Beach Side Sunburn Problems, How to Prevent Sunburn ?

When you come out of your house specially during summer you find your  skin tan that is exactly what sunburn is? Sunburn is if you develop a skin burn or sun reaction in exposure of sunlight and sunlamp. It’s very common nowadays, over 10 million body’s and cases every year  in India. But there are many ways you can prevent sunburn from happening.


Reasons of Sunburn at Beach Vacation

Sunburn  generally caused by too much exposure to ultraviolet (UV) light. UV light can be from either  sunlight or artificial sources, like sunlamps and tanning beds.

Melanin is the dark pigment inside our skin’s outer layer that gives skin its normal color. When you come in contact with UV light, your body  tries to protect itself by producing melanin  Even more faster and that extra melanin creates tan. A suntan is the one of the way of blocking or resisting UV rays to prevent sunburn to our skin. But the protection doesn’t work that way and too much UV light causes skintan and skinburn.

Don’t think that skin tan only during summer instead You can get sunburn on cool or cloudy days as well due to Snow, sand, water and other surfaces can reflect UV rays that cause skin burn.

How to prevent sunburn at beach?

Summer vacation are like to enjoy at beach and have fun but fear of sunburn at beach can be a major obstacles.


Some Ways to Prevent Sunburn

sunburn treatment and remedies
sunburn treatment and remedies

1) Apply Proper Sunscreen

Sunscreen is specifically to prevent sunburn at beaches, apply it evenly whenever you  are going around pool or beach, make sure to use a board spectrum sunscreen with at least the SPF of 30, you can also apply  water resistant sunscreen  and to apply again after summing.

2) Cover up

Also try to cover up even though you applied sunscreen this can even help you during heavy Sun lamps, it is advisable to use UV protective clothes since all are not UV protective.

You can even wear a white brimmed hat.

3) Wear sunglasses

Like your skin your eyes can also be tanned so now it’s mandatory to protect your eyes even more as they are more sensitive.

Make sure to wear a glasses which protects your eyes from UVA and UVB.

4) Seek shade 

Sun is strongest during 10 am to 4 pm, try to seek shade during these hours by using substitute like umbrella and tree shade. You need to understand this fact that water and sand reflect uv rays.

5) Use Qsun

Qsun is a free app which provides you the information about how much you can be sun rays and tell you the exact data upto which you can  stay in sunrays without getting sunburn. It will also tell you how much sunscreen you need to apply and when.

It will even send you reminder of applying a sunscreen.


beach side sun burn problems
beach side sun burn problems

How to safeguard skin at beaches?

1) Stay hydrated :-  drink lots and lots of water which will keep you and your body hydrated, this is one of the easiest and least time taking method which you can definitely apply to prevent sunburn.

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2) Wear hat :-  you can choose any cap from stylish to fancy caps, you can choose either, which will go with your style and looks trendy. You can coordinate with caps too.

3) Use eye lens :- you can prefer sunglasses that block harmful UV rays , swimmers can use tinted swim Goggles when they are in water. Goggles help to cut direct reflection from sun and protect eyes sensitively.

4) Pick appropriate sunscreen :-  A dermatology company recommend that Using sunscreen of SPF 30 and even more when exposed to sun apply even more when you come out of pool or water.

5) Use umbrella :- umbrella one of the easiest and cheapest way to cover yourself from sunburn. It provides  you a place which is cool and shady. specially for kids it serves you as home base for small kids and with adding a little extra you can safely enjoy your holiday as nobody wanted to ruin them because of sunburn and stuff.

6) Try SPF makeup :- As your skin is delicate so protecting it is necessary, so if you are staying dry for the day you can wear simple lipstick or eyeshadow which is firmly infused with SPF. So it’s gonna be a extra protection for your sensitive skin.


sunburn protection prevent sunburn
sunburn protection prevent sunburn

How to make sure skin stays healthy on beach vacations like what to drink or eat?

1. Blueberries

Some times it happens that fruit we like are also healthy and important for our skin like blueberries are powerfully rich  antioxidants that fight from free radicals that can damage skin when exposed to sun and stress. Wild Blueberries are even more powerful. They are one of the very good source of vitamin C, which can  really help us to prevent wrinkles from a day on the beach.

2) Watermelon

Watermelon contains lycopene that absorbs both UVA and UVB radiation juicy watermelon consumption, lycopene act as a natural sunblock. It is even used as an anti aging, this gives you an extra boost for sure.

3) Nuts and seeds

Walnuts, hemp seeds, chia seeds, and flax all contain omega-3 in form of  essential fatty acids. Fish and eggs are also great sources of this clean, skin-loving fat. So it’s very important that we get them from our diet as our body don’t produces omega 3s.

4) Green tea

It reduces skin damage from UVA and if your body reduced with colagen it will protect it and increase it so that your body functions properly.

And helps skin firmness and integrity.


avoid these mistakes on beach side vacations
avoid these mistakes on beach side vacations

What to Carry on a vacay for Health Skin Tone?

1)carry facial wipes and towlettes;

Whenever you feel drowsy and need some refreshments you can use facial wipes and towlettes are specially necessary to be your own for avoiding any kind of reaction on face.

2) Carry a facial mist spray

3) Carry facial

4) Good Moisturiser

5) SPF cream

6) Sheet mask.

7) Carry a good eye cream.


How to avoid too much Tanning on beaches on vacay?

  1. Don’t take sun bath at noon specially at 12 to 2 pm.
  2. Use photo protector.
  3. Apply sunscreen before coming out.
  4. Drink lots of water.
  5. Cover up.
  6. Use clothing as protection.
  7. Apply the cream in advance.
  8. Protect all parts of your body.


