Best Benefits of Walking or Running daily

Last Updated on December 18th, 2020

When it comes to health, nothing can give you as much as jogging can. “Health and jogging walk hand in hand”. No doubt waking up early seems most difficult part associated with jogging. But once you wake up and walk for just 2 minutes you will totally love your decision to wake up and come for walk. Today I am going to share with you all the benefits of walking or running daily. It is not necessary that you have to go for walk or jogging in morning only. But the benefits of walking in morning are more when compared to other time slots. For example, morning walk/jogging increases the fat burning capacity of body.

Actually in afternoon and early hours of evening it would be too warm. So most of the people don’t opt to go in that time moreover in that warmth. You won’t be able to perform much and get exhausted much early. And you won’t get the sunlight in late evening hours, which is much required and is really helpful in several ways.

Health Benefits of walking
Health Benefits of walking

Many people even prefer treadmill over walk or jogging in gardens or lake side. It has its own advantages like whether it rains or whatever is the season you can stick to schedule. But the only thing one lags in treadmill is fresh air, which is very important for all of our body. I will recommend you to opt for jogging outside in open air and not in a closed room or gym on treadmill, unless you are bounded by harsh weather. Fresh air supplies oxygen to the body which can do wonders to your health.

Still, whichever way you prefer, jogging is all about putting your body into continuous motion. Jogging is the oldest form of exercise and is one of the best form of aerobic activity. Jogging is often misunderstood to be an activity to just lose weight. If you also think so then you need to upgrade your knowledge.

There more than 400 benefits of walking/running to be mentioned that’s why WHO (World Health Organization) has also declared early morning running as the healthiest practice.


Here are the best benefits of walking or running daily:


  1. Cardiovascular Health:

Nothing can be better for your heart as much jogging could be. Continuous motion of body makes heart pump more rigorously than under normal state of rest, and once you stop, it comes down back to normal after some time. This process acts as an exercise for your heart.

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how to take care of your heart
how to take care of your heart

Thus, it is always recommended to heart patients to go for regular walk or jogging. It makes heart stronger and makes it use to conditions so as how to control high blood pressure.


If you are a heart patient, then you must have heard from your doctor that walking or jogging can help you. Jogging not only helps heart maintain blood pressure, it also fights bad cholesterol (LDL) which gets oxidized and gets accumulated on the wall of the arteries. Furthermore, rigorous pumping of blood, full of oxygen removes any such accumulation on the walls of arteries and prevents the conditions prevailing to heart attack. Thus, mere walking or jogging could help you boost your cardiovascular health.


  1. Helps Prevent Diabetes:

Jogging has been known to control and prevent diabetes. Studies have shown that those who opt for regular jogging or walk are 99% less susceptible to get diabetes problem and those who already have the problem. those who opt for jogging tend to live a longer and problem free life.

healthy morning jogging while listening to music
healthy morning jogging while listening to music

When you do walk or jogging, your body utilizes the carbohydrates and convert them into required energy. Food gets digested and all the glucose present in blood gets utilized, thus there is less requirement of insulin. Plus, jogging not only helps utilize sugar, but it has also been found that it also stimulates the production of insulin.


It acts multiple ways to stimulate production of insulin, first is it avoids obesity which is the key reason of diabetes. Jogging provides enough oxygen to pancreas, in absence of which they stop the production of insulin. Not just this, regular jogging has also been linked to remove the diabetes type -2 in which patients body produces resistance against insulin. Proper blood circulation, along with the removal of waste present in blood in the form of sweat refines the blood. And helps body utilize the insulin produced by body.


