Benefits of Green Tea & Its Uses in Face Packs & Soaps

Last Updated on December 18th, 2020

When most of the world is still having their brown tea or white tea, the rest of the smart and health enthusiasts start their day with green tea. Green tea is just not an ordinary beverage on your table. It has got some amazing health benefits as well.

Few Proven Health Benefits Which you Cannot Ignore are:

1.A very rich source of antioxidants.

2.Increases metabolism which is good for weight loss.

3.Excellent for your heart health.

4.Effective for type-2 diabetes.

5.Having an anti bacterial anti fungal properties.

6.Reduces Esophegal cancer

7.Very good for skin.

8.Takes care of your oral health.


Why Green Tea?

  • Personally when I started my weight loss journey some 2 years back, I used to weigh 76 kg now I am standing humble in 64 kg. Yes it was not alone by green tea but I understood its benefits at that very point of time. It is a wonderful source of energy for me. You wont find any dietitian or nutritionists who wont recommend green tea in their diet charts. Green tea can easily break your fat cells and ease in weight loss procedure rather easily.


weight loss secret of green tea, reviews
weight loss secret of green tea, reviews


  • There are many green tea combinations like tulsi green tea or mint green tea or ginger green tea which are very-very effective for weight loss.


  • For diabetics or pre-diabetics green tea is like a health tonic. If combined with cinnamon it becomes a medicine for diabetics. I have seen my colleague who swears by cinnamon green tea. It has reduced his sugar levels to a considerable amount, keeping his doctor in utter shock!


  • As it is a very rich source of antioxidants, the renewal process of dead cells in our body happens rather rapidly. A person diagnosed with cancer can highly get benefited by it.
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  • I have often heard green tea to be used as an mouth rinse. Green tea has got anti fungal and anti bacterial properties which can kill germs and keep your gums healthy. People these days are ditching their chemical based mouth wash and opting out for a more organic and healthy option in the form of green tea.


green tea for healthy heart and skin
green tea for healthy heart and skin


  • For keeping an healthy heart, green tea is must in your kitchen. It improves the good cholesterol over the bad cholesterol also takes care of your blood pressure.
  • Regular intake of green tea has shown a significant change in the quality of skin of some people. It rejuvenates the skin cells thus leaving it vibrant and visibly healthy.


Though these are some prominent benefits, there are many many other benefits which scientists are still researching upon.

Many people across the world have changed their regular beverage with green tea. I personally have been an avid fan of green tea and even when I go out I don’t forget to take few tea bags of green tea in my purse. Even my friends and family have started using green tea as a regular tea on their tea-table.


amazing anti-ageing benefits of green tea
amazing anti-ageing benefits of green tea


There is a disclaimer for my caffeine sensitive friends to opt for caffeine free green tea which is also available in the market. And get the most benefits out of it.

With so many awesome benefits I wonder if you have also made up your mind to change your regular tea with green tea. Well it can help you to jump back to your health resolution goals which you had made at the start of the year!! For sure!!

Above were the real life reviews of green tea, but we have something more for you; something which will increase little extra to the love you have for your green tea. Something new which you cannot find anywhere else. Check them out!

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Green Tea Benefits and Uses

  1. Green tea as a toner and face pack ingredient—Green tea in a cold form can be a wonderful toner. And amazing fact is many beauticians are adding green tea powder to their face pack. It closes the pores of the facial skin and makes it look younger. It kills the bacteria which forms pimples in the skin. woow!!
use Green Tea Face Pack
use Green Tea Face Pack
  1. Green tea as a mouth wash—You might not know that, Green tea has components which can which can actually control/kill germs and microbes in your mouth and thus saving your mouth from foul smell (are you kiss ready?)


  1. Green tea as an antiseptic lotion-You can apply green tea solution to cuts and wounds. It has got certain anti fungal/anti bacterial nutrients which helps in eliminating of decreasing bacterial or fungal growth in body to quiet an extent..(just ditch the dettol for a while)


  1. Green tea for sore throat– If you are down with sore throat just make a solution of green tea with ginger and black pepper and just gargle or just sip throughout the day. The sore throat is bound to go. (woohoo I can sing the whole night)


  1. Green tea for color therapy– If readers know anything about color therapy they would know that how therapist use green color for healing cells. They would generally ask you to put green food and drinks in your body. Water kept in green vessel is asked to be taken as a part of the treatment. Drinking green tea has lot of healing properties. This is also a reason when people drink green tea they get a feeling of comfort and renewed energy.(To All the oshos ..I am healed,yes I am)
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Green Tea as a soap
Green Tea as a soap


  1. Green tea as a soap–Yes you have heard it right.Green tea soaps are out in the market.It is said to be an excellent detox for the skin, it refreshes and removes the dead skin cells of the body.(All the milk extracts soaps can take a vacation ..eeww)


These were the benefits which would add to the list of the other benefits of the green tea which is fat burner, memory booster, loaded with antioxidants which prevents cancer..


So pick your favorite green tea now. Make it your best friend!!(Is green tea on FB? Tweeter?No? Get one from the store near you.

Dr. Amanda
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