How to enjoy beach vacation without worrying about skin and sunburn issues?

The best way to keep your skin healthy and protective from sunburn is to stay away from sun rays during peak hours and use sunscreen and protective clothings.

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how to treat sunburn
how to treat sunburn

5 Sunburn Treatments to Save Your Vacation

  1. Use pain reliever : If you have a sunburn you can use oral non steroidal anti inflammatory medication which can reduce the redness to some extent.
  2. Get hydrated : While sitting in sun it’s merely possible that you get sunburn so hydrate yourself often, and drink lots of water after you strike with sunburn and drink other fluids which is free from caffeine and alcohol free fluid.
  3. Stay in the shade : To help prevent more damage to your already sunburned skin, wear lightweight protective clothing and stay out of the sun — seek the shade of an umbrella or covered porch.
  4. Moisturise your skin : You can use moisturizing cream or aloe Vera gel  it can relief your body.
  5. Cool down : If you find yourself uncomfortable because of pain or heat from your sunburn  you can take bath or put water on yourself to cool down instantly.


What to do in case of Sunburn when on Vacation?

Skin medication to carry when on vacay, sunglasses to rescue for eyes and skin under the eye.

If you are striken with sunburn on beach you can immediately take the medication prescribed by your doctor. You can Immediately take the following measures like avoid further exposure to sun, wear loose and breathable clothing. Stay well hydrated drink extra fluid as it draws liquid to the skin surface.

For medication you can use antibacterial, anthralin, antifungal agents, benzoyl peroxide (creams, gels, washes and foams), coal tar, corticosteroid, non steroidal ointment, rentinoids, salicylic acid.

And use UVA and UVB protective Sunscreens.

Sunglasses to protect yourself from sunburn near eyes and skin under the eye.

Hat or parasol for protection. Use hat or parasol of dense fabric, dark or bright colors, made  up of synthetic materials, with less tension and dry fabric. Dense fabric can protect you from UV rays but you may feel the heat around.


commonly asked questions
commonly asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Is it safe to Apply sunscreen even when indoors?

Yes, it is necessary to wear sunscreen even when you are indoor like in your car or home, because sun-rays carry UVA and UVB rays. So glass can filter UVB rays but UBA rays can still penetrate and harm your skin so now it become quite important to use sunscreen.


2) What should be the minimum SPF of sunscreen?

Minimum SPF of 15 should be there, but if your skin is fair then 15 won’t work and you need SPF range of 30 to 50 to prevent sunburn issues.

skinburn remedies
skinburn remedies

3) How much sunscreen should be apply?

2 tablespoons of sunscreen which is approximately equal to a shot glass, a nickel sized dollop to the face alone or if you have spray then apply till you get even sheen.

1/3 teaspoon

0.04 OZ

1-2 milliliters

1-2 grams 


4) Which sunscreen are good for skin?

Some of the sunscreen which you can prefer are:

  • L’Oréal Paris skin perfect
  • Mamaearth hydragel 
  • 1%hyaluronic sunscreen
  • Himalaya herbals protective 
  • Lotus herbals sunscreen


5) Where all should I apply sunscreen?

You can apply sunscreen to your body parts which are mostly exposed to sun like Face, hands, foot, shoulders etc.

But try to apply it gently specially near eyes, don’t rub it instead apply it gently.


6) How to take care of hair when on beach vacation?

  • Use natural oil to coat your strands.
  • Before going into sun nourish your hair.
  • Don’t use shampoo contains sulphate.
  • To avoid breakage of hair use wide tooth hair comb.
  • Use hair care protect with SPF.
  • Use clarifying shampoo .
  • Apply shower filter.
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prevent sunburn
prevent sunburn

7) How to take care of skin after wetting yourself in beach ?

  1. Pre and post beach skin care 

Before going to beach and after coming out of beach be sure and regular with your skin care routine. This will not only reduce possibility of sunburn but will give your skin a glow.

  1. Shower and moisturize

After shower, moisturize your skin evenly and fully so that you will not have any kind of sunburn. 

  1. Moisturize your feet 

Because during summer in beach your feet will strike with sand ,salt water roughy stones so it’s very important to moisturize them well.

  1. Be gentle with your skin care

You have to be very protective and gentle towards your skin because once it has been striken with sunburn then you have to suffer a lot.

  1. Soothe your lips

Use lipgloss or lips protecting creams which will keep your lips glossy and remove dryness.


8) What is the difference between parasol and umbrella?

The difference between parasol and umbrella is there size and purpose for which they are used like umbrella is generally used for rain but parasol is specifically designed to be used to protect us from harmful sun rays. Some parasol are not water proof and they are made up of different material. And the material used for parasol is slightly different from umbrella. Umbrellas are generally made from pvc, rayon, nylon etc which is generally used for water protection due to the quality of them which make it rough and tough whereas parasol are not that durable basically for rain.

The umbrellas have different shape and designed that way to protect us from rain. It’s covering is different from top and parasol are flat as well sometimes so they basically will save you from sun rays specially UV rays. Parasol are made up of light colours and size is also small compared with umbrella.


Concluding Words

Though my analysis, I found that to remain protected from beachside sunburn you have to follow some basic routine and be careful, as while enjoying during the summer near beach we usually forget to take care of skin at certain level and this carelessness can become an issue in form of sunburn because sunrays are harmful to our skin if we are not careful. So use photo protector that keep our skin safe and healthy during the sun exposure. And apply the basic rules ( applying sunscreen, using sunglasses, remain hydrated) which can prevent sunburn.

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