Air Pollution : Easy Remedies to Stop Coughing in Winters

Pollution level is on a rise and with increasing pollution, health problems are also increasing. Dust, Smoke, and pollution in air are the main contributors to poor health and regular coughing issues in metro cities. Heart Problems like low blood pressure, heart stroke, weak immunity, difficulty breathing, constant coughing, watering eyes, weak eyesight, multiple skin problems, hair fall issues and premature grey hair are some of the issues that are possible to happen with increasing air and water pollution.

Too much coughing can be really bad for health and can keep you up all night which further leads to other problems. Coughing happens when we have a sour throat. It is a reflex action of the body in response to clear the airways. It is generally temporary and goes away on its own once the foreign particle is removed from the airways. But sometimes it can stay for longer period and can become really irritating and problematic. It can worsen up in winter season due to regular fog and limited sunlight.

If you are having an itchy throat and want some relief from the coughing, try these natural and easy remedies for yourself. Many home remedies are really effective and can help you clear the airways and get instant relief from coughing and flowing nose. However if the problem of coughing still persist for a longer period, then we suggest you to consult a doctor and get yourself some medical attention.


coughing and air pollution
coughing and air pollution


Here are 5 Natural Remedies to Coughing.



Honey is known as the golden liquid due to its multiple health properties. It is being used since ages in the form of Ayurvedic medicines. Natural Honey in combination with some other natural substances can act as a perfect mixture to cure coughing problems. It clears the airways and gives instant relief from itchy throat. It’s antimicrobial, antioxidants, anti-inflammatory properties helps in soothing a sore throat.

Simple Remedy:- Mix 2 teaspoons of honey in herbal or ginger tea and drink it twice  daily for best results. Or you can also have 2 spoons of honey with warm water and lemon for effective results.

The benefits of honey, golden liquid
The benefits of honey, golden liquid


Saltwater Gargle

Have you ever been asked by your elders to try saltwater gargle in winters with Luke warm water? If yes then you must be aware of its benefits as well. Singers and musicians always prefer to do this, to keep their throat healthy all times. It is even recommended by the doctors of all fields as it is a tried and tested way of getting relief from coughing. Saltwater gargle helps in getting relief from the itchy throat by reducing the mucus build-up in the lungs and nasal passage.

How to do :– The idea is simple. Mix 1/4 teaspoon of salt in 1 cup of warm water and mix it. Now gargle with the water multiple times a day to get quick relief. 

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gargling with salt water for sore throat
gargling with salt water for sore throat


Ginger is a very common house hold herb used in many dishes. It is a tried and tested home remedy for cold and cough. Anti-inflammatory properties of ginger help in relaxing the membrane in the airways and reduce the problem of coughing. Simply sipping ginger tea also helps in reducing the problem of cold and coughing.

Having 2 teaspoon of ginger juice with honey and black pepper is one of the most effective remedies. But do not have too much ginger tea or ginger juice, as it may cause stomach upset or sometimes heart burn also.

health benefits of ginger in daily diet
health benefits of ginger in daily diet



Peppermint fumes or peppermint leaves have a huge effect on the nerve endings of the throat. The menthol compound in the leaves helps in relaxing the throat and nasal nerves and thus providing aid to coughing and blocked nose. It helps in reducing the congestion as well. You can either have peppermint tea 2-3 times a day or use peppermint oil as aromatherapy for getting relief from constant coughing.

mint leaves amazing health benefits
mint leaves amazing health benefits

Eucalyptus Oil

Eucalyptus oil helps to heal the throat and air passage. For quick results, simply mix the few drops of eucalyptus oil with carrier oil like coconut oil or olive oil. Rub the mixture on the chest or throat softly and gently. You can also try taking the eucalyptus oil steam. Add few drop of oil in hot water and inhale and exhale in the closed environment for best results.


These are some of the best and easy solutions you can try at home for quick remedies and cough relief. Avoiding medicines will help your body stay strong and avoid any unnecessary expenses as well. Plus these solutions are purely natural and have no side effects on body. But if the problem becomes constant or severe, we advise to visit a doctor for better consultation and medical supervision.

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