Asthma Attack, Key points to remember that can save a life

Due to the pollution levels that have increased over the last few years, asthma has become a pretty common problem. It has become quite difficult to breathe and that only gets worse during the colder months, especially in the northern states of India and asthmatics should be especially careful during this season.

The following conditions can be considered mild attacks. These are instances where the inhaler or other medication should work:-

  • Slight wheezing but there’s no sign of distress
  • Difficulty breathing, but immediate use of the inhaler helps
  • Mild coughing to clear the airways to get more air
  • The patient does not become unconscious and is able to talk and walk comfortably
  • Shortness of breath, but not badly enough to require urgent help

To use the MDI (Metered-Dose Inhaler) filled with medication you need to shake the container i.e. the inhaler, for few seconds to mix the medication in the canister.

A few general points to keep in mind during an asthma attack are:-

  • Always follow the instructions as per your asthma plan prescribed by your doctor.
  • Asthma is triggered due to changes in the surrounding conditions – smoke, pollen, humidity, dust etc. Moving away from that area can quickly help in dealing with the attack.
  • Have a local number handy as per your action plan.


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Read more about the same at the below link :-

What to keep in mind when you have an asthma attack



how to safegaurd when you have asthma attack
how to safeguard when you have asthma attack

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