Benefits of Group Fitness Class and Individual Fitness Training

Last Updated on September 30th, 2020

Group fitness classes are exploding in popularity. From bootcamps to barre classes, many people are taking advantage of the competiveness and team aspect that classes offer. Personally, I am a big fan of group classes. I have found that I tend to push myself harder when I have other people watching me. For some, group fitness is the way to go, while others get the most out of working out on their own.

Let’s take a look below at some pros and cons of each type of fitness training.

group fitness class and individual training

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Group Fitness Classes


  • Fun to workout with others
  • Working out with others can bring out your competitive side
  • Bring friends and make friends
  • Classes begin at a certain time – hold you to a schedule
  • Instructor can push you and teach proper technique
  • Accountability



  • Can be more expensive, fees for equipment, facility and instructor
  • Not personalized (you may be too advanced for some of the exercises)
  • If the class is very large, personal attention may not be met


There is an abundance of benefits to group fitness training. If you get bored of the same old gym routine, then group classes might be the best choice for you. I’m definitely a fan of group fitness because I don’t have to have the worry of pushing myself to do a certain workout. With a group fitness class, all I have to do is show up, follow the instructor’s commands, and work hard. Sometimes when I have to come up with workouts on my own, I end up focusing too much on what workouts I am doing next instead of putting my all into the current exercise. Group fitness takes that worry and stress away.

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group fitness and training
group fitness and training

As far as group fitness classes go, I am a big fan of Orangetheory Fitness and Cardio Barre. These two workouts go best with my lifestyle because they match my personality very well. When I am feeling intense, I like to get my interval training on at OTF. When I want to dance, I go to Cardio Barre. I try to switch up my work out every month or so and doing this keeps me energized and excited. Sure, the prices might be a little more than a gym membership, but I think it is well worth it!

If one of the disadvantages of group fitness is too much of a concern for you or if you are more advanced in your knowledge of fitness, then individual training could be the way to go.

Individual Training


  • Flexible, work out on your own time
  • You are in charge of what you want to work out that day
  • Gym memberships are usually more affordable than classes
  • Less distraction or intimidation
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  • Less motivation
  • No chance to hear tips or corrections
  • Lack of a spotter if you are lifting.
fitness excercise for females
fitness excercise for females

Individual training can be best for those who get intimidated by large groups or prefer to focus on themselves during a workout. Personal trainers can also be a great option for people who enjoy working out alone. A personal trainer can spot you, provide motivation, and offer tips for technique.

A great feature of most gym memberships is that they offer an option for drop in group fitness classes as well. If you get tired with your normal workout routine, you can join a class as well! I am lucky enough to live in a place that provides a workout facility for its’ residents so I really enjoy taking advantage of that facility when I am training on my own.

Last year, I purchased the Kayla Itsines’ Bikini Body Guide and I loved it. It was like my own virtual personal trainer! Her guides provided me with content of workouts as well as a community of people to lean on and ask questions to. Because this was a structured program, I didn’t feel like I was working out on my own and I was motivated to complete the series of workouts.

If you are a runner or enjoy walking or biking, then finding a group of people to complete your fitness goals with might be your best choice. And that doesn’t even require any fees or memberships! It’s always fun to workout with others when you are focused on the goal of training for your next marathon or race.

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Personally, I thrive in group and team environments, so that is why group fitness is a perfect choice for me. However, it all depends on what workouts you are taking part in and what you enjoy. No matter which way you choose, working out is a wonderful way to relieve stress and stay healthy.

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