Anxiety & Panic Attacks? Best Natural Remedies Explained

Last Updated on December 9th, 2020

Anxiety is the most common mental illness faced throughout the world. We all are much aware of that feeling of nervousness, or unease about something which has an uncertain outcome, specially when you have got to do something big or face a situation that is often frightening for you. Everybody gets to face such situations in life a number of times, and so did I.

For me the very first moment of anxiety that I faced was, when I was a kid, I was asked to handle the stage alone on my own in front of whole school, I was completely out of my control, that stage fear overtook my mind, starting from a few moments before the start of the event, till the time I finished the task, it felt like my mind is not in my control, my own voice seemed so weird to me, every action felt like a really big step!! That moment in itself was really challenging, full of nervousness, sweating, fast heart beats, cold hands, woooo…!!

I still get goosebumps when I think of that situation. That was a minor anxiety attack case, but for everybody the case is different and so are the outcomes. There is different severity of anxiety attacks for different people, some might experience a slow wave of anxiousness, while for others it may prove to be a life threatening attack often referred to as panic attack.

best remedies to treat anxiety issue
best remedies to treat anxiety issue

What Happens During Anxiety and Panic Attacks

During anxiety attack your body experiences an immediate rush of adrenaline and as a result your heartbeat speeds up and shakiness begins. The main thing to understand here is that anxiety is nothing but physical sensation. The person getting anxiety attack isn’t imagining things or thoughts out of the blue but actually physical changes take place in their body as soon as they start to develop a feeling of fear in their mind for a particular situation.

Sometimes, a person who overthinks or over indulges himself in every situation and scenario may get these anxiety attacks quite often and may land himself in a situation where he gets such panic attacks very easily in every other situation. Initially people might not know that they are suffering anxiety, they may take those moments as heavy ones and forget them (which is something best one can do), but the general symptoms that when you notice you must understand you have had an anxiety attack.

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During anxiety attack, one or more of these may happen like rapid heartbeat, difficulty in breathing, trouble in focusing, trouble in balancing, unusual physical sensations and pain or weakness in body parts.

What to Do?

If you’ll know the symptoms, then you will be able to identify the severity of your attack and accordingly you will be able to deal with it.

For such anxiety attacks it is very viable that anybody would like to consult a doctor and get medication, but before you also do that, or any of your close one does that I would like you to try some of these natural remedies that are known to cure anxiety for high level attacks as well. I have specially summed up some of the best practices that you can do to overcome the anxiety.

anxiety issues and solutions
anxiety issues and solutions

Best Natural Remedies for Anxiety and Panic Attack


1. Increase the intake of Omega 3:

Foods like walnut, green leafy vegetables, cabbage, berries, mango, mustard oil, flax seeds are richest source of omega 3. It doesn’t mean that you’ll use them like a medicine and you can have them every time you experience an anxiety attack. You have to increase the quantity of omega 3 you take in your daily routine. Actually omega-3 fatty acids eases anxiety symptoms – like it helps lower the stress chemicals (majorly adrenaline and cortisol) and thus protects you from sudden anxiety attacks caused by adrenaline rush.


2. Take an Orange daily:

You must be very well versed with the proverb “An Apple a day keeps the Doctor Away”, but here I would like to rephrase this proverb for you as “An Orange a day keeps Anxiety Away”. Oranges as we all know are very good source of vitamin C, and vitamin C is often considered as the best medicine to deal with stress and depression. It acts like rain in a dessert for the anxiety. Thus, include an orange or a glass of orange juice in your daily routine and face every situation like never before.


3. Cut down the intake of Caffeine:

Caffeine is very well known to work in such a way that it opposes the normal functioning of the body. It is also known as sleep buster for example, in this case and in many other ways it hinders the normal functioning of brain or body. It is known to aggravate anxiety by creating tension in the nerves that carry blood to the brain.

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No doubt it is a good source of energy but at the same time it makes you 59% more prone to anxiety attacks. If you are used to coffee or other sources of caffeine try reducing slowly and ultimately say a total no to caffeine. You must note here that not only coffee but chocolate, soda and some medicines also contain caffeine.

tea or coffee to cure headache
tea or coffee to cure headache

4. Laugh:

I hope some of you might be aware of this laugh therapy but most of you might not be. Earlier when I didn’t knew about this I always use to wonder whenever I see a group of people laughing in morning in parks or on lake side. Now, when I have studied it I came to know that laughing therapy is one of the best stress busters. No doubt those big laughs (HAHAHA’s) are fake, but they have an equal impact on our brain as well as health. It stimulates the release of feel happy hormones, which fights stress and anxiety and keeps you away from the danger of getting an anxiety attack.


5. Expose to Sunlight:

It is very essential to expose yourself to sun or sunlight for at least 15 minutes a day. Because I don’t know whether you know this fact or not but sunlight is a very good source of vitamin D. It can abruptly increase the vitamin D account of your body that can act as a key to your anxiety fight. Vitamin D is known to suppress the depression and stress causing hormones plus, sunlight also introduces a fresh flow of positivity into you that can act as a missile against your fight with anxiety.


6. Exercise:

Any sort of physical exercise, preferably carried out in a park or any green area early morning or even in the evening could do wonders to your health. It is known that heating up of body results in a better blood flow throughout the body including the brain, and brain once gets that required blood flow releases the feel good endorphins.

Studies have found that any sort of physical exercise controls mood and cognitive functioning that directly affects neuron system in a better way and thus results in alleviation of anxiety and better relaxation of mind. Not just anxiety, it also helps people dealing with depression.

workout and fitness along with business
workout and fitness along with business

7. Schedule Relaxation:

In your daily life, work, household, children, parents, everybody demand your attention and time and in this fight to get time for everything you forget yourself and your time to enjoy life and you get prone to tension and stress which leads to anxiety. So, plan proper relaxation sessions in between your work, family and everywhere.

Start off your day with a 15 minute meditation, when you feel work pressure has increased take a walk and get a glass of water or juice for yourself before going back to work, keep listening to music often, take time to go out on weekends with your friends and loved ones so that there is a no extra pressure in your mind. It will eventually help you fight the anxiety even before its signs will come up.

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Concluding Thoughts

These are the best ways which can help you control your anxiety attacks and live life with more enthusiasm and will also help develop a more positive attitude towards life. These are the easy and most effective ways which even science has proved. Along with these practices you can also take care of a few points like make sure you are getting adequate sleep, try and maintain a positive attitude because nothing is more important than your life, be ready to face the worst situations because life is full of hardships, accept that you cannot control everything, attend counselling sessions(if required).

Nothing else can help you if you yourself doesn’t decide to help yourself. Be open, eat healthy, forget tension, forgive everyone and stay calm.


Keep posting your queries without hesitation, and review if you find it useful and needless to say keep sharing because sharing is caring.


Practice Healthy…!! Stay Healthy…!!

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