Apple Watch Series 4, Smart Reviews and Comparisons

Last Updated on May 18th, 2021

Well, we all have seen the difference in the food that we eat in a 2-star hotel and a 5-star hotel. The quality of food though might be the same, but the charges are based on their services. One offers more food in less price, the latter gives less food in more price, one has acute hygiene and the other has overwhelming hygiene. But the point here is, if given a choice to have a dinner in 2-star hotel and 5-star hotel, which would you choose?

This is the same comparison you have to draw when to go out and buy an Apple product. No matter, it is an iPhone or a MacBook or maybe an Apple Watch everything counts in. The difference in 5-star and 2-star is what Apple has been showing to their audience even since they got a brand title.

But according to the customer review, apple watch is like a tasty dessert that adds on to your bill when you are in a luxury hotel. No matter how unworthy it feels for the price, but the taste and experience make it all worth it at the end. 

Well, Apple Watch Series 4 is exactly like that cake. Well designed, properly featured and extremely stylish smart watch. Even though the iPhone came to us as a flop show.

If you are planning to buy an Apple Watch and you are confused with the trending series that is available in the market, then this table below and the details further will help you know what rightly fits in your budget and requirements.

This picture will help you to get an over-all knowledge about the series features and details along with their short comings.

apple watch series comparison
apple watch series comparison

If you are confused between Apple Watch Series 3 and series 4 then you can through the detailed reviewed article about it.

But here, I would only compare Apple Watch Series 4 with series 3 in terms of its display and Electrical Heart Sensor (ECG), heart sensor. When budget is considered, I will always look towards Apple Watch 3.


These are the ratings we will give to the Apple Series 4 smart watch on the basis of listed categories.

Critics Review           :         4.5/5

Display                       :         4/5

Battery Backup          :         4/5

Design                         :         3.5/5

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Heart Sensor              :         3/5

Body Weight              :         3.5/5

Overall our review   :         3.5/5


Current Price: Between Rs 43,900- Rs 72,000 (For all GPS+Cellular models including 44mm, 42mm and 40mm).


Colors Available Series 4 apple watch : Space Grey and Gold


The colors available for this series are quite good but the price automatically hits higher when you opt for gold color. Though the gold dial is exceptionally beautiful and gives a royal look in your everyday dresses and suites but that is only worth it if that fit’s in your budget. Taking up space grey is another good option, as many sites have started manufacturing Smart Watches straps with millions of fancy designs. You can always find a better strap that can go with your costumes.


Coming to talk about Display of Apple Watch 4.


Apple Series 4 display is yet another best thing that can and should change one’s mind to opt for this series rather than 3. The display area is 759 sq mm or 977 sq mm which is quite bigger than Apple Watch Series 3 which has only 563 sq mm or 740 sq mm. The difference is huge. But not just the display is bigger but also better as it also has a very sleek body with 34mm width * 10.7 mm depth and only 30.1g case wight. Which is not just commendable but also comfortable.


It would be wrong to say that Series 4 apple watch came as just an update to Apple Watch Series 3. Along with correcting the flaws of series 3, this time Apple made sure to bring new features in. This smart watch can do much more than recording heart rate, Electrical Heart Sensor (ECG), and giving excellent battery backup. They made it so feasible that now working out with apple watch has become so comfortable. I have seen my brother being so reliable on Apple Series 4 Watch to complete his daily goals.

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Yes, Series 4 helps to you track your movements, steps, heart rate and also tells you what else is left in a day to complete your goals. There is a goal customization option with which you set your goals and can follow them on a regular basis. Battery backup won’t be a concern because this Apple Watch Series 4 has a good back up of 16-18 hours a day. Usually this is enough for an entire day of utility and you only need to charge it once daily.

apple smart watch series 4 and 3
apple smart watch series 4 and 3

Apple Watch Series 4 – Optical Heart Sensor & Processor:

Though Apple Series 4 Smart Watch  is an advanced update of Apple Watch Series 3, and so is their processors and heart sensors. The sensor used in Series 3 is optical heart sensor with no ECG available in the smart watch, but the latest watch came with an update not only in and addition of ECG but also of updating the optical heart sensor to second- generation optical heart sensor. Which not just made the user experience better but created a consciousness towards one’s heart rate.


The processor too had a major update in Series 4. Apple Watch Series 3 has Dual-core S3 processor, while Series 4 apple watch has 64 bit dual-core S4 processor which is claimed to be 2x faster than s3 processor used in series 3.


With the advancement in the processors and heart sensors, Apple also introduced a yet again mouth growling features that every apple user is happy about, Fall Detection. Yes, fall detection is yet another accomplishment that apple has achieved in Apple Watch Series 4. Which is also available in Apple Watch Series 5 but is lacking in Apple Watch Series 3.


Body Design of iWatch Series 4:

This was a major area where Apple tried to make a lot of difference in their user’s usability. Apple series 4 smart watch has one of the best re-engineered  Digital Crown with haptic feedback which was not just loved by millions across, as rightly said by Apple, “ Entirely familiar, yet completely new”. well, we cannot deny this fact, Apple Watch Series 4 has reset the standard for what a watch can be.


Apple Series 4 Smart Watch – Best Workout Partner:

We have seen many celebrities working out with smart watches on their wrist and that is majorly because the smart watch is making their workout, easier to cope with and also helps them to keep a track of. Most of them have also considered this a loyal training partner. But Apple has only made an advancement when it comes to Apple Series 4 smart watch in workout area. Series 4 has an automatic workout detection, where workouts like hiking, yoga can also be detected. It also gives pace alerts for runner’s and enables to see up to 5 metrics at a glance as a user precisely trace all that they want to train.

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Weight and Dimensions:

Though it is already mentioned in the image the difference in the weight and dimension of Apple Watch Series 3,4 and 5 and by that it’s pretty clear that how these three smart watches stand out at their own respective places.

Apple Watch Series 4 is of 30.1 g with 40mm and 44mm case size.


Overall, I would just say the Series 4 Apple Watch is a must try if this watch meets your requirements and budget.


If you are looking for a handsomely smart and stylish smart watch with a brand name engraved in it then this is it.


Also, if you already have an Apple Watch Series 4 or planning to buy one, comment below the pros and cons you noticed or which Smart watch series you think will be a good buy for all apple users.


Thank you!

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