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Last Updated on January 28th, 2022

Skin is the most sensitive part of body that requires regular maintenance. We need to wash our body, skin daily to keep it clean, clear and hygienic from outside as well as inside. We live in the era where we need to protect our skin from various elements like pollution, heat waves, air pollutants, harmful sun rays and also from imbalance hormones effect like Acne and pimples. Similarly we need to take care of skin from inside as well. There are many layers of skin and we need to keep the skin fully nourished and healthy in order to look good and healthy. With age also skin tends to look dull and somewhat changed due to wrinkles appearing on it. These are results of factors like diminished collagen creation in the body. It usually start to happen after 30’s but nowadays it is not just a late 30’s issue anymore. But there are many good and effective Best Collagen Powder for skin available in market that can help you retain your smooth skin texture again without any side effects.

What is Collagen

“Collagen is a group of proteins and the most bountiful part in our bodies,” clarifies dermatologist Dr. Marie Hayag. “It is additionally the primary part of connective tissues all throughout our body like skin, bones, ligaments, muscles, and tendons.”

The more bountiful the collagen, the better and more grounded your skin looks and acts, notes Hayag—however collagen creation in the skin hinders altogether beginning at age 25. “With this diminishing in collagen our skin loses its capacity to ‘hold itself up,’ making an interpretation of outwardly to expanded skin laxity and barely recognisable differences and wrinkles,” says Hayag. “Alongside maturing, ecological factors, for example, sun openness, smoking, and contamination can speed up collagen breakdown.”

Why to take collagen for skin
Why to take collagen for skin

What You should Know About Collagen

That is the place where enhancements like collagen powder come into utilisation. “Collagen powder is produced using creature tissue, basically the skin and bones,” clarifies dermatologist Dr. Peterson Pierre.” The protein is handled into a thick structure, which is additionally hydrolyzed into peptides to make the protein simpler for your body to ingest.” Pierre clarifies that “collagen peptides can possibly profit the skin by expanding hydration and versatility while diminishing scarce differences and wrinkle profundity.”

Prepared to attempt a collagen powder for yourself? Here, we’ve gathered together a list for you which  includes some of Best Collagen Powder for skin in the market. The List is not an ordered version of the best to the 2nd best but contains all the best collagen powder for skin based on various factors like cost, reviews, customer satisfaction reports, product features, ingredients and much more. 


Get the Shining, Energetic Looking Skin


Best Collagen Powder for skin
Best Collagen Powder for skin


10 Best Collagen Powder for Skin


Cureveda Plant Based Collagen

Cureveda Plant Based Collagen


Amazon Price : ₹1,345.00

Quantity : 15 days pack (300gm)

Flavour : Rose and Chocolate

About Cureveda Plant Based Collagen:

A strong plant based equation to help collagen combination and give flawless skin, skin hydration, UV assurance and 9.6gm of veg protein-100% Vegan, 100% Natural!

An incredible delight fixing, Irish Sea Moss is added to this natural mix to meet the every day portion for animating collagen creation in the body, skin lighting up (helps removing old pigmentation) and for clear shining skin! It makes the item 100% Vegan.

Look great and feel incredible with Cureveda’s plant-based Vegan Glow mix, painstakingly created to restore the body and the spirit.

Ingredients of Cureveda Plant Based Collagen:

Consists of  natural vitamin E, evening primrose, Irish Sea Mose and plant protein.

Benefits of Cureveda Plant Based Collagen:

  • For gleaming, brilliant skin and improved skin surface
  • For clear composition and skin lighting up
  • Better skin pigmentation and gentle skin break out


How to Use Cureveda Collagen?

Mix 20gm 4 evened out spoons, (spoon is already present in the box) of Glow powder in 200ml (glass loaded with) hot or cold milk, water or your #1 smoothie. Drink it during any season of day yet ideally at the hour of breakfast, or in the evening or post exercise. The portion can likewise be partitioned into 10gm toward the beginning of the day and 10gm in the evening till you become accustomed to it!


Image credit : cureveda



GRADEONE NUTRITION Hydrolysed Collagen


Amazon Price : ₹1420.00

Quantity : 200gm

Flavour : Mango

About Gradeone Nutrition Hydrolysed Collagen:

Gradeone Nutrition collagen is a perfect combination of taste and nutrition. It is doctor formulated hydrolysed collagen powder that serves the purpose of rejuvenating skin, hair, nails, joints & bones. It is a Non GMO product and it is also gluten free. With the age shifting, the collagen in the body declines and collagen is an important nutrition for keeping your skin and hair young and strong. The hydrolysed collagen helps maintain the elasticity in the skin thus helping you avoid wrinkles and old age looks.

