Dashing Allu Arjun Workout Routine And Diet Plan

We all are obsessed with the personality and looks of the famous south Indian actor Allu Arjun. He is famous for his six-pack abs and the dashing looks. Allu Arjun is a very versatile actor and admired for his changing hairstyles with every new film. He works in Telugu movies and entered the film industry with the movie “ Gangotri” in 2003 followed by his blockbuster movies like  “Arya” and “Bunny and Pargu”.

Fans love his dancing styles and the acting abilities which made him win 5 Filmfare awards south and 3 Nandi awards. He has always surprised the Tollywood industry as a Producer, Model, Actor, Dancer and a Playback singer.

This charm and fitness of the actors is not a one night result. They work out for hours, follow a strict diet routine. His latest movie was “Ala vaikunthapurramuloo” for which he had changed his looks a lot. He was working very strictly on his physique workout and diet routine. He gave a stellar performance and attracted the audience with his style and body.

Before discussing the routine and diet lets us know about the basic body stats of this marvelous actor.

Allu Arjun Vital Stats:

allu arjun vital stats
allu arjun vital stats

Date of Birth: 8 April 1983

Age (as in 2020): 37 Years

Birth Place: Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Nationality: Indian

Height (approx.)in centimeters: 175 cm

Height (Feet Inches): 5’ 9”

Weight (approx.) :in Kilograms-  69 kg (Pounds- 152 lbs.)

Chest:  42 Inches

Waist: 32 Inches

Biceps: 15 Inches 

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Light Brown


Mesmerized by the looks, the audience often tries to find out the routines of the actors. We are keen to learn about them. We are highly inspired by them and try to follow them. Thus the actors play as a role model in our lives. It exerts more pressure on them to work continuously to maintain their charm and physique. 

Through this article, I will try to throw some light about the workout routine and diet plan the actor follows to keep him so energetic and fit. I will also enumerate some tips and tricks given by him for fitness freaks.

In an interview, Allu Arjun mentioned that he is not a blessed soul who can eat anything he wants. Calories don’t go away easily. He has to be very conscious and disciplined with his diet and workout programs.

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allu arjun diet plan
allu arjun diet plan

Allu Arjun Workout Routine

*Running: He says that he starts his day by running 45 minutes on a treadmill when he has an empty stomach. It helps him a lot. It also helps to keep the body active and energetic the whole day 

*Fitness Routine: He hits the gym five days a week and is very strict about his workout routine. He works out as an athlete. Accept when he is lazy, he goes for 2 or 3 days every week.

*Cycling and Jogging : Cycling and jogging for 20-30 minutes is a very important part of his gym workout. It helps to keep him in action and is the best way to prepare his body for gym.

*Gym Workout Routine: There is a fixed schedule for a workout on different body parts such as the chest, Biceps, Triceps, Shoulders, Back, Abs, legs. Whole-body workout makes the body tone and gives it the desired shape and build up abs.


allu arjun fitness and diet plan
allu arjun fitness and diet plan

The trainers schedule the workout routine for the whole week in advance. Every day they work on a different body part. Thus all the parts are given individual attention to train and tone them as per the desired result.

*Cardio exercises: He also does cardio exercises like burpees, squats, push-ups, Pull-ups etc.

This helps build up stamina and energy in the body. Cardio exercises play a key role in reducing body weight fast. It is a very tiring but promising way to get the body in shape.

*Power training: He also focuses on power training exercises. These are very essential especially for men who want to build their abs and muscles.

*Swimming: He also does swimming once every week. He loves swimming with his kid. Swimming is considered to be the whole body exercise. It is best for kids and women also. It helps to maintain body shape and is very effective in increasing stamina also.


Allu Arjun Diet Plan

The celebs consult numerous nutritionists and draft a suitable diet plan which best suits their routine and give them the desired looks. The actors often keep on changing their routine due to the need for the role they are playing in their next film. They may have to change their diet and workout routines as well. They are very aware of the nutrition and importance of a proper well-balanced diet. This helps them work for long hours, look fit and glowing all time. 

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The diet plan should be drafted very cautiously. It must not only help to reduce weight but also build an overall fit and healthy body. The diet must be a balance of Proteins, Carbs and essential nutrients. It must exclude all bad fats. One must also know the difference between good fats and bad fats. Dieting does not mean to become undernourished. It will take away all the energy to work plus drain away all the glow from your face. You must take lots of liquids and water to stay hydrated. The water is a key ingredient of your diet and also removes toxins and bad fats from your body.

A combination of a balanced diet along with planned workouts is a key to fitness of our superstars. 

In this article, I have tried to enumerate some of the eating habits and diet routines of the famous Telugu actor Allu Arjun. Many of the youngsters and men are keen to learn about his life.

Allu Arjun is very serious with his diet chart. But seldom he has cheat days that depend upon the film, the working environment and yes of course on special occasions too.


allu arjun workout routine fitness
allu arjun workout routine fitness

The dietary habits of this handsome hunk are illustrated as under:

His diet includes mostly chicken, eggs and lean meat

*Before workout: When asked in an interview he said that he takes protein shake before the workout session

*Breakfast: His breakfast consists of oats, eggs, Milk, Brown bread and lots of fruits

*Lunch: You may find some chicken, Green vegetables and fruit shake in his lunch

*Evening Breakfast: I heard that he loves eating Egg white or sweet potatoes in the evening

*Dinner:  His dinner consists of green beans, Corn, Brown rice and salads. He also added that a bar of chocolate is the last thing of the day that he eats.

*Alcohol: Yes, he sometimes drinks too !! ( But we suggest our readers to not take this negative quality and avoid alcohol and smoking )

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To Conclude

Allu Arjun once spoke about fitness and stated that “A healthy life is more important than a good physical body”. He focused more to be healthier while parallelly working hard for outer body besides his busy schedule he always gives a required time to maintain his assets which comes from hard work and consistent efforts. All you need to do is follow a routine which will eventually be a part of your lifestyle and that is exactly what Allu Arjun did.

We have experienced that the doctors and the dieticians make diet plans for us which we either don’t follow or follow for very less duration. But if we hear something from our actors, we immediately try to bring it into our lives and follow as they say or as they do. The actors are living examples of fitness and activeness. We love hearing the beauty tips and fitness tricks from our favorites. They leave a great impact on our lifestyles too as we start to adopt it too. No doubt they work very hard to achieve this.

Thus we have attempted to disclose some tips from Allu Arjun’s life too. His fans will love to read about him and try to follow him as always. After all, he is our south Indian stylish superstar!!

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