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Last Updated on May 9th, 2022

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Are you looking for some advertisements, sponsored posts and want to reach out to a huge audience base. Then you surely don’t want to miss this opportunity which is already serving many brands in their marketing and promotion.

Best Paid Guest blogging opportunity is here at medictips. Apart from guest posting, we also work on product reviews and sponsored posts where we work with people to reach millions of readers online and share their ideas and fitness product and help them create a healthy lifestyle.


Guest Blogging & Sponsored Posts

Would you like to feature your products or service in various categories such as Health, Fitness, Yoga, Workout, Beauty Products, Home Hygiene, Sexual health, Nutrition or diet, Gym, fashion, Investing tips etc then we have various advertising opportunities on Medictips… from advertisement banners to sponsored articles to product reviews.

Team offer the best online guest posting services and product review packages. We can offer customised deals as well on product reviews and sponsored posts.


We will work with you to get the results you need in the time-frame that you specify. Don’t forget to ask about special promotions and discount rates! Contact Us for advertising your business with us.



advertise with us for best results
advertise with us for best results

Why should you choose Medictips?

Medictips is explaining why Health is a priority and how anyone can stay healthy with natural remedies and healthy practices like yoga, meditation, ayurvedic treatments and following simple yet effective measures in daily lifestyle.

It is the only platform online where people can find the healing solution to all their ailments in simple layman language and treat themselves with health and fitness knowledge that are worth more than wealth.

You can find almost all types of remedies and best natural health advise here that are result of hard work put up by our author and contributor team who goes to every possible extend to find the latest and greatest solution to your problems and issues.

We are always open for queries and doubts and questions and have a dedicated team working on all these domains. We work in connection with many doctors, physicians, pharmacist, dentist, nutritionist, ayurvedic practitioner, yoga and meditation experts.


Let’s look into more:-

Our experienced editors, marketing team and SEO optimized content draw-in large crowds looking for good information in their field of interest.

The website is having good Alexa ranking and is well positioned in search results.

Majority of Visitors on our Website are from India and US. And we have visitors of all age groups between 18 to 55. We provide solutions to all types of readers here on medictips.

About our Audience:

Our Readers loves to read about great new information in the field of health and fitness. We work seamlessly and with full efforts to deliver what is promised. Our Commitment for our website readers and visitors is of top most priority. We keep bringing changes for the good of the readers request. Most of our writers happen to be from the fitness background that helps us to build an authentic platform for our readers from all over the world. We try to cater request from all around the world.


Medictips for You

  • Medictips is the perfect place for avid news and article readers from fields of beauty, health and fitness;
  • We offer promotional rates and discounts for regular customers;
  • We can offer you different formats and types of ad placement;
    • Banner sizes: 468 x 60, 728 x 90, 300 x 250, 160 x 90, 120 x 600, 160 x 600
  • Please inquire for any other promotional requests;


We would appreciate if you can share as much information as you can about your company and activity. This will help us in keeping things in line and transparent.


Know More About us 

We work on many different variety of advertisements and publishing, so to know more about these sponsored post and guest posts linking , drop us an email at  or . We take banner advertisement as well and we have multiple options for you with many different customisable deals.

Here we usually do paid guest posting only and with each guest posting do the social media sharing as well without any extra cost. We take care of the editorial part and SEO as well. Team is well equipped with all the SEO knowledge and takes care of the same without any delay. We offer immediate paid guest posting as well.

Contacting us to know about guest posting opportunity or sponsored posts possibility then please check at the given email id.


Some of the things that may interest you are :-

Guest blogging

Paid Guest posting

Sponsored posts

Blog submission sites

Feature guest blogs

Banner advertisements

product review services

Fitness Interviews

Marketing Publications

Interviews and forum publications

Influencer marketing on social media channels

We work on all the above things and you can contact us for the same here. Check out many other things we have to offer here on medictips. We review health and fitness blogs and you can surely submit your blog or website if you think your website is good to go in the Top 10 blog listings. We take feature posting as well where we post your guest post on a feature category which stays on home page for more than 1 month. Paid guest posts and different forms of banner advertisements are also there. Depending on the needs of guest posting, you can check with our team on email “”


contact us - sponsored posts


You can start your Fitness and Health trip with  “Best Health Guide” :- “Mudra Yoga Asana

Or you can visit our home page any time you feel like to know more.

Connect with us on various Social Media Channels like Facebook , Instagram and twitter and you can also catch us at YouTube



If you are interested, you can also check out our very popular ebooks which are absolutely free for you. They are not like any other boring ebook on health. 

There 3 Different Ebooks – FREE of cost to our readers as a token of gratitude and Welcome. We think these 3 ebooks each of different domain can help you in dealing with the respective problems they are aligned to.

yoga mudra gyan ebook
yoga mudra gyan ebook


The First ebook is on Yoga Mudra Gyan

It is based in hasta Mudra or hand postures as we say. According to various researches and old Ayurvedic scripts, our hands hold the power to control various types of energy and forces in our body and with correct usage we can direct that energy in the correct direction to cure different types of illness.

Sounds good, right ? Download this wonderful piece on Yoga Mudra Asana and prepare yourself to be wowed with the great power it holds.


Download Now



conscious Menstruation Ebook
conscious Menstruation Ebook

The Second ebook on Menstruation Guide

4 painful days every month in the life of females. I bet you always looked for solutions to ease the pain during these menstrual cycle. And you have it now. Not only this, you have access to more than that. Do you know what should you do if you are facing irregular periods ? We have all the issues and their solutions shared in this ebook.

This has everything you will need to know about periods.

So download now and enjoy a pain free cycle.

Download Now
Download Now







complete pregnancy guide ebook
complete pregnancy guide ebook

The Third ebook on Pregnancy Guide

It is a complete package or pregnancy guide for the expected mothers which will help them in their journey to bring new life to earth. This Ebook holds great deal of information like what to eat and what not to eat during pregnancy, weather to have or not to have sex during pregnancy, exercises you can do during pregnancy and many more. It also helps you in dealing with postpartum care and share insights of pregnancy problems that you may face and tackle with easy home remedies.

Isn’t that great to know that you can read this small ebook and learn so much about pregnancy and make sure you go the right way.

Download this ebook now and enjoy a great 9 months of pregnancy.

Download Now
Download Now




Sponsored Posts – Please inquire for more details.

You can also send us mail directly at

Thank you for your interest!

(Want something published really soon? No problem, most of our campaigns go live within 24 hours.)

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