Apan Vayu Mudra “The Heart Posture” : How To Do It & Health Benefits

Last Updated on September 10th, 2020

The Heart is the blood circulation system of human body. It pumps up blood and purifies it. Imagine of this system gets damaged then what can be the outcomes. Yes we are talking of heart problems that are a common problem these days. The heart is a very sensitive organ and you cannot take risk with the functioning of heart. To make sure you have a healthy heart you need to practice some yoga and mudra. Apan Vayu Mudra is the heart posture that shall help you in keeping your heart healthy and fit.

practice apan mudra for healthy heart
practice apan mudra for healthy heart

It is observed that heart problems occur in mostly city people who miss to do any physical workout and eat junk food. Physical activities are really important to help body develop required stamina and natural build and shield against viruses and bacteria.

Sleeping late at night, eating after 10pm and having heavy dinner and then sleeping just after meal are some of the very common reasons of heart problems at an early stage of life.

The problem like heart stroke, heart attacks, high Blood pressure are now a day’s becoming common. These problems can also be seen in young generation of 25 or less years of aged people. The problem of heart is very dominant among males specially because women have a natural protection during pre-menopausal age due to their estrogen hormone. The estrogen level drops sharply once they crosses this age and then they are also prone to heart ailments.

The problem of heart is very difficult to solve and requires proper treatment from initial phase itself. You can keep yourself shielded from these problems by simply practicing these mudras. Thus living a good healthy lifestyle which includes notable amount of physical activity for your body.

practice yoga asana for healthy body
practice yoga asana for healthy body

Let us try and understand how heart problems may occur.

The Heart pumps the oxygenated blood to every body part and de-oxygenated blood to lungs for proper purification. Any kind of disturbance in this can lead to heart problems. A blood clot in the veins or arteries can disrupt the flow of blood which if gets worse, leads to heart attacks. Another common problem can be thickening of arteries or weakening of heart muscles.

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The body gives you a signal before heart attack but many a times we miss to acknowledge that. A low volume pain or discomfort in the center chest is a symptom of poor health of heart. It is due to lack of oxygen reaching to your heart muscles and thus squeezing it to extract as much as possible. Do consult your doctor on this and start taking necessary steps if you are facing these issues.

To Avoid Heart Related Issues, Practice Yoga and Mudra.

What is mudra and how it can be helpful is something we have already discussed in our previous post. To get a quick view of what mudra is you can read this “MUDRAS – THE HEALING POWER IN YOUR HANDS!“.

Now assuming you know what mudras are and how they are helpful in keeping your body fit we shall proceed with the apan vayu mudra or the heart posture. Describing the “Apan Vayu Mudra”, this is really helpful in mitigating the heart ailments. It is really effective in case of heart attack or chest pain.


How To Do Apan Vayu Mudra ?

First folding the index finger of your hand and then pressing it to the base of the thumb. Now touch the finger tips of the middle finger and the ring finger together with the tip of the thumb while keeping the little finger straight. You need to remember that mudra needs to be made by both the hands.

If you still not able to understand how to make this mudra you can follow the below snapshot of this mudra that shows how to make this mudra using your fingers.

apan vayu mudra for heart problems
apan vayu mudra for heart problems

Heart pain is usually worse by lying down, so if you get chest pain do not lie down, just sit up.

If you are experiencing chest pain or high pressure in the chest, Doing Apan Vayu Mudra at this time can reduce risk of life. That’s why it is also called “Mrit Sanjivani Mudra”.

Time – Limit: There is no specific count for this. However, people who have cardiac ailments or hypertension should practice this for 30 minutes a day, divided into two equal sessions.

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How Apan Vayu Mudra / Mrit Sanjivani Mudra Works?

yoga for health and fitness
yoga for health and fitness

To understand how it works, you need to know what all the fingers of our hand represent according to mudra gyaan. The five fingers of our hand represent the five elements which are fire, water, air, earth and space. Starting from the thumb which represents fire, index finger represents air, middle finger indicates space, ring finger denotes earth and the little finger is the water.

They are known as Agni, Vayu, Akash, Prithvi and Jal in Sanskrit terminology. It is believed that when these five elements that make our body are balanced, they keep our body healthy and fit. If any imbalance happens, it leads to ailments and health problems.

These Mudras help in restoring the balance in the body. To better understand how this mudra works, read the simple manipulation of the mudra shared below.


The Simple Manipulation of the Apan Vayu Mudra

When we follow the apan vayu mudra, folding the index finger reduces air element. Touching the finger tips of thumb, middle finger and ring finger, we tend to increase the fire, space and earth element. Fire increases heat which helps in removing the impurities, increasing the space give more oxygen supply to heart and increasing the earth element we increases the muscle power of heart.

So with a very simple manipulation of our fingers we act on four areas at a time to prevent ourselves from the heart attack. This Mudra is an antidote to heart attack. It acts like a savior in case of heart attack, if practiced by the person experiencing the attack. This Mudra acts as a very effective emergency treatment. The patient can easily be transported to a hospital, without causing any damage to heart.


Benefits of Apan Vayu Mudra:

  1. As already discussed it helps in relieving chest pain, angina immediate effect.
  2. It helps in keeping the blood pressure under control and also the cholesterol level of your body stays within limits.
  3. Apan Vayu Mudra helps in the stimulation of the circulatory system.
  4. It helps in calming down your body nervous system.
  5. Apart from these, it also helps in relieving digestive problems like acidity, gastric issues. It strengthens the digestive system.
  6. It is really beneficial for people who are suffering from pain in knees. They can do this mudra for 10-15 minutes before climbing stairs.
  7. Since it helps in soothing the nervous system, it helps in curing insomnia as well.
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These Mudras are holding the power to change your life in the healthy way. They can help you treat many body problems with simple postures of your fingers.

We have made sure to capture all the things in this single post in the best possible way and in simple to understand manner. If you still find something that is not understood, please let us know so that we can help you in every possible way.


Now it is your turn to share your views and experiences with us and tell us how it benefited you and your family. You can tell us in the below comment section or mail us at medictips2015@gmail.com


Let us make sure we are committed in living a healthy life in a healthy society.

Abhilasha Ajmera
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