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Ingredients In Gradeone Nutrition Collagen:

It consists of 7g of collagen , 40mg of vitamin C, 10mg of Vitamin E and 30mcg of biotin (all are 100%RDA) per servings in a 200 gm pack. Each pack gives you 20 servings easily. With each of these have a special role to play in your diet for body. They promote good strong hair, damage repairing capability and providing essential glow for your skin. 

What makes it the best?

Gradeone Nutrition Hydrolysed collagen has the presence of Vitamins and type 1 Marine collagen. In the Powder form the Collagen Peptides is easily absorbed by the body. It is infused with Curcumin (Turmeric), Biotin, Vitamins E & C as well as around 17 Amino Acids which makes it a perfect drink for you. It will help your body repair skin damages and improve the HDL level of your body. It preserves the conditions of your cartilage thus preventing degenerative joint  and bone disorders.

Benefits Of Gradeone Nutrition Collagen:

  • Great Flavor with Great Results
  • Reduces Wrinkles giving Anti-ageing results
  • Promotes faster metabolism
  • Rich in Biotin

How to consume Gradeone Nutrition Collagen:

Take 1 scoop full which is almost 10g of collagen powder in the morning. To make it :- Mix the 10g of serving in 200-250ml of water and drink up. That’s it!


Image credit : gradeone nutrition


Oziva Collagen Builder

Oziva Plant Based Collagen Builder


Amazon Price : ₹899.00

Quantity : 250gm

Flavour : Classic, Berry Orange and Collagen classic + omega multi

About Oziva Plant Based Collagen Builder:

Oziva Plant based collagen is a 100% vegan product with almost 21 real ingredients that helps in achieving the benefits of the collagen, like it contains 8 anti-ageing , 10 pro-collagen and 3 whole food vitamin extracts. Oziva Collagen is gluten free, soy free and has no added sugar. If you look through the ingredients you will notice that the ingredients present in the product is healthy and hence can be used daily without any hesitation.

Ingredients In Oziva Plant Based Collagen Builder:

Oziva consists of 40mg of vitamin C, 70mg of silica and 630mcg of biotin in a 250 gm pack, each of these element has a special role to play, like these element promotes younger looking skin by repairing the damaged skin, deep cleansing it and finally living the glow to your skin.

What makes it the best?

Oziva Plant based collagen has the presence of açai berry (which has the goodness of vitamin A and C, it is also good for repairing damaged skin), bamboo shoot (which is rich in silica and hence helps rejuvenates skin), acerola cherry (which is filled with vitamin C), sea buckthorn (has rich source of omega 4), sesbania agati (which is high in biotin and refuses wrinkles) and rose petals (which is loaded with anti oxidants).

Benefits Of Oziva Collagen:

  • Boosts skin glow
  • Reduces Wrinkles
  • Contains anti ageing oxidants
  • Rich in omega 4

How to consume Oziva Collagen:

Take two scoops of oziva collagen and add it in glass of water and consume it. You can also take this supplement added in the mint water or added in any other health drink or smoothies you consume.


Image credit : Oziva


NoeCell Super Collagen

NeoCell Super Collagen


Amazon Price : ₹2,699.00

Quantity : 200gm

Flavour : Unflavoured

About NeoCell Super Collagen:

NeoCells collagen powder consists of elements that helps them to boost growth and repairment of the body towards the healthier side. It consists of Super Collagen which is extracted from amino acid and has a very less quantity of molecular weight and hence it is easily absorbed by the body. The taste of super collagen is on a neutral side hence taking it in a powdered form gets easy.

Ingredients In NeoCell Super Collagen:

NeoCell Super Collagen is rich in Calories, proteins, and hydrolysed bovine collagen.

Benefits of NeoCell Super Collagen:

  • Gluten free
  • Best for skin health
  • Boosts hair growth
  • Improves nail quality
  • And help ligament health

How To Consume NeoCells Super Collagen:

Take a scoop of (6.6g) Neo Cell and mix it in a glass of warm water and consume it.  It works wonders if it is consumed with organge juice, as orange juice is rich in vitamin C.


Image credit : Neocell


Nirvasa Collagen Builder

Nirvasa Plant Based Collagen Builder


Amazon Price : ₹699.00

Quantity : 500gm

Flavour : Berry Orange

About Nirvasa Plant Based Collagen Builder:

Collagen is one of the critical constituents of your skin that holds it and keeps it sound. Food extraordinarily influences your skin – better than what you apply on it. Regardless, after a specific age when your body’s enhancement maintenance limit diminishes, food alone can’t get you the sustenance you need to keep your skin strong. For a couple, this condition appears before the normal time and for others, it takes fairly additional time. This is where an upgrade like Nirvasa Plant Based Collagen Builder interfaces the sustaining opening.

