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Last Updated on May 18th, 2021

Whenever we speak of top-notch brands and a gadget is considered, Apple is the first name that pops up. With all the critics reviews and audience love for its products, apple has been that one International Brand that we all crave to have in our lives. The price has always been a demanding factor that has not just made it a hype but also a medium to boast as a status symbol. Well, it won’t be totally wrong to say that having an Apple product adds a different class to your lifestyle. No matter which product you compare, Apple will always stand out of the crowd!

Series 5 Smart Watch

series 5 apple watch reviews
series 5 apple watch reviews

For example, MacBook v/s HP/Dell, Or iPhone v/s OnePlus/ Samsung, Or, Apple Watch v/s FitBit/Samsung Galaxy Smart Watch. In every department Apple is doing remarkably well and hence they have been consistently been the most wanted products of all times.

When it comes to Smart Watches for Apple users, there is no option apart from an iWatch.


Speaking about the Latest Apple Smart Watch Series 5, it is not much different from Series 4 and has a slight feature and display difference from Series 3.



But talking about the processor and operating systems, Apple Smart Watch Series 5 has been standing out in terms of its sales ever since it is launched.


Before we begin listing it’s features pro’s and con’s individually, we will quickly see what are the overall critic review for Apple Smart Watch Series 5 and how we rate it on the basis of its feature, price, display and available color options for this series.


Overall Critic Review: 4.5/5

Our Review (after using it for 2 months now): 4.5/5

Display: 5/5

Battery Back-Up: 4.5/5

Dial Weight: 4.5/5

User-Friendly: 5/5

Processor/ heart rate sensor: 4.5/5


Current Price of Apple Smart Watch Series 5 for GPS+Cellular Model (44mm) is: 52,900/-

While price of Apple Smart Watch Series 5 for GPS Model (40mm) is: 40,900/-


On comparing the Watch price with Apple Watch Series 4 for GPS+Cellular Model (44 mm) is: 49,900/-


Apple Watch Series 4 for GPS Model (44 mm) is: 43,900/-

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As you can see there not much price difference between the two Apple Watch series and on the features side both the watches are mostly SAME!


Here is a table that will give you a rough analysis of the watch details on all three series and if required we have reviewed Apple Watch Series 3 and Apple Watch Series 4 individually, you can always consider each of the article for your further reference

This image will help you understand how and in what ways the Apple Watch series are differed and at what budget you should opt for which model. Though I personally feel that this is a choice a reviewer can’t take for you, but it wholly depends upon the user and their budget for the smart watch.

apple watch series comparison
apple watch series comparison


Apple Watch Series 5 Display and Body:

From the table it is clear that Apple Watch S5 has not improved much in terms of body weight when compared to Apple Watch S4. The weight of the S5 model is 47.8g while the weight of the s4 ID 48g and the display’s touch is exactly same, both the series have LTPO OLED Capacitive Touchscreen with 448*368 pixels. The only difference we were expecting was size which again came as a huge disappointment to me as the screen size is also same as s4.

features apple series 5 watch
features apple series 5 watch

Bluetooth Connectivity 5.0:

Well, so far we have seen that there is no difference in the top two Apple Watch models when compared on body, weight and touch. Bluetooth version remained same in S5 and corresponding features are also same for both the models.

Bluetooth version 5.0 is used for both the Apple Watch Series 4 & Series 5.

So, till now I am still opting up for Apple Watch Series 4 on comparing it with Series 5.

unboxing apple series 5 watch
unboxing apple series 5 watch

Now looking on its memory, Apple Watch Series 5 have managed to take a steal here from rest of the series available. I don’t know whether this can be a huge wow factor for anyone to shift from series 4 to series 5 because of its internal storage but here they have got this difference.

Series 5 has 32gb of storage which is A LOT! I personally felt we don’t need so much of storage whilst the storage of 16gb present in Apple Watch Series 4 is quite suitable and good to go for a normal and a little above usage of the storage.

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But if by any chance storage is a concern then Apple Watch Series 5 has got that. 5/5!


Battery Plans for Iwatch

Moving forward, when a smart watch or smart phone is taken into consideration, we all look for battery backup too. Especially after the launch of one plus phones, that has made amazing battery life and fast charging as their show highlight. Now as an android user I was impressed with the the battery back up my one plus gives me by charging in only for 10 -15 mins in a day.

fitness watch apple series 5
fitness watch apple series 5

When you think of upgrading the smart watch or buying a new one, it must be worth it. But here in Apple Smart Watch Series 5 battery back up to 18 hours. Which is same in Apple Watch Series 4 and in Apple Watch Series 3. (So charging it ones in a whole day is a must.)


On numerous occasions, Apple presents an element years after its rivals and long past its crisp date. But despite of everything they figure out how to make it feel new to the customer. How does Apple do it? A consistently in plain view in 2019 shouldn’t be worth in excess of a line or two out of a survey, yet on the Series 5, it’s is an inescapable component that causes the watch really to feel like a cutting-edge timepiece.


Apple Watch Screen

The Company Apple Inc. has adopted a fairly unexpected strategy in comparison to other major brands with its first consistently in plain view. Instead of just diminishing the screen, improve and sap the shading, or include a straightforward FSTN LCD over the OLED to spare battery life like other smartwatches, Apple has joined the best pieces of each into another sort of show that is equivalent amounts of wonderful and astonishing.

apple smart watch features
apple smart watch features

Contingent upon the face you pick, the consistently in plain view acts in an unexpected way, once in a while diminishing, now and again transforming, and some of the time leaving just the fundamental encompassing bits. Like the faces themselves, Apple has thought well about how each consistently on screen looks and capacities, giving each surrounding face a novel style. Also, the painstakingly adjusted OLED show implies you can read it in direct daylight at any brilliance level.


Apple Watch Faces

The main highlight of Apple Series 5 can be the number of options available for its display. It is also available in Nike series now for fitness freaks that have trained themselves to smart watches. Working out without apple Smart Watch Series 5 is almost impossible for those who are used to it.

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apple smart watch series 5 reviews
apple smart watch series 5 reviews

Well, as humans we have a psychology or a stern perception that if we want to buy a branded gadget no matter how similar or reasonable it is available in other brands or in the same brand, we will undoubtedly choose the latest in short, the costliest one. But does that make it anywhere worth your budget or the product you are getting after spending half of your salary? Please make sure at any point of time you are willing to buy a ‘branded’ gadget you go through its top features wisely and compare them with other competitive series too. Because every penny count.



At the end I would just say, be wise when it comes to expensive gadgets, look for your requirements and analysis it with competitor series and then choose one!

Because it should be all worth it.

Pic Credits :- Apple Inc.

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