Best & Easy Natural Manicure at Home One Can Do Easily

Last Updated on September 16th, 2020

When it comes to personal care our efforts are somehow, knowingly or unknowingly limited to our face. Generally, we give second priority to our other body parts and unfortunately hands are one among’st the neglected few. Considering we put our hands to strenuous workout throughout the day, they definitely deserve better care. For the age conscious, it’s important to understand that nothing gives away your age more than your hands. So Lets find out some easy ways to do natural manicure at home and give a clean and smooth look to our hands and nails.

Everyone wishes to have soft and beautiful hands. But, except for praying all people do in this regard is to pay a monthly visit to the parlors for a good manicure, which is not only expensive but often involves products that are filled with harmful chemicals and parabens. To be more realistic many times even these appointments get cancelled due to our busy schedules.


clean nails and fingers, natural manicure at home
clean nails and fingers, natural manicure at home

To avoid all these troubles, we are going to tell you about a natural manicure which involves simple natural products, right from your kitchen and can be done at home as per your convenience. So follow this step by step procedure.

  1. Clean And Prepare Your Hands

Start with washing your hands thoroughly with a mild cleanser. You can also opt for a facial cleanser but you must avoid soaps as they are harsh on your skin Take cotton swab and wet it with a non acetone nail polish remover and use it to clean your nails from previously applied nail polish. Next, soak your hands in warm milk for at least 5 minutes, so that it becomes easier to clip nails without breakage. After clipping, file your nails properly. Pay special attention to smoothen the sides and top of your nails.

  1. Soak and Scrub

Take a tub of full of warm water, put some baby shampoo and sea salt into it. Soak your hands into this solution. You can also choose to soak your hands into buttermilk, which is also a very nourishing alternative. After soaking for 5 minutes, wash your hands with clean water and pat them dry with towel. The next step is to apply the scrub. There are many natural scrubs you can easily make at home.

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manicure at home
manicure at home

Here we enlist a few natural scrubs for manicure at home.

Sugar & Salt Scrub:

This is a very instant and effective scrub. Take 1 part of sugar and 1 part of sea salt and a few drops of olive oil to make it a coarse mixture. Scrub your hands with this mixture for a while. This scrubs not only exfoliate the skin, it also gives a natural glow and softness to your hands.

Masoor dal & Turmeric Scrub:

Grind dry masoor dal into the grinder and make a fine powder out of it. Add a small part of turmeric into it. Pay special attention while adding turmeric as it tends to leave a yellow hue onto the skin. This powder can be stored into an airtight container for a month and. You can add water to make a thick paste from this powder and apply it to your hands as and when required. If you have dry skin, we recommend you to use yoghurt in place of water. Leave this paste on your hands till it dries up, and then scrub it off in circular motion. Consistent use of this scrub will also help in natural removal of unwanted body hairs.

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Oatmeal and Coffee Scrub:

Grind oatmeal and coffee grounds together in equal parts, add a few drops of olive oil to it and add enough amount of honey to make a thick paste out of this mixture. Use this scrub on your hands gently. It not only exfoliates the skin, but it also detoxifies and moisturizes it. The coffee grounds also enhance the blood circulation to the skin surface, which is cherry on the cake for you.


Manicure at home
Manicure at home


  1. Moisturize And Massage :- Natural Manicure

Pamper your hands with a good massage after exfoliation. Although many massage creams are available in the market, you can make your own by adding a few drops of lemon juice to a dollop of sour cream commonly known as malai. If you are looking for a more easily DIY, then take a spoon and scoop out an aloe vera gel from the leaf of aloe vera plant. Keep your hands facing downwards while massaging them. Always massage in circular motions going from wrist to finger tips and keep pinching the finger tips softly in between. Massage your hands for at least 7-10 minutes in this way, then wash them with lukewarm water and pat dry them with a fresh towel.

manicure at home , nailpolish
manicure at home , nailpolish


  1. Paint Your Nails

Now is the time to beautify your nails with your favorite colors. Go bold go bright as you like. Three strokes are generally enough to paint the nails correctly and always finish off with a transparent top coat. Different nail art kits are available in market these days which will give a trendy look to your hands. For the very popular French manicure paint your nails with transparent nail paint in three strokes then paint the ends of the nails in white color and lastly finish it off with a top coat of transparent nail paint once more.


Concluding Points

This completes your natural manicure at home. Retain the goodness of this manicure by regular application of sunscreen and night cream to your hands. Aloe vera gel works very well as a natural night cream and keep your hands well moisturized. Avoid usage of harsh soaps and detergents as they can make your hands rough n dry. Doing this manicure once a week or at least once in a fortnight will surely make your hands softer, brighter and smoother. So while you enjoy the compliments to your beautiful hands, don’t forget to thank us for the money you saved by avoiding the expensive parlor visits. 

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