A blend of trademark trimmings like Guava powder, Lemon powder, Strawberry powder, Acai berry, Ginger powder, Sea buckthorn, Orange juice, Spinach powder, Amla powder, Cinnamon, Green tea, and that is only the start; it helps restarting collagen creation in the body to restore your skin, make skin splendid, and keep up skin adaptability, surface and hydration.

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Ingredients of Nirvasa Plant Based Collagen Builder: Nirvasa collagen consists of fat, energy and proteins.

Benefits Of Nirvasa Plant Based Collagen Builder:

  • Consists of fibre that keeps your digestive system healthy
  • An ideal high protein meal to enhance your metabolism
  • Sufficient quantity of protein, fats and calorie to maintain the health
  • Properties to improve heart health, stress reliever and beats fatigue

How to consume Nirvasa?

Take 2 scoop of Nirvasa Collagen Powder in a glass full of water and consume an hour prior to the meal.


Image credit : Nirvasa


Kayos Collagen Peptides

Kayos Collagen Peptides


Amazon Price : ₹999.00

Quantity : 250gm

Flavour : Unflavoured

About Kayos Collagen Peptides: Price:

CollagenKayos naturals unadulterated and hydrolysed collagen peptides is produced using type 1 and 3 collagen. Kayos naturals unadulterated hydrolysed collagen peptides is helpfully stuffed in 250g container which approaches 30 days utilization for a solitary person. Almost 30% of our body is made of collagen including our skin, hair, nails, joints and bones. As we age the creation of collagen eases back down and with pressure and actual pressing factor we see indications of maturing as far as wrinkles, drooping skin, powerless joints and bones.

Ingredients In Kayos Collagen Peptides:

Kayos consists of Energy, protein and fats. Along with collagen peptides.

Benefits of Kayos Collagen Peptides:

  • Collagen type 1 and 3 powder: contains type 1 and 3 bovine collagen for skin, hair, nails, joints and bones
  • Helps Maintain healthy and youthful hair, skin, and nail
  • Aides healthy joints and bones health
  • Mix with your favourite Coffee, Juice, Smoothie or simply water.

How to consume Kayos Collagen Peptides:

Simply mix 2 scoops into 100 ml of warm/cold water or mix it with your coffee, juices, smoothies or oatmeal to enjoy the great benefits of collagen.


Image credit : Kayos


Vital Protein Collagen Peptides

Vital Protein Pasture Raised, Grass-fed Collagen Peptides


Amazon Price : ₹4,799.00

Quantity : (285g / 360 capsules)

Flavour : Unflavoured, mixed berry, dark chocolate and black berry, and vanilla and coconut water

About Vital Protein:

Vital Protein is useful for all, Skin, Hair, Nail and Joint Support. It Grass Fed and Pasture Raised. Used as Dietary Supplement. Whole 30 certifications approved. Its dairy and gluten free. Consists of 9 essentials amino acids.

Ingredients of Vital Protein:

Consists of huge profile of almost 15+ amino acids, fats, calories, and 6g of collagen peptides and energy all blended in an adequate proportion. This product is manufactured in a facility that processes milk, fish, and tree nuts.

Benefits Of Vital Protein Peptides:

  • Gives young appliances
  • Skin elasticity
  • Hydrates skin
  • Keeps healthy joints and bones
  • Paleo Friendly

How to consume Vital Protein Peptides:

This can be consumed twice a day, with 3 capsule at one time. Totally 6 capsules can be consumed throughout the day. Make sure you have enough liquid in your body while having these capsule. If you have collagen powder, then add 1 spoon in your shake or coffee and have it once a day.


Image credit: VitalProtein


Olena Plant Based Collagen

Olena Plant Based Collagen


Amazon Price : ₹850.00

Quantity : 200gm (25 Servings)

Flavours : Rose, orange burst and watermelon

About Olena Plant Based Collagen:

Olena’s Natural Plant-Based Collagen Builder Supplements for Skin Provides Youthful and Glowing Skin by reestablishing Skin Elasticity and Reduce Wrinkles and Dark Spots.

It has 100mg Hyaluronic Acid, Beta Carotene, 40mg Vitamin C, 90mg Silica for progressed against ageingProvides energetic skin by reestablishing skin elasticityAntioxidants to decrease the presence of scarce differences, wrinkles and dull spotsSofter, smoother and shining skin.

Ingredients of Olena Plant Based Collagen:

Olena consists of Rose Powder, Amla Powder, Lemon Powder, Sesbania Extract, Grapeseed Extract, Acai Berry Extract, Raspberry Extract, Blueberry Extract, Green Tea Extract, Sea Buckthorn Extract, Carrot Powder, Beetroot Powder. Along with the sweetener in the form of Sucralose.

