10 Best Fitness Youtube Channels ; Workout, Yoga and Nutrition

Are you the one who is searching for best fitness YouTube channels? Desire a fit and healthy body structure? If yes, then this blog is for you! Whenever you try to make commitment with yourself to get your body in perfect shape you most probably choose to join a gym. Isn’t it? But, due to time constraints and financial issues, many people find it difficult to manage things properly.

No doubt, YouTube is your ideal choice when you want to hear your favourite music or watch some movie, but do you know that YouTube is also an efficient tool for keeping your entire body fit? There are numerous Fitness YouTube Channels that one can follow for complete workouts that in turn will tone, shape up and strengthen your entire body.

Nowadays, fitness YouTube channels are the best option for keeping the body fit.

You might be wondering which fitness YouTube channel to choose or which one is better for your body? Not to worry! Your search ends here!


10 Best Fitness YouTube Channels


Livestrong Women


People start their workout seriously when they are being challenged to do something or if one wants to get the body shape as per their desire.

Anyone who wishes to learn stepwise ways for doing plank, jumping jacks, squats, lunges can simply watch all their tutorials. Why? Since the tutorials are explained in a proper way which will help audiences to learn the steps quickly and easily.

In addition to this, they also post different videos that are related to lifestyle changes and healthy nutritious recipes. In simple words, this fitness YouTube channel is the perfect choice who needs motivation for doing workout.

The best thing about it is that it has many fitness instructors who makes use of different techniques, this way it becomes easy for a person to choose their favourite instructor just like they choose their instructor for fitness in real life.

LiveStrongWoman features yoga, core workouts, educational health videos plus workout challenges. Pilates Workout, Core Workout, Yoga Videos, Body Weight Workouts are more to look for in this channel.


Image Credit: livestrongwomen




HASfit is also the Best Fitness YouTube Channel for those who want to remain fit or wants to get fit without stepping out to the gym. The best thing about this channel is they have organized different exercise routines by diverse muscle groups.

Not only upper body, they also have different videos that work on specific body parts like triceps, back, shoulders etc.

If you really eager to try something new, then switchover to this channel. Their kickboxing workouts as well as MMA series are best fitness workouts that you can look for in YouTube.

They have 1000+ full length workouts completely free and free 30–90-day plans that incorporate exercise routines, advice on nutrition and motivation-the major part of training plan. Many HASfit’s videos are more than 30 minutes while many of them are shorter like its ab workouts sessions.

HASfit features High Intensity Training, Low Impact HIIT, Full Body Workout, Weight Training for Strength, Health Recipes, Low Impact Cardio.

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Image Credit: hasfit


Fitness Blender


Created by 2 people, Duo Daniel and Kelli, husband and wife; this channel has 600+ free and full-length videos of workouts and addition of new videos every week. You can easily look for the best video out of many that you think will work for you more.

Apart from full length videos of workouts, it also provides complete information regarding health nutrition, fitness and much more. Even the programs provide daily guidance on interactive calendar for keeping you on track.

The channel has 600+ full length videos of workout sessions and 150+ high intensity interval training so as to get perfect body shape. All the workout duration is of 5-45 minutes and some videos need basic equipment for doing exercise while few can be performed with the body weight alone easily.

FitnessBlender features Core Workout Videos, Yoga Videos, Pilates, Low Impact Workouts, Fat Loss Program Videos, Intense Workout Program.


Image Credit: fitnessblender




A YouTube channel which ‘Cassey Ho’ runs, an instructor of POP Pilates. Her motivational words are something that will keep you motivated for doing workout and you will see the results after few days or weeks.

Her colourful videos are full of fat burning cardio workouts as well as dance workouts for those who want more toned arms, squats etc. She uploads many healthy workout recipes that one can try at home and uploads latest workout videos every Monday. However at times she can even surprise and makes one happy with more videos.

Cassy Ho is one of the best and award-winning workout instructors who offers full length bootcamp sculpting, PIIT28 workouts, POP Pilates and much more.

Blogilates features Face Yoga, POP Pilates Video, Cardio Dance Workouts, Body Toning Workouts, Pilates Workouts, Yoga Videos.


Image Credit: blogilates


XHIT Daily

XHIT Daily

This fitness YouTube channel is also something that you can choose for achieving a toned and structured body. This channel provides best results and its informative training sessions had helped this channel to gain around 2.7 million subscribers.

Their fitness lists cover all things from arms to complete legs workout as well as their workout videos of celebrity are quite inspiring.

Whether you are looking for simple how to tutorials or you are professional looking for some epic exercises, this channel can help you find what you want easily. Most of the videos are of 10 minutes or less as well as focuses on movements of high intensity.

