Activities to Make Work From Home a Little More Interesting

Last Updated on November 24th, 2020

We have so much extra time when we work from our homes rather than going to office. Now we are saving our commute time and not to mention time we waste in gossiping during tea breaks. We love this time for few days but after that we get bored. So here are few activities which can make your WFH “Work from Home” a bit interesting.

  1. Home Decor

    1. This is the one thing we all love but never have time to start or finish. Let me share some interesting ideas that you can implement.
      1. Start with your bedroom- make it more personal with your pics, add a touch to your mirror (lights around it or sparkle tape will also do), hang fairy lights on your curtains.
      2. Pop some colours in your living room- buy wall stickers or better paint something yourself on the wall right behind your sofa or the wall facing your main door.
      3. Go green: Bring in new plants for your balcony and some indoor plants for shelves in your drawing room.
        fairy lights
        fairy lights
  2. Starting your own blog or vlog

    1. I have been thinking of writing my travel stories from a long time but couldn’t do it. Do you also have something that you wanted to write about, or share with people but never had enough time? Guess we do have it now!
    2. We know how much people love watching makeup tutorials, or any creative tutorial on Instagram, YouTube and other social media sites. Now that you have time, you can post your videos that others might find interesting.
  3. Show your creativity
    1. Cooking: If you are someone who never did this before, then this one is for you. Start with simpler things and see if you like it. And if you are already an expert then what can be the better time to experiment and come up with new dishes! or even more interesting things like plating and presenting of your dishes..
    2. Painting/Art and craft: A lot of people love to paint but never get time due to tiring corporate jobs. If you love arts, then grab your paints/colours and start painting your imagination. I personally love crafts more, making things like wall hangings and lamps for my home. You can do that as well.
    3. Dancing: I have never seen anyone who doesn’t like to dance. Some people are shy just because they think they don’t know how to dance but we can’t say they hate it. Now is the chance to put on your dancing shoes and show some moves. Watch you tube videos for easy dance tutorials and start grooving to your favorite song.
      cooking can be interesting
      cooking can be interesting
  4. Organize your stuff

    I hate cleaning my cupboard but what I love is a clean room.  Sounds familiar, Right? You won’t get a better chance than this to clean up your home and by clean I don’t mean dusting but organizing. Here are major things that you need to set in place.

    1. Clothes: Put them according to occasion – casual, office, party and festive
    2. Documents: Categorize the as personal or professional – and then further divide in bills, receipts, tax related stuff, loan documents.
    3. Accessories on your dressing table: Neckpieces, rings, earrings, makeup etc. Each item needs its own space.
      organized cupboard
      organized cupboard
  5. Read books you never read before

    There must be a few books your friends suggested to read but you never did. If you are not a fan of books, then I will suggest to start with the book with the least number of pages and then go further with it. If you love books then I don’t think you need any suggestion. Ask your friends for new interesting books they recently read. Choose a topic and I am sure thee will be millions of articles about that online.

  6.  Working out

    We always complain about our health/body then get away with just one excuse that we don’t have time to exercise. Now you have time, so start doing it. You can start with exercises that are easy yet effective. Yoga is highly recommended. What can be better than starting your day with Yoga in balcony or on open terrace?

    Zumba is one thing that makes me feel good. If you also like it then turn your TV on, play some Zumba video to learn the moves and get your bodies moving.

  7. Catch up with old forgotten buddies

    There must be people in your contact list whom you haven’t talked to in years but were close to you once. You can use this time to rekindle old bonds and live the old moments with them. Talking about happy times will not only make you feel better but also let you think how far you have come in your life. What you were doing when you last talked to them and what you are doing right now. and trust me it’s always good to look back at your life with positive attitude. May be you can find something interesting to share with your family which you never did before

  8. Accounting:

    1. Tax filing: Every year we go through the process of proof submissions for tax and then filing for income tax returns. We need so many documents for this and doing it at the last minute is no fun at all. So, use this time to collect those documents, make a file and keep them ready, so you don’t have to waste your time energy in the time of need.
    2. Manage your finances: There are many things other than tax that need your attention, like your routine bills. I never keep track of my expenditures and then regret it at month end. Try making a folder of all your bills and see where you are spending and how much. This is the time when you can look into your investments for your better future. I am not at all suggesting you invest somewhere but do think about your finances. you may not find this interesting but this is important and you should do it if you have time.
  9. Start watching something new

    I won’t say say this is something new. You must have few good movies/TV series in your watch list. You can watch them all now. There are so many platforms available for this like Amazon prime, netflix, hot-star. I would say this will be the best time to “Netflix and Chill!”.


    netflix and chill
    Netflix and chill
  10. Time to treat yourself

    You work hard all the year round that you don’t get time for yourself. Now that you have extra time try doing following things:

    1. Meditate
    2. Eat good and by good, I mean healthy as well.
    3. Sleep well
    4. Pamper yourself with a facial.


Let us know if this helped you.

Thank you!

Dr. Amanda
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