Benefits of Olena Plant Based Collagen:

  • Enhances Skin elasticity
  • Helps in Skin hydration
  • UV protection
  • Younger looking skin
  • Gives a natural shine to your skin and hair

How to consume Olena Plant Based Collagen:

-Pour 200ml cold water in a glass.

-Add one scoop of the Collagen powder in the glass.

-Stir well and consume instantly.


Image credit : Olena


Nature’s Island Collagen Formula

Nature’s Island Collagen Skin Formula


Amazon Price : ₹1,799.00

Quantity : 250 gm

Flavour : berry blast, fruit fusion, mojito

About Natures Island Collagen Skin Formula:

Nature’s Island collagen, is rich in proteins and has high absorption rate. It is also tested to give flawless skin and also works for joints and nails growth. The product consists of vitamins and have been carefully curated for everyday use. The product comes in a box which is gluten free, lactose free and has no added sugar.

Ingredients of Nature’s Island Collagen Skin Formula:  Consists of hyaluronic acid, biotin, vitamin A, vitamin C and Vitamin E.

Benefits of Nature’s Island Collagen:

  • Improves skin elasticity
  • Younger looking skin
  • Shining hair
  • Wrinkles repair from deep cleaning of the pigmentation
  • Reduces sign of ageing
  • Provides natural glow
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How to consume Nature’s Island Collagen:

  • Add 1 scoop in 150 ml of cold water
  • Stir properly
  • Drink it immediately


Image credit : NatureIsland


MB Collagen

MB Collagen


Amazon Price : ₹1,249.00

Quantity : 0.44 lb (200gm)

Flavour : Pineapple

About MB Collagen:

  • MuscleBlaze Marine Collagen contains glucosamine and nutrient C that aides in fortifying your bones and calms joint agony
  • The item helps in renewing your skin and furthermore helps in improving the strength of your hair. The amino acids in collagen improves the surface of skin, hair and nails
  • MB Marine Collagen contains Collagen and Vitamin C which can help improve the safe status and adds to the ordinary working of the insusceptible framework

Ingredients of MB Collagen:

Contains Marine collagen, glucosamine and vitamin C, which helps in giving the desired result.

Benefit MB Collagen:

  • Strengthen bones and joints
  • Healthy hair and skin
  • Improves skin elasticity

How to consume MB Collagen:

  • Mix with water or other beverage/ Add to smoothies as protein bars/ Add into recipes for entree or desserts.
  • Have it immediately


Image credit : MB


TrueBasics Collagen Beauty

TrueBasics Collagen Beauty 


Amazon Price : ₹1,478.00

Quantity : 30 pieces Packet

Flavour : Orange

About TrueBasics Collagen Beauty:

As we know and have read the benefits of adding collagen in your daily lifestyle, and how healthy it has been proved by many of its customers. True Basics Collagen Beauty is also a nutritional supplement containing verified Veriol collagen peptides. Veriol Collagen Peptides in this particular product helps improve the elasticity of the skin and potent antioxidants like vitamin C, E and glutathione. This product by Health Kart will help you cleanse your skin, brighten it and further the biotin present helps maintain the health of hair and nail.

Ingredients Present In True Basics Collagen Builder:

True basics consists of hydrolysate, L-Glutathione, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Biotin. In addition with the added nutrients, energy, and fats. There is absolute zero carbs and sugar present in this collagen.

Benefits of True Basics Collagen:

How to consume TrueBasics?

Take a scoop of true basic collagen powder and add it in a luke warm water to consume it immediately.


Image credit : Truebasics

Warnings for the products mentioned:

If you are pregnant, nursing or have a medical condition, consult your physician before use.


How to take collagen powder
How to take collagen powder



Concluding Words

Although it is believed that most of the collagens works the same way, and choosing brands can get very confusing at times, and it’s true. But personally I think, the brand that has to offer most of the benefits with most adequate way of clubbing the ingredients and most importantly everything that comes in a cost effective way is the ideal choice for anyone who wants to opt for the Best Collagen Powder for skin.

Also there is a lot of misconnects that revolves around adding collagen in your lifestyle and the side effects these product might give you is surreal. I think, with the current lifestyle most of us have, we are already surrounded by a lot of unhealthy items and adding these elements like collagen, protein powder will only help you build your skin, hair, and nails on a positive note.

Though making things work naturally has no doubt the best effect but its a slower one, and instead of doing either fast or going with the slow method, go with the natures blended method where you improve your lifestyle along with the added supplements that acts as a catalyst in your journey.

At the end I would just say, your research for Best Collagen Powder for skin ends here. Now for any other product also we suggest you do your research well before switching and changing any diet or a pattern of your daily routine. Because your health matter’s.


Benefits of best collagen powder for skin
Benefits of best collagen powder for skin

Stay Healthy!

Stay Safe!

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