XHIT Daily features Intense Daily Workouts, Pilates Workout, Full Body Workout, Lunges Videos, Yoga Workout, Intense Mat Workout, Core Workout.


Image Credit: xhitdaily




Run by the fitness instructor ‘Chris Heria’ and his trainers, this fitness channel offers the best way for getting your body in perfect shape. THENX YouTube channel offers a perfect way for getting a body in proper shape.

Most of their workouts require less or no equipment or only the weight of your body. This, in turn, makes the workout session easy and affordable for lot of people.

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The instructional videos in this channel are simple to understand and is an ideal choice for people looking to build strength, perfect their form and wants to perform all workouts from their homes.

THENX features Extensive Exercise Workouts, Fat Burning Workout, Full Body Workout, Cardio, Calisthenics and Weights.


Image Credit: thenx


Psyche Truth


With more than 2000 videos, this YouTube channel has become the best channel for wellness as well as mental fitness. Their approach is quite different as compared to other health as well as wellness channels but their aim is to help improve one’s wellbeing so they can feel best from within too.

This fitness YouTube channel has many yoga as well as meditation videos, light workouts for losing weight as well as nutritional advice. In addition to this they also have a large massage section if your tender muscles are in need of more attention.

Here, you will find workout videos for flexibility, weight loss, detox and guides for beginners that one can implement easily from their homes comfort.

PsycheTruth features Yoga Workouts, HIIT Workouts, Nutritional Advice Workouts, Massage Videos.


Image Credit: psychetruth




The best thing about the workout sessions in MadFit is that one can do it easily in their apartments or homes without annoying other people or neighbours. Means there’s no jumping, less impact workout and effective too.

One can start with just a yoga or exercise mat as well as their own bodyweight. The workouts are short but that doesn’t imply it will not work or deliver best results on your body. All the workout sessions are around 25 minutes which makes it easy for other busy people too.

MadFit features Core Workout, No Equipment Workout, Apartment Friendly Workouts, Low Impact Workout, Yoga Sessions, Full Body Burn HIIT Workout.


Image Credit: madfit


BodyFit By Amy

BodyFit By Amy

If you are the one who is in search of workout inspiration then this YouTube channel ‘Body Fit by Amy has many best exercise videos. The best thing is that the channel has a complete section devoted to kettlebell training that covers complete body kettlebell workouts, kettlebell ab routines as well as exercise guides that explains the steps to perform perfect kettlebell swing.

Amy’s fitness channel has a few killer workouts; however, if you are the one who started doing exercise for the very first time or had an injury can go for other exercises too. She shares her advice of different gym clothing and workout wear trends as well.

She has the section that is specially for beginners as well as for low impact workouts. Also, it has a prenatal exercises series that pregnant women can do to keep themselves fit during pregnancy.

BodyFit by Amy features Low Impact Workout, Bodyseated Chair Workouts, Pilates, Core Workouts, Kettlebell Workouts, Prenatal and Postnatal Workouts, Diastasis Recti Workout.


Image Credit: bodyfitbyamy

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Rowan Row

Rowan Row

Rowan Row is the famous bodybuilder, influencer and fitness model. He runs a popular YouTube channel that focuses on diet, lifestyle as well as exercise and workout-based content. You can watch full body workout sessions, chest workout sessions, back workout sessions, leg workout sessions and shoulder workout sessions.

In addition to this, he loves using organic ingredients while cooking his meals. He follows a healthy diet in his day-to-day routine that helps a person in keeping the body healthy and fit.

In one of his videos, he had explained step by step 6 push up variations that are effective for chest workout.

Rowan Row features Cardio Workout, Full Body Workout, Intense HIIT Fat burning Workout, Diet Videos, Whole Body Workout Videos.


Image Credit: Rowanrow

Final Insights

Hope you have enjoyed reading this guide and it helped you in knowing more about the top 10 best fitness YouTube channels that you can follow from the comfort of your home.

If you are the one who wants a perfect body shape or wishes to reduce those inches of extra pounds then try these YouTube channels for better workouts. These workout sessions can help you in accomplishing your fitness goals.

There are numerous Best Fitness YouTube Channels to pick from like some might match with the personality you have along with fitness goals as compared to others. But, it’s better to follow the person you think motivates you in living a balanced lifestyle.

Though many YouTube channels offer best workouts as well as advice on sound fitness. So, in such cases, it’s better to get in touch with the healthcare provider/personal trainer in order to ensure their workouts are perfect for your body.

After researching and once done with the finalization of fitness YouTube channel that stimulates you, keep fitness and workout sessions in your daily routine even when you won’t have time for stepping out to the gym or fitness center.

                                                           “Stay Fit, Stay Healthy”!

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