Anushka Sharma Fitness and Beauty Secrets – Workout Routine & Diet Plan

Last Updated on October 13th, 2022

Anushka Sharma, born on 1st May, 1988 in Ayodhya district of Uttar Pradesh, India is the rising star of Bollywood. In today’s date she is a successful actress, model and producer with her own production house. The estimated net worth of Anushka Sharma is more than $ 35 million. It’s hard to believe the fact that this Bollywood beauty started her career with an advertisement and that too as a background dancer. During her initial advertisements too it was hard to ignore such beautiful and charismatic face. Anushka Sharma Fitness and workout is always a highlighter in the online media because of her great body and figure.

anushka sharma health fitness secrets
anushka sharma health fitness secrets

Know More About Anushka Sharma

This Taurus girl is full of energy and charisma. A full entertainment package that brings about a natural charm and vigor. Anushka never intended to become an actress; she did her degree in arts and after that she moved to Mumbai to pursue her carrier in modelling. But, this  did not suit her as her natural impulse for emotions. She would smile while walking down the ramp, despite trying hard Anushka failed to maintain neutral expressions on her modelling projects.

beauty tips from anushka sharma
beauty tips from anushka sharma

Things quickly turned to her favor and she got her dream role along with ‘The King’ Shahrukh Khan in ‘Rab ne Bana di Jodi’. The film was critically acclaimed and Anushka’s role was praised by everyone including the king himself. Blessed with a bubbly face and sleek body even Shahrukh once said in an interview that the huge success of the film owed to the power packed performance by Anushka.

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Though everybody wants to be the dream boy of this diva, yet she is the wife of Virat Kohli. Though there were some down time between two, but the relationship of two is going smooth these days.


Let’s have a quick look at the body measurements of this charming beauty who is ready to be the next Bollywood Queen.

anushka sharma hot in sari
anushka sharma hot in sari

Anushka Sharma Vital Stats

Height – 5’9”

Weight – 54 kg

Bust Size – 34 inches

Waist Size – 27 inches

Hip Size – 34 inches

Shoe Size – 8(US)

Dress Size – 2(US)


Naturally, it requires a great deal of effort and strength to maintain a perfect work life balance. Also, it requires a great deal of physical as well as mental balance to manage all. Anushka Sharma Fitness plan is more composed of yoga and stretching. 

She works really hard to maintain herself. Anushka does not like hitting the gym much but is more a yoga fan. The gorgeous diva believes in the power of yoga to maintain herself from the beginning though she needs to get indulged in various forms of gym exercises majorly her passion lies in yoga.

anushka sharma sexy figure and curves
anushka sharma sexy figure and curves

The Workout Regime – Anushka Sharma Fitness


  1. Yoga

She swears by the power of yoga rather than being a gym freak. According to her it helps maintain flexibility and release stress. She practices yoga each day in the morning as well as the night before going to sleep which really helps relax after a busy day.

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Yoga helps calm both mind and body ensuring good sleep and energised the body.


  1. Hitting Gym

To lose those extra calories and maintain a zero figure in movies, she has to hit the gym. But she goes to gym only 4 times a week. Despite not liking gym too much still she has to undergo the training required for her movies requirements. It even helps to maintain that sleek and fit body that many of us envy.

She had to undergo intensive gym training for her movie ‘Sultan’ which portrayed her as a wrestler.

workout fitness plan of anushka sharma
workout fitness plan of anushka sharma
  1. Dancing Through the Odds

This is again a very out of the context method adopted by the stunning beauty to shun those extra calories. She dances at least 30 minutes a day to refresh herself and strengthen her physique.


  1. Diet Management

She hates eating junk food and prefers it as the last choice. Anushka prefers fruit juices, coconut water or even a glass of milk. She is so conscious about her diet that she always carries her lunch box along with her which contains dal, roti, and salad.

bikini figure anushka sharma fitness tips
bikini figure anushka sharma fitness tips

She manages with protein bars or seasonal fruits for her evening snack. According to the diva – Eating pure and simple always help maintain stamina and get that perfect glow.

She believes greatly in the fact that whatever we eat reflects on our skin which is actually true that’s why we should refrain from all the junk and fried food which makes you look loathed, fat and dull. Also, she likes to drink at least 3-4 liters of water daily to remove toxins and harmful build up in the body.

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An easy going person who loves simple mantras in her daily routine to manage that glow. Anushka’s beauty regime can be followed by everyone to stay fit and healthy.

The most important and at the same time most distinguished character for these fitness regimes is consistency. You need to follow one passion and indulge in self-discipline which is most important. Apply this simple rule and see it work wonders for you.

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