and fitness ideas
share – health and fitness ideas


We are happy that you were able to trace this page of the website since this holds very informative views and thoughts.

You can start your health trip with this Best Health and Fitness Guide:- MHG

Or you can visit our home page any time you feel like to know more.

We are active on social banners like Facebook , Instagram and twitter and you can also catch us on YouTube.

For more info , get in touch over email




If you are interested, you can also check out our very popular ebooks which are absolutely free for you. They are not like any other boring ebook on health. 

There 3 Different Ebooks – FREE of cost to our readers as a token of gratitude and Welcome. We think these 3 ebooks each of different domain can help you in dealing with the respective problems they are aligned to.

yoga mudra gyan ebook
yoga mudra gyan ebook


The First ebook is on Yoga Mudra Gyan

It is based in hasta Mudra or hand postures as we say. According to various researches and old Ayurvedic scripts, our hands hold the power to control various types of energy and forces in our body and with correct usage we can direct that energy in the correct direction to cure different types of illness.

Sounds good, right ? Download this wonderful piece on Yoga Mudra Asana and prepare yourself to be wowed with the great power it holds.


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conscious Menstruation Ebook
conscious Menstruation Ebook

The Second ebook on Menstruation Guide

4 painful days every month in the life of females. I bet you always looked for solutions to ease the pain during these menstrual cycle. And you have it now. Not only this, you have access to more than that. Do you know what should you do if you are facing irregular periods ? We have all the issues and their solutions shared in this ebook.

This has everything you will need to know about periods.

So download now and enjoy a pain free cycle.

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complete pregnancy guide ebook
complete pregnancy guide ebook

The Third ebook on Pregnancy Guide

It is a complete package or pregnancy guide for the expected mothers which will help them in their journey to bring new life to earth. This Ebook holds great deal of information like what to eat and what not to eat during pregnancy, weather to have or not to have sex during pregnancy, exercises you can do during pregnancy and many more. It also helps you in dealing with postpartum care and share insights of pregnancy problems that you may face and tackle with easy home remedies.

Isn’t that great to know that you can read this small ebook and learn so much about pregnancy and make sure you go the right way.

Download this ebook now and enjoy a great 9 months of pregnancy.

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