Best Natural Lube for Men & Women in Every Sexual Need

Sex is always considered as an easy process while it is not. A lot of things are needed to be taken care while having sex. And maintaining good lubrication is one of the most essential part, that’s why experts suggest use of lube.

Everybody in this world is not aware that how a little lube can make your sexual experience so much more enjoyable. Knowing this fact, if you are somebody who is quiet anxious about the chemicals & toxins being added to everything these days and just want to stay as natural as possible to maintain your health, then you are at the right place. Today I am going to tell you the best lube (natural lube) or lubricant available in home that will change your sexual experience forever.


Natural Lubricant for Sexual Need
Natural Lubricant for Sexual Need


If you are going to use lube for the first time and are looking for natural lube then you are doing it absolutely right. Because in my last article I have shown how artificial or chemically processed lubricant are not good for health (didn’t checked, click here to check) and how natural lube are the best lube and are better on all grounds when compared to artificial lubricant.

Natural lube doesn’t only ensure safety; they are really good at their job as well, because something created by nature has its natural ability to provide lubrication which these artificially created lube doesn’t have. These artificial lubricant only smell and feel good, but are a silent killer of your sexual health.

Now without wasting much of your time lets directly jump to the best lube (natural lube) that you can use for sex or solo fun (masturbation).


  1. Almond Oil as Natural Lube:

You might have already heard about almond oil’s goodness on skin and body. It has various nutrients and minerals that revitalizes skin from within and keeps it moisturized and fresh. First of all applying almond oil as lube will give you an all together an amazing feeling.

Secondly, if you have vaginal dryness, it will not only remove dryness for the time being, it will provide your vaginal skin with all the required nutrients it is lagging and will help vagina produce its natural lube (lubrication) as well.

Plus, being anti microbial in action, it doesn’t let spread of any sort of bacterial, fungal or microbial infection spread during intercourse. Moreover, it has a very good fragrance which makes sure that the foul smell of sexual organs doesn’t ruin your mood, in fact its fragrance is known to enhance sexual desires and helps make it more passionate.

Similarly, for men, applying almond oil helps remove penis dryness, eliminates foul smell, plus it also helps increase power for sex. It acts as a natural sex enhancer that helps you last longer in bed.

It is also safe during pregnancy and menstruation days, where vagina is already burdened with a lot of pressure. Moreover, it supports vagina in hard days and helps repairing any sort of injuries.

Last but not the least; you can try it without any tension of leaving stains on bed sheet. It is very easy to clean, just wash it like normal washing; it won’t leave behind any sort of residue or scars.

All the above reasons make almond oil one of the best lube option to be used during sexual drives.


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Almond oil as natural Lubricant
Almond oil as natural Lubricant


  1. Aloe Vera Gel as Lubricant Gel:

Before going for this, I want you to know that you can use Aloe Vera Gel only when you know that you are not allergic to aloe vera. Because being a strong agent aloe vera can actually harm your skin if you are allergic to it.

And second thing you need to know here is that, use aloe vera gel as lubricant gel only for anal sex. In vaginal sex it has been found that it may react sometimes and cause irritation in vagina. So, aloe vera gel is meant as a lubricant gel for you if you are not allergic to it and can be used only for anal sex.

Now, anal being the dry region and bit too tight as compared to vagina, it needs a lot of lubricant to be applied for smoothness. And aloe being one of the most lubricating lubricant gel, since it is water based gel, it really helps in a smooth and pleasurable anal sex.

One may notably notice the difference in ease and pleasure when use aloe vera gel for the first time. Plus, it is very cool, and hence provides relief from any sort of frictional rubbing irritation and burns, by keeping both anal and penis cool.

Since aloe vera does the actual work of lube in the worst conditions (anal sex) I would recommend aloe vera gel as your lubricant gel for every anal drive.


Aloe Vera gel as Lubricant gel
Aloe Vera gel as Lubricant gel


  1. Coconut Oil as Natural Lube:

There is a reason behind keeping coconut oil on number three. Because if I would have kept it on number one I would have not been able to show the benefits of other natural lube. Coconut oil has all the benefits of almond oil and aloe vera gel and is the best lube you will ever find.

First of all it is most easily available all throughout the world in any season. It has innumerable benefits when it comes to using it as lube.

First of all as a natural lube it acts as a warrior against any sort of bacterial, fungal or yeast infection. Even if your partner has one, it won’t let the transmission happen.

It is relatively thicker when compared to any other oil, so it actually increases the amount of pleasure you will have while making love (to partner or even solo). In winters it gets solidified (which I personally found to work best) alternatively you can keep it in refrigerator for some time to not let it be normal oil and instead be something thicker.

Being a coolant in nature, this natural lube minimizes burns and injuries on the top portion of penis which is prone to injuries. It not only protects from injuries but also helps improve sperm quality if used over the time. Studies have also found that it can even reduce the pain of vaginal penetration for virgin women.

And the best part is that it gets absorbed into the skin with the time, so it doesn’t even let you feel sticky. As compared to almond oil and aloe vera gel as well, it is used in minimum quantity because it is most effective moisturizer. And if you would compare with artificial lube as well, it is comparatively sweet in taste and has a very good fragrance as well.

In short, you can say coconut oil is the best lube and there is nothing that coconut oil cannot do as a sexual lubricant.


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Coconut Oil as best lube
Coconut Oil as best lube



These are the best and only three natural lube that are safe and can be used as sexual lubricant. But do make sure either you are having these three in virgin form or alternatively if you are buying them from market make sure their ingredients do not contain glycerin, petroleum, propylene glycol, parabens, chlorhexidine gluconate, nonoxynol-9. These are not at all good for your sexual health and avoid as much as possible.


What not to use as Natural Lube or Lubricant Gel:

Now before we end, I would like to tell one more thing. There are people who are unknowingly using a number of products available at home as a lubricant, but let me tell you which all products are not safe as sexual lubricant. If you are also using any of it, leave that habit right now and switch to one of the three best lube mentioned above.

  1. Petroleum Jelly – One of these is easily available in each family, since these are used as a remedy for cracked lips. But, let me tell you this is not a safe option to go with. It helps bacterial and fungal growth in vagina, and may also cause irritation and burning if used as a lubricant.
  2. Olive Oil – Though it is not as harmful as petroleum jelly, yet it is not a good option to go with because it is more sticky in nature, it will definitely leave behind its residues on your bed sheet, plus, it smells like a wok, which may even ruin your partner or your mood and may lead to less passionate or even no sex at the moment. Still in case of urgency if you are using it, then it is safe to go with as a lubricant.
  3. Hair Oil – Branded hair oils known for enhancing hair growth and minimizing dandruff generally contains harmful chemicals, which can again be more harmful than artificial lube as well. So, using any of them is a big NO.


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Natural Lube
Natural Lube


Starts using one of the three mentioned above natural lube and make your sexual experience a never before one.


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If you have any further queries or want to know more about lubricant or which one would be best lube for you or you have any other personal experience with any natural lube, comment down below and let us know. I would surely get back to you with answers either in comments or will reach out to you through emails.


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