Bad Habits that are making us Unhealthy Everyday, Wrong Lifestyle fitness killer

Last Updated on December 11th, 2020

Science and technology has given us many gifts, but how we use them depend on us. On one side, where television, mobile and other electric gadgets are extremely useful to us, they have made our lives easier. Now, we can easily connect to anybody over the globe in few seconds with the help of internet, can talk to our closed ones, far distance, as if they are sitting next to us only. We can easily know what is happening around world through various news channels. Science has given us many ways of entertainment, increasing our knowledge, living a happy social life. But are we responding positively to it ? It’s a question on which everyone should give stress for just 2minutes.  Let’s focus just on Television which is abbreviated as TV. Whether a child or an old, everyone uses it, and it is the gadget which is present in almost every house.

health effects of watching too much tv
health effects of watching too much tv

Bad lifestyle habits are making us misuse TV to the extent of harming our health. From obesity to eye-problems, and disturbed sleep to enervation, our overuse of TV could be damaging our health in more ways than we know.

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For instance, there’s an interesting lesser known impact of TV. It’s a known fact that eyes get tired from long bouts of watching TV or reading . However, there is a difference in photic stimulation between the two activities. TV watching cause more fatigue to eyes. TV shows a rapid and continuous change of color and figures, sometimes at dazzlingly fast pace, and also, often contains lots of flashing lights, all of which mean strain to retina .

According to a report by All India Institute Of Medical Science, New Delhi, “Watching TV continuously for over 30 minutes to one hour definitely leads to strain on eye muscles and even cause headaches. Especially when this TV viewing is followed or proceeded by more eye activity as in reading or playing computer games.”

The indirect effect of watching TV is increased weight or obesity, or diabetes which may lead to high blood pressure. This is because watching TV is a passive activity, and hence can’t burn the fats which a physical activity like walking or cycling or running can do. The time that we should devote to these physical activities, we waste in watching TV.

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unhealthy and bad practices to avoid , to stay fit
unhealthy and bad practices to avoid , to stay fit

Also, it is observed that people who watch TV eat a lot of junk food and fast food like wafers, cold drinks. As a result, now a days , people have become “couch potatoes“. The energetic, the charming youth is lost somewhere. Today we can see, majority of teenagers wear spectacles, which is an effect of or bad lifestyle only.

According to orthopedics and neurologists, spending long hours in awkward positions on sofa or beds watching TV, can lead to severe back-ache problems. These positions held for long time, cause a sprain in the ligaments of the back’s joints – a lumbosacral strain. And ligaments of the joints in the sides of the back experience sacroiliac strain. The neck also experiences strain from these odd positions. Worse, the remote also ensures that one do not take break from these positions.

Watching TV could, in certain way, also affects our mind and emotions negatively. A very emotionally charged serial for example, if watched with intense concentration for an hour or so, will leave us feeling enervated. Also the endorsement of unhealthy brands by popular stars attracts teenagers which is not good for them.

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So, it is unto us how we bring the technology into our lifestyle, and how it actually turns up into, a balanced use can be a blessing whereas, overuse can be a boon.

Abhilasha Ajmera
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