  1. Helps Lose Weight:

The much known benefits of walking or running is that it helps lose those extra pounds. In fact jogging/walking is the best exercise to lose weight. Your gym trainers might not agree with the same and say that jogging is not effective. But jogging has been known to reduce obesity since ages back from ancient times. For an overweight guy, it would be very difficult to do those crunches, while for jogging he could start from brisk walking and slowly as he built stamina. And after gaining strength he could switch to jogging and running thereafter.

lose weight at home
lose weight at home

And mere 20-30 minutes of jogging is known to burn 308 calories. That means within 10 days you can lose a pound of weight if you go on jogging regularly. You can faster the process by increasing your time as you build up the stamina. Not just this, continuous motion of legs in up down position also effects your abs. Muscles from inside making them burn fat accumulated on the inner most part. And also makes them stronger, so as you will slowly lose the extra fat, your abs will be visible.

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  1. Improves Vision:

If something other than eating healthy diet can impact your vision, then it is jogging/walking. It has been found that if done continuously on regular basis, one can regain the vision power and will not need spectacles any more. Surprised?

Kim Kardashian Running
Kim Kardashian Running

Never thought jogging could be good for eyes. Not just visionary power it is also known to prevent various age related visionary problems, then may it be AMD (age related muscular degeneration) or cataract. Actually vision power lowers due to poor eye-to-brain coordination. While during jogging, rhythmic vibrations stimulate the brain and brain responds to the vibrations by emitting signals to and fro eye muscles and as brain and eyes synchronize the blurred vision automatically gets fixed and everything again looks sharp and clear.

Regularity is the key here, you have to be regular to regain the power of your eyes. Furthermore, jogging stimulates fluid circulation throughout the body. The spinal fluid starts powering brain, the blood carries more oxygen to nourish the cells in absence of which they got weaker. The lymph fluid clears toxic from brain and eye tissues and also the aqueous fluid in eyes washes the cornea, iris and lens. Thus, all the impurities are washed away. Cells are nourished again and brain eye coordination gets synched which makes you see everything more clear than ever.


  1. Healthy Skin & Hair:

This could be the one of the benefits of walking or running daily that would make many of the youngsters throw their blankets and jump in for jogging. Yes, jogging is merely not helpful in fixing the problems of old aged people it has got surprises for everyone.

10 best running shoes for runners
10 best running shoes for runners

While you jog the blood circulation takes place, which is known to purify the blood from within, by throwing away all the waste in the form of sweat. It not only removes the internal waste but also takes away waste accumulated inside the skin cells. That’s why it is known to remove acne problem.


The proper circulation of blood helps carry required nutrients and oxygen to the skin, which helps nourishing the skin cells, remove dead cells and get glowing skin. Plus, the same circulation of blood helps open the clogged pores on the scalp of head. Clogged pores is the reason of stopped hair growth. Jogging also provides oxygen and other nutrients to the roots of hair, which makes them strong from the root. Stops hair fall and also makes them silky soft by providing required nutrients.

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  1. Boosts Sexual Power:

Many scientists who have worked on the health benefits of walking/jogging have even stated that jogging on regular basis can even make you “Sex God”. And this is not wrong, jogging has the ability to provide that edge to your genital organs. You might not be aware of this, but for a full erection, penis must swell with blood. And due to any problem in circulation of blood may be due to blood pressure problem or blocked arteries or heart’s inability to pump blood circulation one may suffer problems like erectile dysfunction.

But jogging, keeps all these problems at bay, plus it is best exercise for promoting libido. It not just stimulates blood circulation but also helps carry extra oxygen to each and every part including genital organs. Thus, keeps them nourished and provides with blood as and when required. Moreover, researchers have even found that it can increase your bed time and can even double your performance. It fights any sort of infertility by increasing volatility of sperm.

running and morning walk
running and morning walk

These are the main benefits of walking/jogging that you can expect from the very first time you’ll go for jogging. So, don’t think twice, put an alarm and start jogging or at least walk from tomorrow itself. Nothing else can give you all these benefits without requiring much inputs.

Do share this piece of information with your loved ones because as I always say Sharing Is Caring.


Practice Healthy…!! Stay Healthy…!!

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