How can Ayurveda Help you Last Longer in Bed, Boost Sexual Stamina?

How can I last longer in bed? This has become a frequent question among many people, especially the youngsters. Everyone has to agree that there has been a drastic change in lifestyle in the past few years. With comforts increasing, life has become more sedentary than ever. In addition, poor lifestyle habits like smoking, alcohol, fast foods and increasing medications and their side effects are contributors to a deprived sexual life. This has led to an unprecedented increase in sexual problems in both genders. The most common are erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and low desire in men and women.

The market is flooded with products claiming to solve sexual problems and give gratification. But how many of them are genuine and boost sexual stamina? The question remains unanswered. Many people try these products, hoping for a miracle and end up being even more frustrated. But most of us forget the fact that there is a solution for all their questions in our own ancient Ayurveda sexual health guide.


libido health and sexual desire
libido health and sexual desire

Ayurveda and Sexual Wellness

Ayurveda, the ancient Indian traditional medicine, uses traditional herbs, oils, breathing exercises and physical therapy to treat health and other sexual problems. Most of us are unaware that the scope of Ayurveda is quite vast which also includes solutions for most sexual problems. They have been in practice for thousands of years, successfully curing numerous ailments and helps improve sexual desire and sexual energy.

Ayurveda is based on maintaining the balance between the three components of our body, namely Vata, Pitta and Kapha. When the Vata component is high due to poor lifestyle and consumption of high amounts of junk food, it may ultimately result in impotency. When the Pitta component is high, the excessive body heat prevents the ideal flow of sexual energy through the body and if the Kapha component is high, the sexual desire for physical or any intimacy related activity will be low. With ayurvedic medicine and lifestyle changes, it is possible to bring back the balance between these three components.


Shukra Dhatu

One of the most important Ayurvedic concepts that revolved around sexual life is Shukra Dhatu. This is the reproductive term that not only denotes reproductive fluids but also represents the Ojas, the most potent energy which is present in every cell of the body. Shukra present in the reproductive organs has the power to create a new life, while those present in the rest of the body is for beauty, sexual attraction, joy and creativity. Ayurveda’s best practices are based on preserving the Shukra which naturally decreases with age. 


ayurveda sexual stamina
ayurveda sexual stamina


Dos and Don’ts for Sexual Wellness

Best season for Sex:

According to Ayurveda Sexual health book, there is a time and season for sexuality and rest. Understanding the body’s natural pattern when it comes to sex or sexual intercourse, can help maintain the balance in the reproductive tissues. Unaware of these rhythms, most people indulge in sexual activity at all times. This can be the cause for the rise of problems like infertility, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, difficult menopause etc. Ayurveda sexual health guide states that the best season to have sexual activity is during the Winter season as this is the time where Kapha activity is at its peak, naturally promoting Shukra. On the other side, summer and monsoon seasons deplete the Kapha, which means there will be less sexual energy available for the activity. The frequency can be reduced during these seasons.

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Best Time for Sex:

Ayurveda sexual health guide mentions the best time to have sexual intercourse is between 6-10 pm as the Kapha levels peak during this time. The second best will be 6-10 am and the other times of the day may not be suitable as the Vata and Pitta will be high during these periods. Ayurveda also states to avoid sexual intercourse during menstruation and on days like solar and lunar eclipses. 

Food and Sex:

It is also recommended not to have sexual activity immediately after food or while starving. The best practice would be 2-4 hours after a meal. Ayurveda also insists on sexual hygiene practices like urinating after sexual activity to prevent urinary tract infections. There is also a recommendation for a bath followed by Nasya after intercourse. Nasya or Nasi kriya is to put a couple of drops of cow ghee or badam oil in the nostrils. Having warm milk with jaggery 30 minutes after orgasm helps maintain the Shukra energy in the body. Other Shukra replenishing foods are dairy products like curd, paneer, ghee and lassi, sugarcane and its juice, ripe bananas, mangos, litchis, dates and Chiku fruits. 

It is better to avoid excessively sour foods like tamarind, ready to eat foods and carbonated drinks to prevent the depletion of Shukra energy.


sexual energy and seuxal intercourse
sexual energy and seuxal intercourse

How to get pregnant naturally:

Ayurveda also has propositions for getting pregnant in the most natural way. It includes practising celibacy for 2 months prior to planning the process and it is best to try during the Kapha dominated months of winter. Moreover, consumption of Shukra stimulating foods 2 months prior will increase the chances of pregnancy. Men are recommended to have body massages regularly and exercise daily and women are advised to take milk mixed with Shatavari (Asparagus racemosus) powder every night. 


Even contraception can be practised naturally with the help of Ayurveda. Neem leaves are known to be spermicidal in nature and when consumed by women during their fertile period can act as a natural contraceptive. Even the application of neem oil to female genitals 30 minutes before intercourse can prevent the fusion of the sperm and egg. Neem fruit can also help with the same cause. 


Ayurvedic Medicines for Sexual Wellness & Stamina

1. Ashwagandha:

It is an extract from the Indian Ginseng, commonly used for treating erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and also to improve the sexual energy in females. The mechanism is by improving the nervous system and reducing stress. It also opens up the blood vessels supplying the reproductive organs and thereby improving the sexual desire as well as the erection itself.

