Avoid bigger Nails, Bigger Nails Bad for Health

Last Updated on December 18th, 2020

Girls have bigger nails, and they take good care of that. But boys having bigger nails can actually be really unhealthy. The only reason I am saying this is because boys do not consider small-small things while doing their day to day activity. While girls take good care of nails making sure they do not hold up any dirt inside them.

Now what I am going to share with you can apply to both girls and boys but mostly boys.

bigger nails and nail biting bad for health
bigger nails and nail biting bad for health

Long nails which need a cut but you forgot to do that last day and today also. Do not let this happen because the more delay you do, the more unhygienic you become.


Why Are Long Nails Bad for health?

The nails are bigger enemy to your health if not taken care of. Long nails start collecting more dirt inside them which remains there for long and do not wash out even with a good hand wash. The narrow space between your nail and skin is sufficient for dirt to accumulate and causes skin related problems. Now let’s take examples from real life. How many times you use those fingers with grown out nails to scratch any part of your body? How many times you roll your hand in your hair to just make small adjustments?

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I bet the answer will be surely greater than 2. But do you know that with these small acts of human nature you actually allow bacteria to move from any place to other. Your hands are used for multiple purposes like handling the bike, steering the car wheel, eating food, on keyboard and many others. Every activity will result in some dirt particles getting exchanged. But what we don’t want is this dirt to get accumulated in any body part. That is the reason you should cut your nails every week and make sure they are not long grown.

People have a very bad habit of eating nails which is not good and should be avoided or corrected in time.


Cause of Pimples and Acne

The bigger nails are the root cause for your pimples as well. You remember when you have one pimple or acne and someone suggested you not to bring fingers near to that or not to scratch it. You know why was that suggested? It was suggested to you because of this particular reason that you fingers and nails carry germs and they will come in the contact of acne or pimple and will spread on your face. So to avoid that it is even prescribed by doctors to apply some gel over that pimple. It will help avoid any contact with dirt from your hand or environment.

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So now you know that the nails are actually causing pimples and acne spread. Now you should also know that big nails are bringing trouble to others as well. When you shake hands, or try and snatch something from anyone, these nails can cause harm.

Making intense love, then also you are harming your partner with those big nails. Please cut them out on time and lead a healthy lifestyle.


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