2. Shatavari:

This medicine improves sexual energy in men by boosting testosterone levels and thus boosting sexual energy. This can also be used for impotence for men and improve libido in women.

3. Gokshura:

This medicine works as an aphrodisiac for both genders. Apart from boosting sexual drive, It can improve sperm count in males.

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4. Shilajit:

This medicine is known to improve sperm health and count, as well as sexual performance by controlling the hormones related to sex. It helps boost sexual stamina and improve sexual desire.

5. Talmakhana:

Another ayurvedic herb used to improve sexual desire and sexual energy, improve sperm motility and for harder erections. The heightened sexual energy also helps to overcome the loss of libido.

6. Saffron:

The addition of saffron in daily cooking improve sexual desire and boosts sexual energy.

7. Coconut Oil:

It can act as a natural lube and can help in initiating the sexual act by using it as a massage oil. It is also proved that it can boost sexual stamina, vigour and reduce friction during intercourse.


Ayurveda Sexual Health Benefits Explained

regain sexual stamina
regain sexual stamina

Premature Ejaculation

This is a common problem where males ejaculate immediately after penetration. This obviously means less sexual gratification and poor sexual life. This can ultimately end up in fertility issues, stress, anxiety and depression. 

According to Ayurveda, excess of Vadha (Shukragata Vata) will lead to premature ejaculation and other sexual disorders. 

Ayurveda believes in a holistic approach for the correction of any disorder. The treatment for this particular condition will be a combination of consumption of certain herb combinations, massage with ayurvedic oils, change in diet and practice of yoga.

Consumption of aphrodisiac herbs like Ashwagandha, Gokshur, Safed Musali, Kavach beej provides good stamina and vigour in men. It can also improve the mood, sexual capacity or boost sexual stamina and overall well being in men. Also, herbs and formulations which will lower the Vata levels will work well for this condition. Ayurveda also has drugs to delay ejaculation called Sukrastambhaka. 

Sanda oil is used for massaging directly around the penis, usually just before intercourse. The oil is absorbed through the skin and increases the blood supply and thereby the virulence.

Practising Yoga poses also helps manage premature ejaculation. Asanas like, Pawanamuktasana, Halasana, Sarvangasana, Matsyasana; Pranayama; Bandha’s like moola bandha and maha bandha help strengthen the reproductive system and calm the mind to tackle the problem of early discharge in men.   


Erectile dysfunction(ED)

This condition is when a man finds difficulty in having an erection.  In men, this condition is growing fast in today’s hectic and sedentary life. Major causes are depression, diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity and a weak nervous system. These conditions can also lead to some other issues like chaos in married life, stress and low self-esteem. 

Again Ashwagandha is the key solution for this problem also. One teaspoon of Aswagandha powder or paste mixed with warm milk should be consumed just before bedtime. This has to be practised regularly for at least a month. 

Another easily available solution is Drumstick. Drumstick is a natural aphrodisiac and helps to overcome ED when consumed regularly. Drumstick vegetables, leaves and even flowers can be made into delicious dishes and included in the regular diet. 

Erectile dysfunction problem
Erectile dysfunction problem

One more wonder food is spinach. Spinach is a super source of Folate and it is proven that they increase blood flow. Folic acid plays a major role in male sexual functioning and its deficiency can cause erectile dysfunction. Spinach should be included in the diet in some form. It can be made into soup, juice, can be stir-fried, included in vegetable preparation as a side dish for Indian bread and also in rice varieties.

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Almonds are also rich sources of vitamin E and a storehouse of healthy fats. This can give tremendous energy to cope with nervous weakness and improve blood circulation. Take grated almond and mix it with a glass full of hot milk every day before bed for at least 30 days. There can be no better Viagra than this drink. Alternatively, almonds can be soaked for 4-6 hours in water and can be chewed before bed. 

Along with these, it is important to take a lot of fruits and vegetables that can give a good supply of vitamins and minerals to the body. 

Yoga practice in conjunction with the above-mentioned things is the icing on the cake. Yoga can strengthen the pelvic muscles and increase the blood supply. Asanas like Adho Mukha Svanasana, Sethu bandhasana, Viparitkarni, Matsyasana and Malasana are extremely effective when practised regularly. 

Along with the addition of good food and Yoga to the lifestyle, it is also important to avoid smoking, alcohol, tobacco and even junk food. Alcohol is an extremely powerful deterrent of sexual energy and should be kept away at any cost.


improve sexual desire and stamina ayurveda
improve sexual desire and stamina ayurveda


Though India has a strong Monastic tradition, it is never mentioned in the Vedas or scriptures to abstain from sexual life. Even the great Indian sages were married and had children. In fact, India has taught the world about sex postures through the famous book, Kama sutra. Ayurveda not only has answers for all the modern-day sex-related problems but also improves the general well being of a person by improving sexual wellness.

The book Ashtang Grithayam has a detailed description of everything related to sexual problems and their solutions. According to the book, with disciplined indulgence in sex, one can gain good memory, intelligence and health. Excessive indulgence has harmful effects on the body like loss of strength, depletion of tissues and weakness of senses.

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